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Michigan King Salmon Fishing Reports ~Salmon are here~

Michigan King Salmon - Ludington

Welcome to the weekly Fishing Reports for the Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee River for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead. Updated DNR fishing reports for Western Michigan rivers, including Manistee, Tippy Dam, and Pere Marquette River for Salmon fishing.  We recommend Betts Guide Service for guided salmon fishing.

Starting to see good numbers of King Salmon entering Pere Marquette Lake and Manistee Lake. Salmon are beginning to stage in the lake and a few have already entered the river.  Look for good pushes to start entering the river this week.   

Jigging trips have been increasingly productive on Pere Marquette Lake.  Gabe has been doing Well with King Salmon jigging trips with customers. This year salmon numbers are less than normal however, the Salmon Fishing Reports in Michigan, indicate much larger than average, Salmon this year.  Fall Salmon in the rivers should be giant tackle busters!  Less fish will be landed but the Kings will be HUGE!!   


The best available Michigan Salmon Fishing Dates are from early September through late October.
King Salmon migrate into the rivers first, then Coho Salmon and Fall Steelhead.

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Welcome to the weekly Fishing Reports for the Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee River for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead. Updated DNR fishing reports for Western Michigan rivers, including Manistee, Tippy Dam, and Pere Marquette River for Salmon fishing.  We recommend Betts Guide Service for guided salmon fishing.

The best available Michigan Salmon Fishing Dates are from early September through late October.
King Salmon migrate into the rivers first, then Coho Salmon and Fall Steelhead.

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December offers some of the best Fall and Winter Steelhead fishing that Michigan has to offer.  Both the Muskegon River, and the Manistee River sport great Steelhead fishing action.  Good numbers of both Lake Trout, Coho Salmon, and Steelhead below the coffer at Tippy Dam.  

King Salmon on Pere Marquette Lake
King Salmon Fishing Manistee River

Zach and Anthony have been consistantly getting fresh Kings on Manistee and Pere Marquette Lake near Ludington.  North East winds have been a game changer, bringing in cold water from Lake Michigan.  Jigging and casting Thundersticks has been the most productive. Salmon skein eggs under a float has also been doing well.   

Manistee River Salmon Fishing
King Salmon in Manistee River Harbor, Jigging season has started with Salmon moving into the river daily.
Casting Thunder Sticks at the river mouths has also been productive. New fish entering the river.

Strong North West winds have started to kick off our 2020 Fall Michigan King Salmon run on the Big Manistee River, and Pere Marquette River. Jigging 1 oz Luna Spoons has been producing fish. King Salmon this year seem to be running large. The upcoming season looks good with lots of bright Salmon on the horrizon.  

We recommend Betts Guide Service for guided salmon fishing.

The best available Michigan Salmon Fishing Dates are from early September through late October.
(September 7th – October 20th)  Spinning Tackle, and Fly Fishing Available.
King Salmon migrate into the rivers first, then Coho Salmon and Fall Steelhead.

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Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports _ Muskegon River
Michigan Steelhead Fishing Guides
Michigan Winter Steelhead Fishing - Tippy Dam Steelhead
Manistee River Tippy Dam Steelhead Fishing

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports – Steelhead Fishing has been excellent on both the Muskegon River, Big Manistee, and the Grand River. November is truly a prime Time month for Steelhead in Michigan.  Steelhead have been running a muck larger size this year. Plentiful forage (Food) base in Lake Michigan has made for some monster Salmon, Steelhead, and Lake Trout.  This is certainly the year for giants. Fishing should remain very good for steelhead well into the new year.  CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW or Text to book. (231) 519-7348

Tippy Dam Fall Steelhead - Michigan Steelhead
Michigan Steelhead Fishing

Manistee River is starting to get a decent number of Michigan Fall Steelhead. Water levels are perfect for fall fishing. There’s still plenty of King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Lake Trout, and resident river trout. Tippy Dam area has been fishing well, and should continue to fishing well for the next several weeks. 

Pere Marquette Salmon Fishing Guides_ Michigan DNR Reports
Gorgeous King Salmon from the Lower Pere Marquette River.
Tippy Dam Skamania Steelhead

Tippy Dam Recreational Area has come alive over the past several days with fishing activity. Starting to see fishable numbers of bright, fresh King Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Fall River Steelhead. a handful of Skamania Steelhead are also in the system.  King Salmon are now beginning to spawn and dig in the gravel. Look forward to an excellent Fall Salmon migration.  One for the record books for Huge Kings, and Plentiful Coho Salmon.  Book Now!!   

