Spring Steelhead Fishing Report – (231) 519-7348

Dr. Bob lands and gorgeous buck on the Mighty Muskegon. Still a few fish around. (5/9)

Phil (82) landed this beast of a buck today – All on his own, I might add. His largest Steelhead to date. Congratulations Phil!! (5/9)

Steelhead numbers on the Muskegon River have lowered over the past few days. Small, isolated pockets of spawning steelhead still remain. Spring Steelhead season is mostly winding down, however, we’ve had some pretty great steelhead fishing the past two days! Pictured above is Dr. Bob (80) and Mr. Phil. (82) Landing some great steelhead, and some very nice trout! Text to book >>> (231) 519-7348

Stacey with a gorgeous buck from this morning. May should offer excellent Steelhead fishing. (5/1)

This guys finished our morning half day with double while floating back to the launch. Chrome drop back hens. (5/1)

Some of the best fly fishing of the year is going on right now for Muskegon River Steelhead. Sight fishing spawning steelhead on gravel is going big time! Lots of small groups on redds. Drop back hens in the dark pockets feeding on steelhead eggs. Trout fishing for larger trout has also been excellent! Stone flies on top! Water levels are dropping – Wading is now an option. Text to book >>> (231) 519-7348

There’s literally so many Steelhead spawning right now, we can’t even take a photo without the other clients hooking a fish!! (4/21)

Steelhead Fishing has been on fire the past few days!! Lots of new fishing spawning big time! (4/21)

Trees are in bloom, weather is nice, and fishing is great right now! I’m not sure words can describe how many steelhead are in the upper river. There are steelhead spawning everywhere in the upper Muskegon River right now. Super uber prime time now for the fly fishing gravel game! Double digets on eggs patterns, stones flies, pheasant tail nymphs, Stone flies, fry patterns, and getting fish in big numbers.

Water levels are normal, 3940 cfs, making for perfect gravel fishing for Muskegon River Steelhead. Clarity is very good, 6′ to 10′ visibility. River is in perfect fishing condition. Should remain excellent for the next several weeks.

Paige with her first steelhead. This girl can fish! She landed a bunch with her dad on and afternoon trip. (4/18)

Congratulations Brian, Epic day on Muskegon River Steelhead – Landing 11 big Steelhead, and two very respectable Brown Trout. Excellent fishing! (4/18)

Great News!! We still have another months of excellent steelhead fishing ahead of us!

Steelhead nirvana and double digit days should be the norm for the next several weeks. Steelhead fishing is definitely prime time right now. Recent rains have brought bright chrome Spring Steelhead.

Water is dropping! (4420 cfs) Water clarity is much more clear.
You can see redds with lots of Steelhead spawning on gravel big time. Water temps in the low 50’s, and the main push is here! Everything is Prime! Steelhead fishing should be excellent for the next 15 days!

Scott with a gorgeous hen, Fly fishing has been excellent! Big number days coming soon! (4/10)

Lots of fish moved up to the upper river. Toby with a stout buck this morning. (4/4)

Steve’s first steelhead. Home of the chrome. Bobbers down! (4/10)

Soggy morning of Spring Steelhead fishing. The constant action kept us warmed up! (4/4)

Today: Water levels area bit higher today but stable and now dropping. 6000 cfs.

Clarity is actually really good. 3′ – 5′. Stained but definitely not “Dirty” chocolate milk.
River temperature: 41 – 42 degrees.

Spring Steelhead are in faster runs and pocket water staging to jump on gravel and begin spawning heavily. We landed hens today in all three stages. tight skein, loose, and drop backs. (4/6)

Recent rains and perfect conditions have made for some great Steelhead fishing over the past three days. The bump in the water levels have brought a new shot of bright chrome fish into the upper sections of the Mighty Muskegon River.

Small chartreuse spawn sacks, trout beads in natural colors. stone flies, and jigs tipped with wax worms have been producing a lot of fish. Steelhead have moved from winter holding areas to faster spring runs and gravel areas. Fishing should be excellent for the next several weeks. Lots of fish throughout the system with many of them actively spawning. Here are our available dates for April Steelhead – Muskegon River.

Open Guide Dates:
April 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, etc..

Fished the Middle section of the Muskegon River and found the Boat House area to be on fire this afternoon! Toby Landed a monster hen that was getting ready to spawn. Beast Mode. (3/29)

Boat House area was good to us this afternoon. Lots of bright fish moving through that area. Jesse landed this beautiful hen behind the gravel. (3/29)

Things are right on track for steelhead fishing this Spring, maybe even a little ahead of schedule if you ask some anglers. Water levels are actually normal, lower than recent years. We are finding good numbers of Steelhead throughout the Muskegon River system, although, the past few days the fish have been beat on hard, making some days better than others. We’ve been catching a lot more fish during low light conditions the last few days. First light & Last light (which has been the best for me personally). Afternoon half day trips are producing a lot of fish with much less boat traffic. Water tempratures are in the mid to upper 30’s which will begin sending the Spring Steelhead spawning season into full effect here shortly. With some consistent temperatures during the day and temps above freezing at night along with some rain forecasted over the next three days we should be seeing another fresh push of chrome entering the river system. Each morning I am seeing a few active redds but most steelhead are still being found in the deeper holes. Text to Book >>> (231) 519-7348

This Could Be You! Paul with a GIANT Beastly Buck! This steelhead gave an awesome battle, was all over the river! Trophy Steelhead for sure!

