Manistee River Fishing Reports

Manistee River Fishing Report - Fall Steelhead
Manistee River Fishing Reports - Fall Steelhead Michigan
Manistee River Fishing Report - Fall Steelhead

Manistee River is fishing phenomenal Fishing has been excellent with good numbers Fall Steelhead, Brown Trout, Coho.  Basically, just a lot of fish. It’s really really good!   

Fishing Reports for West Michigan, Steelhead & Salmon Reports.

Manistee River below Tippy Dam, has been fishing exceptionally well.   Good numbers of bright Clean King Salmon on the gravel.  Coho and Steelhead feeding on the salmon eggs.  Excellent fishing right now!  Recent rains have brought a lot of very nice fish into the river. Look for fishing to remain fantastic well into November, with the last part of October being the best.     Top notch Steelhead & Salmon fishing on the Manistee River.  

Steelhead and Trout fishing has been best with trout beads, natural colors, and washed out, dead eggs. 

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Manistee River - Salmon Steelhead Fishing

Muskegon River Salmon Fishing
Muskegon River King Salmon Fishing

Manistee River Salmon below Tippy Dam are now heading into peak week right now.  Huge numbers of King Salmon at Tippy Dam Recreational Area.  Both King salmon and Coho Salmon are now spawning heavily on the gravel.  Sight fishing for King Salmon is truly awesome!!  

Steelhead are a little behind so far this season, there seems to be some in the lower Manistee River near Matson’s or Bear Creek.  Not a ton yet in the upper river, below Tippy.  They’re coming but it may take until the next rain.   

King Salmon on Pere Marquette Lake
King Salmon Fishing Manistee River

Good numbers of King Salmon in Manistee Lake, and Pere Marquette Lake.  Both rivers are now in full swing. King Salmon Season 2020 is now going in full throttle!!  Fish are large this year, not the numbers yet but plenty of fishable amounts.  Cooler nights and recent rains in the north country have pushed Chinook and Coho Salmon into Michigan Rivers.   Casting Thunder Sticks has been productive.  Floats and Skein is also productive.  Great biters on skein!! 

Michigan Salmon Fishing - Manistee River
Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing Guides

NorthWest winds have brought cold water into Manistee Lake. Starting to see a decent amount of King Salmon in the main stream on the Manistee River. Alewives have been stacked in the harbors, Kings are sure to follow.   There is a fishable number of Michigan Salmon fishing below Tippy Dam on the Big Manistee River.
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Manistee River Tippy Dam Fall Steelhead
Manistee River Tippy Dam Steelhead Fishing
Anthony with a mint silver chrome Steelhead from the Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam. Lots of Steelhead on the Manistee River.

November continues to offer excellent Steelhead fishing on the Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam.   Big numbers of Fall King Salmon have brought plentiful amounts of Fall Steelhead.  Floats and bead fishing has been excellent. Offering lots of fishing opportunities  for Michigan Fall Steelhead.  Book Now for Fall Steelhead.  (231) 519-7348

Tippy Dam Fall Steelhead Fishing
Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports

There has been a big push of Fall Steelhead below Tippy Dam, on Michigan’s Big Manistee River. Good numbers of steelhead are feeding behind the spawning King Salmon, and Coho.  Steelhead are much larger this year, offering anglers a shot at a true trophy Fall Steelhead.  Steelhead approaching 20 lbs is a reality this year!    Bead fishing has been an excellent technique for Fall Steelhead.  Our guides wait the entire year for Fall Steehead at Tippy dam.  We excel a bead fishing and Fall Steelhead. We have the best fishing guides in Michigan for Fall Steelhead trips on the Manistee River, below Tippy Dam.   Text to Book>>
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Muskegon River King Salmon Fishing
Casting Thunder Sticks produces huge King Salmon.
Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing Guides

A Mixed bag of Salmon fishing below Tippy Dam.  A hodgepodge of excellent eating fish. King Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Walleye. All from a morning of casting Thunder Sticks.  Michigan Salmon Fishing. 