Tippy Dam King Salmon_Michigan
Thunderstick King Salmon
Caster Deep Junior Thunder Sticks has been very productive for King Salmon on the Pere Marquette River.
Custer King Salmon _ Pere Marquette River
Custer King Salmon PM River

Over the past several days, we have seen the main push of Michigan King Salmon entering the rivers in Northern Michigan. Pere Marquette, Manistee, Betsie, Platte, and Bear Creek, and Bordman, all receiving a big shot of salmon.  Look for excellent salmon fishing over the never several weeks. The King Salmon are huge this year!! cooler temperatures, and a little rain has significantly helped the salmon migration in Michigan. More to come… 

Manistee River Salmon Fishing
Nathan displays a gorgeous bright King Salmon from the Pere Marquette River mouth. Lots of salmon moving around. King Salmon coming in strong.

Jigging Kings in Pere Marquette Lake.  Most days, they’re huggin the bottom.  Lovin the Luna Jigs! 
 Salmon Season 2019.  

Michigan Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing
We started off this moring with a double - Michigan King Salmon. Recent rains have brought in good numbers of fish into the rivers. Pere Marquette, Big Manisteee, Betsie, and Bear Creek all have fishable numbers of salmon. Look for more salmon to enter the rivers this week. Michigan Salmon fishing is on now!
PM King Salmon _ MI Salmon Fishing
Starting to see lots of bright King Salmon in Pere Marquette Lake near Ludington.
Pere Marquette Salmon Fishing Guides
Get Jiggy with it!! Salmon season is going well. Jigging for salmon in Pere Marquette Lake is excellent.
Michigan Salmon Fishing - Manistee River
Starting to see good numbers of Michgan King Salmon on the Lower Pere Marquette River. Salmon are going to be huge this fall with good numbers.
Manistee River King Salmon _ Tippy Dam
Casting Thundersticks for King Salmon in Michigan, Manistee River, Tippy Dam.

Weather and its effect

First of all, North West winds have dramatically changed the water temperatures along the lake shore therefore making shore line temperatures along the coast line very cold.  This should bring Michigan King Salmon into the rivers early.  Cold shoreline temps kick off good fishing along the piers. Manistee River has a good number of Skamania Summer Run Steelhead below the coffer and Tippy Dam.  King Salmon have also entered the Manistee River. The average size of Michigan King Salmon this year is 22 lbs!! 

Manistee River King Salmon Fishing below Tippy Dam
Early Season King Salmon from the Manistee River.
Casting Thunder Sticks for Salmon in Manistee.
Casting Thunder Sticks for early season King Salmon on the Lower Pere Marquette River. Bone crushing hits on the crank baits . DNR Fishing Reports.

The best times for Michigan King Salmon is quickly approaching. Bright Chinook, Coho, and Summer Run Skamania Steelhead are now entering Lake Michigan rivers. Pere Marquette and the Big Manistee River have the best Salmon migrations right now.  The Muskegon River gets salmon later in the season. Best times for Salmon fishing in Michigan is late August, through early November hence September and October is prime. Coho Salmon also run later on the Manistee River below Tippy Dam.  Make Salmon Reservations >> Book Here. 

Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing - Manistee River Michigan
Fresh Coho Salmon below Tippy Dam.
Manistee River King Salmon
Starting to see good numbers of bright fresh King Salmon on the Manistee River.

Best time for fishing

The best salmon fishing in rivers takes place in September and October.  Prime salmon fishing is during the month of October for King and Coho Salmon.  Skamania Summer Run Steelhead, and early Fall Steelhead also enter the rivers in late October and November.  Tippy Dam area fishes very well during the fall months. (231) 519-7348

Casting Thundersticks for Michigan King Salmon
King Salmon landed on Deep Junior ThunderStick Lure.
ThunderStick Lure Selection For Michigan King Salmon
ThunderStick Collection for Michigan Salmon Fishing

What is Fishing Tackle & What you Need it for Smallmouth Fishing

What is Fishing Tackle & What you Need it for Smallmouth Fishing
What is Fishing Tackle & What you Need it for Smallmouth Fishing

Going fishing? Do you have the right tackle? If the term is confusing you, there is nothing to worry about. It simply refers to the equipment or a box of gears you need to fish. Almost all types of fishing equipment can be called as tackle. In commercial terms, it’s called gears. But if you are fishing for recreational purpose, you will mostly hear about the tackle.

And, if you planning a Michigan smallmouth fishing trip, you definitely need the right tackle. The type of fishing equipment you use will depend on the technique. As you there are many fishing techniques like fly fishing and bait casting, spin fishing and trolling. Fly fishing popular method for fishing in the river water.

Knowing about tackle is important for the beginners. It will help your fishing technique and make you an efficient angler.