The Boys from Ontario just butchering the fish!! Centerpin beat down on some steelhead – Epic afternoon. Who lands 15 steelhead in 3 hours? These guys!

Chris with a chrome bullet hen. Starting to see a lot bright fish, with many beginning to spawn.

Maggie and Allen with a beautiful hen. First time steelhead and absolutely pummeled the fish! Muskegon River is on fire! Fishing is going to be crazy good after this warm up. (3/19)

Pretty much all the local rivers are going strong right now. The Muskegon, White, Pere Marquette, Big Manistee, and Grand Rivers are all fishing very well. Grand River, Muskegon, and White River are really on fire! A lot of chrome fish showing up, and quite a few starting to hit gravel. We landed a drop back female (spawned out) today, so some steelhead are spawning in deep water runs.

Float fishing with spawn, beads, or jig and wax worms are all fishing well. We’ve also been doing great with those crazy pink worms from Raven Tackle, or Berkley Power Worms. Basically, we’re landing a lot of steelhead each day. Half day afternoon trips are also fishing very well.

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You can tell that steelhead are really moving around when you land chrome males. Dave with a really nice, high noon, Spring Steelhead. (3/16)

Afternoon half day trips are really fishing well. Toby displays a beautiful buck from his evening trip. Michigan Spring Steelhead. (3/16)

They’re Here! I’m happy to say that Jake and I both had our first double digit day of the spring. A good mix of bright chrome hens, and some hold over males. We had a phenomenal bite most of the day. Small chartreuse spawn sacks were the key (4 egg bags). We also landed two hens that were spilling eggs this morning. Starting to see some polished gravel with some of the winter steelhead beginning to spawn. Gravel fishing will definitely be going early this season with fish already starting to spawn this early. It’s going to be a great spring steelhead migration but, it’s going to be short and quick. I’m making the prediction that the Muskegon River Spring Steelhead run will be over by April 15th… We are seeing April numbers now already.

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Jonathan with a chrome bullet hen. Lots of bright fish starting to spawn early. More on the way. (3/14)

Steelhead fishing is great and just about to get a lot better. Bright Silver fish are here now! (3/14)

Would you like to catch more Michigan Spring Steelhead? With out question, the number one, best way to improve your fishing experience, learn new techniques, catch and land more Spring Steelhead, is to hire a fishing guide. All the gear, tackle, rods, reels, and premium gear is provided. We offer both spinning tackle options, center pinning, or fly fishing. Its a pretty good deal when you can just hop in the boat, jet to a new spot, and catch fish! We have full day, and half days available in March, April, and May. (231) 519-7348

Holy crap that’s a big buck!! Liam with a colorful buck Steelhead. New fish showing up daily.

Alex with a very beautiful. Each day these fish are getting closer and closer to spawning. Float Fishing for Spring Steelhead.

The pictures above tell exactly how we love to spend our March days with clients. Limits of bright chrome, spring steelhead, and fish in the net! Winter is over and spring has sprung! The Muskegon river is now full of these beauties! Steelhead fishing has been right on track so far this week with new fish entering the river daily. The past three days have offered some very good steelhead fishing. We are averaging one steelhead per hour in the net, and trout have also been plentiful. Water temperatures are about normal. (36 – 37 degrees.) The warm spell last week brought in a lot of new steelhead into the upper sections of the river. Water conditions are just about perfect with water levels, (3600 cfs) clarity, (3′ -5′) and temperatures. It will be very nice this season, not having snow melt flood conditions this year. It’s gravy time from this point forth.

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Chrome bullets showing up every day! New fish coming into the river to spawn. Float fishing center pin with beads and spawn has been excellent!

During the past few days we’ve been catching many bright chrome steelhead. Looking forward to good numbers of Spring Steelhead. Muskegon River Steelhead Guides for Michigan.

I’ve been posting fishing reports for over 15 years, and I’ve been trying all day to think of the best way to explain this so everyone is on the same page. Most clients read a fishing report and then will book a date three weeks after the post was originally made, and then wonder why they had a three fish day on a guided trip, instead of the double digit days they had seen me post about weeks prior…The best way to explain this particular fishing report, THERE IS A SHIT TON OF STEELHEAD IN THE RIVER… NOW!! As in, you should’ve booked two weeks ago and should be fishing NOW. The Muskegon, White, and the Grand Rivers are all loaded with chrome steelhead with hardly anyone fishing them. News Flash folks…The main Spring Steelhead run has been here for four days now. I’m not sure why people are waiting to fish, but this is me telling you to book your trip now, not two weeks from now, but NOW! They’re here, with a lot more coming.. Not Joking… Helen Keller could catch a limit of Steelhead right now…(231) 519-7348