Starting to see a lot of activity in the upper sections of the Manistee River. High Bridge to Tippy Dam is starting to see a decent, fishable number of King Salmon, and Cohos.  A handful of Chinook have started to spawn just above Suicide. 
Spawning should continue in earnest once we get some cooler weather.   Book Now!!  

Manistee River Salmon Fishing
Lots of Salmon movement the past few days. Good numbers of salmon entering the Manistee River.
Michigan Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing
Good Numbers of KIng Salmon below the Tippy Dam on the Manistee River. Recent rains have brought a very nice batch of Salmon into the rivers. More fish are expected. We do have Manistee River Salmon Guide Dates Available.

Recent rains last night made for an excellent morning fish.  Good numbers of Manistee River King Salmon came into the river last night. Tippy Dam finally received a good push of fish.  Bear Creek also has a decent, fishable number of salmon. 9 mile to Johnson Rd.  Casting Thunder Sticks, Skein under a float, and fly fishing have all been productive.   BOOK NOW

Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing Manistee River
Hunter landing some beautiful King Salmon below the coffer at Tippy Dam on the Manistee River. New pushes of Kings entering the river daily.

We’re starting to see good numbers of Kings below the Tippy Dam – Manistee River.  The Salmon seem to be moving up river a little earlier this year.  Water levels are great for migration. It should be an excellent year at Tippy.     Casting Thunder sticks, Skein under Floats, and fly fishing are all producing nice fish at this time. 

Tippy Dam King Salmon - Manistee River
Manistee River King Salmon
Starting to see some fresh King Salmon in the lower river near the train trestle and Insta-Launch. Manistee River Salmon Fishing in Michigan.
Manistee River King Salmon Fishing below Tippy Dam
Casting Thundersticks for early season King Salmon on the Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam. Silver fish are entering the river daily, with new fish showing up!

Manistee River Fishing Reports below Tippy Dam – Manistee River Trout fishing has been the name of the game. Water levels are perfect. Clear, with summertime levels. Hot and humid weather has got the insects and the trout going big time!  Dry fly fishing has been excellent this week.  Best hatches right now for Tippy Dam have been Cinnamon Caddis and Jade Caddis.  #16’s have been fishing well. There has also been Brown Drakes, Hexes, and a few Isonychia Bicolor.  King Salmon and Steelhead fry patterns have also been producing a lot of quality Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout.   Hot and humid weather has also been making for some very good Smallmouth Bass Fishing.  Summer is here, it’s a great time to  get on the water!   Text or Book online. Click here for availability.

Michigan Pan Fish Fishing
Guided Pan Fishing has been excellent. Limits of good sized Pan Fishing - Blue Gill and Crappie.
Manistee River Trout Fishing
Manistee River Trout Fishing - Numbers of quality resident Rainbow & Brown Trout below Tippy Dam. We offer both light tackle and fly fishing for trout in Michigan.

Manistee River Fishing Reports – Updated Fishing Reports for the Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam.
Fishing Reports for Manistee River Salmon, Trout, Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass. (231) 656-0673

World Class Trout Fishing on the Big Manistee River.   Dry Fly Fishing Trophy Brown Trout. Free Style Nymphing for quality Rainbow and Brown Trout. Top Water Smallmouth Bass. and Skamania Summer Run Steelhead below
Tippy Dam on the Manistee River.    Text to Book>>
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Manistee River Spring Steelhead Tippy Dam
Manistee River Spring Steelhead Fishing Guides.
Manistee River Spring Steelhead below Tippy Dam
Lots of bright Spring Steelhead below Tippy Dam.

Manistee River Fishing Report – Updated Fishing Reports for the Big Manistee River for Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, and Smallmouth Bass below Tippy Dam.