What is Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle is set of gears, tools or equipment used for fishing. While there are so many tackles you can use, some are the very important and cannot be ignored like lines, hooks. and sinker. Apart from these, you will also need other equipment too like floats, baits, lures, roads, wades, and boxes. When you put them in a box or a container, you simply call it a tackle box.

Anglers need their tackle box to fish efficiently. It is important that the box is up to date and has all the important gears for fishing. Which is why you need to know about the various fishing gears you need.

What are the things you in your Tackle Box for Smallmouth Bass fishing?

Michigan smallmouth fishing is an exciting time for anglers. Like trout and steelhead, the smallmouth small too is not an easy fish to catch. You have to outsmart them too. With the right technique and equipment, you can easily catch the prized fish.

But before you go fishing for smallmouth, you need to ensure that you have all the things you need in your tackle box.

Here are some of the must-haves for smallmouth bass fishing trip in Michigan:

  • Extra Hooks

No matter what type of fishing you are interested in, always carry extra hooks. This will help you stay prepared for catching all types of fish. But, if you are going for smallmouth bass fishing, you need the right hook. Some of the best types of hooks are the drop shot hook and extra wide gap hook. The type of hook you use will depend on the technique you will be using and your preference.

  • Extra Lines

Just like extra hooks, you will also need extra lines. You can never tell when your lines may get stuck in the log or something and break. You need to be prepared for this. Extra lines will help you quickly get on with fishing and catch that smallmouth bass you want. choose fishing lines as per the place, weather condition and surroundings.

  • Lures

You need lures to attract the smallmouth. Make sure that you have the right lures. You can use artificial lures to attract the fish you want to catch. You can then use the lures once again. Use the lures as per the type of fish you want to catch. For instance, if you are aiming for a big smallmouth bass, then choose a bigger lure. Bigger fish need bigger prey as their food requirement is different than small fish.

  • Sinkers

Your hook and lures will not stay under water on their own. You need some weight to make them sink and that is when you need sinkers. Most of the sinkers are made of lead, but you can use steel and brass as well. You must have extra sinkers in your fishing tackle box so that you have a back-up.

The Bottom-line

Fishing tackle is important for anglers as it helps them catch the fish they way. It should contain all the equipment you need for fishing efficiently for a smallmouth bass. Make sure that you have all the things you need for Michigan smallmouth fishing trip.

Don’t want to be bothered with all the fishing equipment? Betts Guide Service is just for you. Our all-inclusive guided fishing service includes fishing gears, a boat and a guide. You can easily plan a fishing trip with your family and enjoy fishing with us. Learn from the experienced fishing guides and improve your fishing techniques. Text to Book now – (231) 519-7348

How to select the bait and lure for steelhead trout fishing?

How to select the bait and lure for steelhead trout fishing?

When fishing for steelhead trouts, you will find significant differences in their luring compared to the other rainbow trout. The art of it can be explained by going through various steelhead fishing reports. The steelheads follow anadromy, which is going back to their exact birthplace for mating. They also venture into freshwater spaces and spend their lives at sea, unlike the rainbow trout, which dominantly occurs in the pacific ocean tributaries.

Selecting the proper bait and lure for steelhead fishing is, as before, an art. Here we will try to explain in an accurate perspective how to properly utilize equipment, time, and mentality to get your best catch of the day, every day.

Seasonal trends matter

When you go through steelhead fishing reports online, you will find that summer and winter steelheads differ from each other. Oftentimes are known as “summer-run” and “winter-run” during their respective seasons. Beginning in early November and continuing up to May, the winter season trouts are close to maturation and provide a lot of nutritional value.

During the onset of April, however, they start their migration to freshwater, keeping in mind their reproductive maturity on eggs and sperm production availability.  They continue to do so and are finished with the whole migration process by the time November comes in. However, the reproductive maturity of summer-run fishes varies substantially as compared to their winter counterpart.

The important points you need to look through before angling, depending on the season, are as follows:-

  • Summer-run steelheads are the most preferred as their metabolism is high during warm and comfortable water. They have more sexual aggression and mate well
  • Summer-run steelheads, however, do not fully mature before they have migrated from saltwater to freshwater
  • Winter-run steelheads have limited spawn timing as they are not reproductive ready during that season
  • Various steelhead fishing reports suggest going for the summer-runs, hence more sought after as mentioned before
  • Though different in their migration timings, both variants have spawn timings during the early summer and spring seasons

Time management is the key to a good catch

As mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, you need to get the timing right for your catch. Summer-run or winter-run is up to you to decide but getting a little insight on these will help you make a more educated decision. The winter fishes are in a race against time for their maturity and are predominantly moving to ocean tributaries from where they will go into the freshwater for summer maturation.

