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There’s lots of choices available for anglers during August. Trout fishing at the creek mouths can be excellent, offering shots at trophy Brown Trout and big resident Rainbows, or Caddis hatches in the evenings. Smallmouth Bass can be an outstanding choice for kids. Constant action and lots of bites on Smallmouth trips. We often catch lots of Rock Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and an occasional Tiger Musky! These trips are an action packed, fun day on the river.

Trout fishing during the summer can be great if the weather is right. Lots of rain has made for decent trout fishing.

It’s finally summer in Michigan, with the hot weather comes some great fishing! Smallmouth Bass, Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Musky on Michigan’s Muskegon River. As a guide, I have to change it up a bit. Smallmouth and warm water species make better fishing at this time. Guiding for Trout is always my personal favorite, however, hot summer weather and warm water temps are rough on the Trout fishing and sometimes Smallmouth is a better choice.

King Salmon should be a fishing option soon! Port areas like Ludington, Manistee, and Grand Haven are starting to see good numbers of salmon coming in along the lake shore. Strong North East winds push the cold water against the shoreline bringing with it, Salmon and Steelhead. We will begin salmon trips in late August on the lower Pere Marquette River.Salmon Flies for Michigan.

Fall Salmon Season on the Lower Pere Marquette, Big Manistee, and Muskegon River.

Fall Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River. Float Fishing Destinations for Chrome Steelhead.

EP with a Master Angler Trophy Smallmouth Bass. Bass fishing has been excellent! Late Summer offers the best bass fishing of the year! (7/28)

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Hatch Master’s Special – Evening Guided Trips for Trout on dry flies. $250 / 2 anglers.
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(Guided morning ultra lite spinning fishing tackle trips also available)

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Super Prime Spring Steelhead Dates & Half days available.

With the cooler summer so far, Trout fishing and evening hatch fishing has been excellent! Nymphing and dry fly fishing has been productive this season. Caddis have been key. (7/3)

Jess displays a very nice Rainbow Trout taken on the Manistee River below Tippy Dam. (7/3)

Trout fishing on the Muskegon & Manistee River has been excellent! Possibly some of the best, most consistent trout fishing in the mid west, the area below the Tippy Dam boasts some phenomenal trout fishing. Less Rainbow Trout, but piles of very healthy Manistee River Brown Trout. I was very surprised as to number of fish rising to emerging caddis yesterday afternoon. The dry fly fishing was very good. We also caught a ton of trout on soft hackles. Tiny streamers, representing steelhead and sucker fry also fished exceptionally well.
I believe all and all, we’re in for very good trout fishing for the rest of the summer. We offer both guided ultra light spin fishing tackle trips, and guided fly fishing trips on both the Manistee and Muskegon Rivers. All gear, tackle, flies, and baits provided on all guided fishing charters. Text >> (231) 519-7348

Alyssa landed this gorgeous brown trout while fly fishing with sucker spawn patterns. (6/21)

Trout fishing has been excellent at this time. Great fishing with very good hatches. Gray Drake, Caddis, and Sulphers. (6/21)

Dry fly trout fishing is our main focus at this time. Trout on the Muskegon River have been feeding heavily on the numerous insect hatches going on right now. The most prolific are the Cinnamon Sedge Caddis, Gray Drake, and the Isonychia Bicolor. These hatches take place in the afternoon and evenings. The Gray Drake spinner fall takes place right at dusk. These hatches offer some of the best trout fishing in Michigan.

Evening hatch trips have been the most productive.
The river is at a nice level (2000 cfs ) wadeable, and clear with water temps in the 60’s. Large numbers of salmon, steelhead, and sucker fry are present against the shoreline. Sulphurs, gray drake, and caddis are the prime hatches right now. Suckers are also starting to load up which should make for outstanding trout fishing. Muskegon River Trout feed heavily on the eggs of the spawning Red Horse Suckers. The native fish provide a staple food source for our resident brown and rainbow trout.

Over the past several days, Muskegon River Trout fishing has been going well. We’ve been finding larger, hold over trout daily. At least one 20″ plus trout on just about each guided trip. Seems to be good numbers feeding on the sucker spawn. This trend should continue for the next 10 days or so. Trout on the Muskegon River have been feeding heavily on the numerous insect hatches going on right now. The most prolific are the cinnamon sedge caddis and the Gray Drake spinner fall. These hatches take place in the afternoon and evenings.

Guided Salmon Fishing Adventures on the Pere Marquette & Big Manistee River. (August 20th – October 20th)

Guided Salmon Fishing Trips . $300 for 4.5 hrs.

(Light Spinning Tackle – Bait Caster Tackle Salmon Fishing)

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