Spring Steelhead Fishing on the Big Manistee River has been going well.  Lots of new Steelhead on gravel. Tippy to High Bridge has the most fish with bright silver fish showing up daily. Fly Fishing for Manistee River Spring Steelhead has been excellent! (231) 519-7348

Our best techniques have been float fishing with trout beads, drifting  floats behind and around spawning gravel. This has definitely been the most productive.  Fly Fishing has also been excellent for Manistee River Spring Steelhead. Stone flies and tiny egg patterns have been fishing well.

Manistee River Fishing Reports - Tippy Dam Fishing - MI - Michigan Spring Steelhead
Manistee River Fishing Reports - Steelhead Fishing Guides - Tippy Dam Steelhead Fishing - MI

Starting to see good numbers of Spring Steelhead below Tippy Dam. Water conditions are starting to improve and beginning to warm. Many Steelhead have pushed into the upper sections with some steelhead getting over the coffer at Tippy.  Bobber fishing above the coffer has been excellent!

Jigs tipped with wax worms have been fishing very well.  Trout beads, spawn sacks are also fishing well.  Bright colors like orange and  chartreuse are doing great. Water is stained right now so brighter colors are fishing the best.

Tippy Dam Fall Steelhead - Guided Steelhead - Manistee River Fishing - Steelhead Fishing Tippy - MI
Big Manistee River Steelhead Fishing Reports - Tippy Dam Report - Steelhead Fishing Tippy Dam - MI

During the Fall months, the Muskegon River receives a large amount of Steelhead. Steelhead can be fished throughout the Winter and into Spring Months.


Steelhead Fishing is really starting to get good below Tippy Dam. Fresh Steelhead have ascended the river, feeding on the Chinook (King) Salmon eggs in the upper River. Spawning Salmon provide a good food scource for resident Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Steelhead. Good numbers of both Fall run steelhead, and Skamania Summer Run Steelhead.

There has been a large push of Coho and King Salmon above the coffer below Tippy Dam. Drift fishing with trout beads has been working well for us. Float fishing with small spawn sacks has also been good. We’re doing well on the Coho Salmon casting small Cleo spoons. Blue / silver has been the best.

Manistee River Fishing Report – Tippy Dam

Michigan Trout – Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides – Muskegon River (231) 519-7348

Michigan Fishing Reports for Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Manistee Rivers.

Please Check out our Michigan fishing reports for local rivers.
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King Salmon: Starting to see a good number of King Salmon on the Little Manistee River. Lower Pere Marquette River has a few also. Salmon Season is just around the corner. PM & Manistee River trips available.

Trout: Trout fishing is going well. Water levels on the Muskegon River are back to normal. Creek mouths have been holding good numbers of trout. Croton Dam to Pine St is also fishing well. Jade & Cinnamon Caddis emergers

Smallmouth Bass: Smallmouth Bass fishing has been EXCELLENT. Good numbers throughout the river system. Morning and mid day fishing very well. Also seeing a few walleye each trip. Soft plastics fishing well.

Michigan Trout and Smallmouth Bass fishing guides for the Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee Rivers. All Inclusive guided Light Tackle Spinning or Fly Fishing Trips. Book Now >>> (231) 519-7348

Trout fishing remains strong in the upper river below Croton Dam. Caddis emergence each evening. Salmon, Steelhead and Sucker fry also fishing well for trout.

Beat the Heat! Hot Weather makes for great Smallmouth fishing. Great Kid’s trips!

Salmon parr, Steelhead fry, and Sucker fry are making up the bulk of the trout diet right now. Millions of minnows along the shore line. Fish key on fry this time of year.

Fry is the name of the game right now! Salmon parr, Steelhead fry, and Sucker fry are all along the shore line at this point. Any shade pocket against the shore line is loaded with minnows or fry. Chinook Salmon parr, Steelhead fry, and Sucker fry are making up the bulk of the trout diet right now. Both Smallmouth Bass and Muskegon River Trout are gorging on fry at this time. Sink tip fly lines with fry patterns are working well. Big numbers of trout in the upper river below Croton Dam. Smallmouth Bass are through out the main river. Crank baits and spinners are also working well.

