Winter Steelhead with Spring Just around the Corner.

Natalie with a very respectable buck!! Winter steelhead offers and amazing challenge but also a great time to get out and try some very light tackle techniques for trout and steelhead. You’ll be amazed at how many quality fish you’ll land during a winter’s day on the water. (2/2)

The Muskegon River is a tailwater fishery, which means the river water actually comes from below the dam. Even during the coldest of air tempratures, (Proven last winter) The Muskegon never freezes and provides outstanding fishing oppertunies during the winter months. Trout and Steelhead abound during the winter months and the river is alive with aquatic insect larvae, and salmon fry throughout the winter, allowing fish to feed during the cold months. As other rivers like Pere Marquette, White, and Big Manistee. The Muskegon has very good fishing in the upper sections all winter long. BGS FaceBook Page – more fishing updates.
Over the last couple of days, Steelhead fishing has been very good below Croton Dam. Water levels have been prefect making for some good steelhead fishing, and some exceptionally great large Rainbow and Brown trout fishing. With increased insect life, this winter, trout have been quite a bit larger this year. (2/2)

Derek with a nice little hen. The weather has been cold but steelhead fishing has been very good. There’s also a ton of health trout! Winter Steelhead is the best cure for cabin fever! (2/2)

JoJo with a very respectable Steelhead taken on a peach psycho nymph. Steelhead fishing was very good today with a warm up in the weather.

Misty with one of several very nice Brown Trout.

These ladies stayed busy all day catching fishing fish! It was a very good mixed bag of resident rainbow, brown trout, and several very large steelhead. The Muskegon River has been fishing very well during the last couple days. (1/17)

We had a great day on the water today. Weather was finally nicer today, lower 40’s felt wonderful!
Jo Jo and Misty had a great day on the water and landed a bunch of steelhead, and some very nice trout! We fly fished today and the steelhead were all landed of different nymphs, the trout all took egg patterns.
Water level is at 1870 cfs, and is very clear, hovering at 34 degrees. We should expect some very good fishing coming up with the projected warmer weather. Steelhead fishing should remain good.
(1/17) Steelhead fishing has been very good on the days when it’s warmed up a bit. Water levels have been perfect, flowing at 1750 cfs. Good wading conditions, crystal clear water. Also offering some great trout nymphing on light rods. A good mix of Steelhead, and fat and sassy Muskegon River Trout.
I’ve had the great pleasure of centerpin float fishing with Dan and Tim for the past 7 days. We’ve certainly worked for fish over the last week but have definitely brought some great steelhead to the net. Pictured below are our four largest Steelhead. We’ve averaged 5-6 Steelhead per day, and many, many trout.
We’ve fished all sections of the river. Having our best luck in the middle to lower sections. Water levels have fluctuated often over the past week but is now a perfect level. 2800 cfs and very clear, 4′- 5′ of visibility.
We fished Raven centerpin reels each day, with a variety of offerings, spawn sacks, beads, jigs and wax worms, all of which produced fish. Our best producer was small, chartreuse spawn sacks. River conditions and water levels are now perfect for Steelhead fishing. If your interested in learning centerpin fishing, now is a perfect time. Winter fishing should remain good over the next few weeks. Text Us >> (231) 519-7348

Danny with a gorgeous chrome buck. This fish was an epic battle and jumped several times in 36 degree water temperatures. Bright fish moving in. (12/28)

Amazing colors on this beautiful Buck. Decent number of fish throughout the river system. Fish hard and find a few. Its a great time on the water. (12/28)

Carly with her first Steelhead!! We had an incredible day of fishing. Conditions have been perfect. (12/21)

Absolutely Awesome trout fishing. Lake Run Brown Trout – Resident Brown Trout? It doesn’t matter, it’s all good! Keith with a BEAST! (12/20)

Steve displays a gorgeous buck from this morning! Steelhead fishing has greatly improved from earlier this fall. (12/14)

Tim with a bright lean hen. These fish have fought like crazy on light tackle. Awesome Winter Steelhead!(12/27)

Danny with beast of a hen. Surprising number of chrome fish over the last few days. (12/26)

Here is one awesome Brown Trout! Carly and Keith experienced epic fishing on the Muskegon River. (12/21)

Jeremy with a trophy buck steelhead. Good steelhead fishing to be had on the Muskegon River. (12/20)

Myself with a very colorful buck Steelhead. Lots of new fish have entered the river from the high water last week. (12/14)

Muskegon River Fishing Report – Winter Steelhead Fishing – Floats and Spawn
Fishing Has been very good over the past week or so. Good numbers of steelhead throughout the system with perfect water conditions. Middle sections of the Muskegon seem to be fishing the best but, no real concentrations of steelhead. The entire river has been fishing pretty well.

Averaging about one steelhead per hour with various techniques, floats and spawn producing the most fish.
Fly Fishing has also been productive with the recent, slightly higher water levels. Peach egg flies and salmon fry patterns seem to be fishing the best. Plenty of trout on nymphs and stone flies.
Water levels are medium to low, and super gin clear in the upper sections. Newaygo to Maple Island, the river has a slight stain and is looking perfect! Water temperature in 36 degrees. 2000 cfs. Enjoy the warmer weather this week, and the bright new steelhead that are entering the river! (231) 519-7348

Tony with an absolute beast of a Brown Trout. December is trophy Trout time of the year. Fly Fishing for big Trout on the Mighty Muskegon River. (12/14)

Tony with a spawning lake run Brown Trout. These beautiful fish are spawning big time right now. Come make some memories and catch your trophy trout today! (12/14)