Dry fly fishing for trout has also been very good. Gray Drake linger in the upper river below Croton Dam. Caddis and Caddis emergence every evening from 7pm – dark. Isonychia and light Cahills in the mid section – Thornapple to Henning Park. Smallmouth Bass on the fly has also been excellent. Large poppers and streamers are working best for big bronze backs! Book Now >>> (231) 519-7348

Ed, 90 years young, displays a gorgeous Michigan Brown Trout caught on a sucker spawn imitation.

John with a huge Muskegon River Brown Trout. Much larger fish this season! Great Michigan Trout Fishing.

Michigan Trout fishing has been phenomenal on the Muskegon River. Hot and humid weather has the bugs popping big time! Caddis and caddis emergers are now taking center stage. Most activity occurs in the evenings, after 7pm. Gray Drake spinner falls are still available, offering some trophy fish taking dries.
Sucker spawn by day – Hatches during the evening. What a time to be on the water!

Red Horse Sucker Spawn provides a great meal for larger Muskegon River Trout. Trout gorge on sucker spawn in Michigan Rivers.

During the Michigan Sucker Spawn many nymphs, larvae, steelhead fry, Salmon fry, and sucker eggs are dislodged – Trout feed heavily on these food sources.

Our main focus now is Michigan Trout fishing. The river is at a nice level and clear with water temps in the 50s. Large numbers of salmon, steelhead, and sucker fry are present against the shoreline. Sulphurs, Gray Drake, and Caddis are the prime hatches now. Red Horse Suckers are also starting to load up which should make for outstanding trout fishing. Muskegon River Trout feed heavily on the eggs of the spawning Red Horse Suckers. The native fish provide a staple food source for our resident Brown and Rainbow trout.
Trout on the Muskegon River have been feeding heavily on the numerous insect hatches going on right now. The most prolific are the cinnamon sedge Caddis and the Gray Drake. These hatches take place in the afternoon and evenings. The Gray Drake spinner fall takes place right at dusk. These hatches offer some of the best trout fishing in Michigan. Gray Drake spinner fall at dusk.

Sturgeon sightings are beginning to become common on the Muskegon River. These gentle giants glide next to the boat while trout fishing. Exciting to see!

Over the past several days, Muskegon River Trout fishing has been going great! We’ve been finding larger, hold over trout daily. At least one 20″ plus trout on just about each guided trip. Seems to be good numbers feeding on the sucker spawn. This trend should continue for the next 10 days or so. Trout on the Muskegon River have been feeding heavily on the numerous insect hatches going on right now. The most prolific are the Cinnamon Sedge Caddis and the Gray Drake spinner fall. These hatches take place in the afternoon and evenings.

Hopefully the first of many. Mike with a beast of a brown trout. Streamer fishing has been hot!

Michigan Trout Fishing – Ashallie displays a gorgeous Brown trout while nymphing with sucker spawn.

Fishing Notes for Today: Heavy Gray Drake Spinner Fall this Morning around Pine St.
Suckers Spawning big time. yellow egg patterns. Heavy Gray Drake spinner fall this evening. 9:30pm
Size #10 – Gray Drake Spinner dry fly or rusty dun dry flies.

Trout fishing in Michigan is in full swing! With a cooler than normal spring, the Muskegon River Trout Fishing is just starting. There continues to be small pockets of Steelhead available through May. Water temperatures are starting to climb into the low 50’s. Dry Fly hatches such as adult Stone flies, Gray Drake, and Sulphers will begin to play a key role in the trout’s diet. May and June offer high growth rates for trout, and a smorgasbord of feeding options. Michigan Trout fishing is certainly best during May and June.
Water is clear. Wading is available. Trout fishing is excellent.

Coming soon, Muskegon River Sucker Spawn “Hatch”. Less than one week away! Thousands of Red Horse Suckers ascent into the upper sections of the Muskegon River. Large Brown Trout follow these suckers and when the sucker spawn begins, trophy Brown Trout gorge on sucker eggs. Trout also key on nymphs dislodged by suckers actively spawning. The Muskegon River Sucker Spawn offers clients a chance at true trophy Brown Trout (over 25″) Big Brown Trout feed recklessly during the sucker spawn, and can be sight fished while fly fishing. Casting to specific trophy trout can certainly be exhilarating!
Sucker Spawn Trout Video

Chinook Salmon & Steelhead Fry also play a huge part in the trout’s diet this time of year. Trout take advantage of the millions of fry along the shoreline of the Muskegon River. Any shade pockets along the river are loaded with salmon and steelhead fry making for easy prey for larger trout. Mallard flank fry patterns stripped along soft water near shore offer consistent trout fishing. Fly Fishing with light sink tip fly lines, (Rio DC 150 gr) against the bank works well. Usually the softer pockets hold fish.

Michigan Dry Fly Fishing – As the water temperatures finally warm into the mid 50’s, dry fly hatches are key. Right now, adult stone flies can be seen during the afternoon. Trout feeding on stone flies are easy to see. Big, splashy rises are common for trout feeding on stone flies. Gray Drakes, Sulphers, and Isonychia should begin to pick up in late May, and early June. The Muskegon River boasts the largest Gray Drake spinner fall in the Mid West! Huge clouds of drake spinner fall at dusk.
How To Catch More Trout

Manistee River Trout Fishing – Casey displays a fat and healthy Brown Trout – Tippy Dam Trout

Fat and sassy Rainbow Trout are common on the Muskegon River. Trout fishing is excellent during May & June.

We offer three guided fishing trips for Muskegon River and Manistee River Trout Fishing.

Half Day morning – Light Spinning Tackle trips. These trips are fast paced with lots of trout caught, with a chance at steelhead and trophy Brown Trout. Numbers trout are caught on these trips. We cast small crank baits, spinners, and body baits. It’s a great trip for kids, offering constant activity. ($250 -4.5 hrs)

“Hatch Masters” Evening Dry Fly Fishing – Instructional Casting. Guided half day afternoon trips that fish well into the evening. Dry fly fishing, nymphing, and sucker spawn fishing. These trips offer shots at trophy trout during the sucker spawn, and big fish on dry flies! Half day trout usually begin around 4:30pm. All gear tackle, and flies provided at no additional charge. ($250 – 4.5 hrs)

Full Day Guided Fly Fishing Adventures. Instructional Casting, Dry Fly Fishing, Nymphing with shots at larger fish during the Sucker Spawn, or on dry flies. Streamer fishing can also be excellent. ($350 – 2pm – dark) All gear, tackle, and flies provided at no extra charge.

Muskegon River Spring Steelhead Report – Croton Dam – (231) 519-7348

Muskegon River Spring Steelhead
King Salmon from the Big Manistee River. September 2023
Muskegon River Salmon Fishing Reports. Muskegon and Manistee Rivers

The Muskegon River is now at full peak, King Salmon fishing! There are lots on fresh Kings entering the river from the Lake Michigan, with new fish entering the river daily. Good numbers of Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, and a handful of Fall Steelhead. Best methods for fishing have been floats and skein eggs. Red or bright pink, has been the ticket for fish holding in the deep holes. Casting Thundersticks has also been working very well, especially during the morning hours. Salmon are also beginning to dig gravel and spawn. Flossing is in full effect.  Long leaders with pencil weights, and dark flies have been fishing very well for spawning salmon.

Water levels are low and clear, making for excellent wading below Croton Dam. Look for good fishing over the next few weeks. Plenty of Salmon, with a bunch more coming. If you need some Salmon fishing supplies, or rod and reel combos, stop in at Pappy’s Bait and Tackle. They have everything you need! You have Herb clean your fish. They also have Salmon for sale, from the Little Manistee River. 

We have guided Salmon trips available for the Big Manistee River below Tippy dam. Full Day ( 6hrs) $450 per 2 people. Half days available (4hrs) for two anglers. Fish cleaning, and all gear and tackle is included. Text or book on the website. (231) 519-7348

Fully Guided Spring Steelhead Trips for Michigan Rivers. Full Day Trips ( 8 hours) $395 Half Day Guided Fishing Tours (4 hours) $295

** All Gear, Tackle, Rods, Reels, Fishing Cleaning Provided** Super Prime Spring Steelhead Dates & Half days available for Muskegon River.

Steelhead fishing has been incredible. The main push of steelhead is here now during May. Water temperatures are equivalent of April 20th. Steelhead is way behind schedule and fishing is great. Our main focus has been sight fly fishing for steelhead on gravel. River water has been gin clear therefore sight fishing has been excellent. Good pockets of fish in the upper Muskegon River near the Croton Dam. Similarly, Mid section above Pine St has been doing well. Temperature and clarity is very good. Best Steelhead flies have been brown pheasant tail nymphs, salmon fry patterns, sack fry, olive hares ears nymphs. Small egg patterns are also working well. Apricot, Steelhead orange, Oregon Cheese, and golden nugget, all working well in #8, or #10’s. Consequently, Steelhead Egg Flies Fishing should remain great for the nest 10 days or more.

Open May Steelhead Dates

After May 15th, guided steelhead trips are $395 for the full day. Half day afternoon trips are $295 for 4.5 hrs of steelhead fishing.

George with a beautiful hen. Spring Steelhead are just beginning to spawn. May will be very good with lots of steelhead well into June this year.
Jordan with a giant buck steelhead. Double digit days just starting to rock! Spring steelhead just now beginning to spawn.

Two Steelhead on at a time! Yes, It’s about to be really really good fishing! New steelhead still coming in from Lake Michigan.
These steelhead have been gorgeous! Spring has been a month behind with very cold water temperatures hence fishing is just now getting good !

Open May Steelhead Dates:

After May 15th, guided steelhead trips are $396 for the full day. Half day afternoon trips are $295 for 4.5 hrs of steelhead fishing.

If you’re sitting in your office cubicle, bored, or sitting at home, NOW is the time to get out of the house and fish! May Steelhead dates are filling quickly. We are only offering the $295 half day Spring special until May 15th.

Water temperatures are still very cold! 44 degrees. We are landing at least one steelhead per hour on the Muskegon. It’s a great time to be on the water with little angling pressure and lots of fish. Fishing has been excellent with last week’s high water which shuffled the deck and brought in lots of new steelhead from the lower river. Likewise, Spring Chromers coming in from the lake with more to come!

It’s nearly May 5th and over 90% of the Michigan Spring Steelhead migration has not even begun to spawn. Similarly, all of the spawning hen steelhead have not spawned yet. Fly fishing for steelhead is phenomenal right now! If you seen the weather pattern for the past month, you’d swear it was March at best which makes this year’s spring steelhead feel the same way!

Water temperatures are just barely in the 40’s with the vast majority of the steelhead not even ready to spawn. Gravel fishing over the past couple days has been PHENOMINAL! Double digit days have been the norm with the weather finally warming up, and water levels dropping to a perfect level. The drop has made for some very good fly fishing! Visibly sight fishing for steelhead on gravel is probably some of the best steelhead fishing you’ll ever experience. Watching a fish take your bead or fly. Exhilarating!!

Best Steelhead tips and techniques

 Right now, free style nymphing for steelhead has been our best bet for numbers of steelhead. Trout beads and small black stone flies, salmon fry patterns, or green PM Caddis have all been working well. Sight fishing to spawning steelhead on gravel has been very effective. Long leaders and quality drifts has been the key to success. Running lines with a small amount of weight, and a two fly rig, or one trout bead with a stone fly dropper.

How To Catch More Trout

Bobber fishing on spinning tackle has also been effective. Very small spawn sacks in natural colors have been the best for both trout and spring steelhead. Brown trout have also been very active around spawning steelhead. Look for big numbers of steelhead during May this year. Steelhead are now just getting started and should go well into June this year.

Super Prime Spring Steelhead Dates & Half days available. Text to book >>> (231) 519-7348