Keeping a steady plan to get a catch will help in the long run: –

  • Follow the weather trend and the shoreline temperatures. Any indication of the temperature going down will push the fishes early into the river
  • Depending on your area of living, check for local steelhead fishing reports to figure out the best possible time of getting a good catch
  • Sometimes, aggressive steelheads do not even realize the water temperature and are all excited on their own. When the temperature starts to drop but is still holding in the high to mid-region, that can be the chance to get a catch if you have missed out on it at the beginning of the season
  • During rainfall, a large number of fishes start pushing from the lower to the upper region of the river. Look for signs in the weather and take the opportunity if it presents

Look for reviews on catches and seasons online

Various online forums and archives are available where you can analyze the trends of a season and where a major variety of catches are being found. Being resourceful and gaining a lot of insight with steelhead fishing reports will ensure you find the best spot, time, bait, and lure for your angling needs. Whatever little information you may find, it will keep you in the loop on what’s going on in the scene and allow you to plan according to it.

Browsing in your local domain of anglers, you can find what type of trait works in what kind of environment. Following the hearing in these situations will make a difference in how you approach a catch. You can even book trips with professional anglers available in your locality and follow their path. Keeping in mind these simple characteristics of peers as they are light with years of insight and reports with the fish variant, their migration cycle, time of reproduction, and bulk availability in a particular area.


Researching steelhead fishing reports and monitoring the season and weather will help you determine the ideal timing for your catch. Flies work great as bait, and the aggressive fishes seem to love them when caught. Timing your lure for the peak season and keeping up with the local fishing scenario will go a long way for angling in the current and future seasons.

Are you looking for some quick fishing insights from experienced anglers? Our informational site provides you with a collection of steelhead fishing reports from yearly archives, along with the knowledge for bait and timing management. Head on to our website to go through our catalog of reports and what your fellow anglers are catching during the peak seasons. Get in touch with us at (231) 750-0673 or mail us at chadbetts@hotmail.com

Michigan Smallmouth Bass & PanFish Fishing Report

Northern Pike Michigan Fishing
The hotter the better!! Smallmouth Bass (And Pike) in Michigan absolutely love hot weather. The top water bite has been incredible lately.

Hot Weather has kicked the Smallmouth Bass fishing into overdrive!  Top Water Bass Fishing has been excellent the past few days!  These Michigan guided fishing trips are fun, and fast paced with tons of fish CATCHING!  During July and August, the Muskegon River offers World Class Smallmouth Bass fishing. Local Lakes offer very good pan fish, Blue Gills, Crappie, and Rock Bass.  These are excellent light tackle trips for children and adults alike. Just makes for an excellent, fun filled, catching trip on the water! 
Text to Book>>> (231) 519-7349

Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides

Michigan Pan Fish Fishing
Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Muskegon River Smallmouth
Smallmouth Bass fishing has been excellent! Hot weather has Smallmouth on the Feed big time! Top Water Action.

Top water action for Michigan Smallmouth Bass. Summer is finally here, along with warmer weather, comes great Smallmouth Bass fishing in Michigan. Crank baits, top water and soft plastics are producing good numbers of Smallmouth bass on the Muskegon River. We have also been landing a few nice Walleye, and Northern Pike as well. 

Michigan Smallmouth Fishing - Muskegon River Smallmouth
Crappie Fishing Michigan
Michigan Crappie Fishing has been excellent over the past several weeks. Spawn is in full swing now.

With the Pan Fish Spawn going on now, good numbers of Blue Gill, Crappie, Rock Bass, and larger Yellow Perch are being caught on our Pan fish trips. Tiny, soft plastic tube jigs, little Nipper jigs, and hair jigs are all producing limits of big Blue Gills and Crappie.  Pan fishing is excellent throughout the summer months.  During this hot and humid weather, the Smallie fishing is very good.  The hotter, the better for Smallmouth Bass in Michigan.

Michigan PanFishing Guides - Crappie Fishing Guides
Summertime also produces some big Trout below the Croton Dam, Muskegon River.
Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Smallmouth Bass Fishing is on fire right now!! Hot and humid weather makes for and excellent crank bait and top water bite. Buzz baits are king! Big spinnerbaits and soft plastics are also fishing well.

Michigan Fishing Reports – (231) 519-7348

Michigan Fishing Reports – Updated Steelhead Fishing Reports for Michigan’s Muskegon River, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee. (231) 519-7348

Michigan Fishing Reports _ Steelhead

We are starting to see good numbers of Spring Steelhead throughout the Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee, and Grand Rivers. Longer daylight, warmer weather, and perfect water levels, have all made for excellent steelhead fishing conditions. Spring Steelhead fishing should remain excellent for the next several weeks.

Michigan Fishing Reports - Steelhead
Both Fly Fishing and spinning gear have been very productive for Spring Steelhead. Fly Fishing with Stone flies, egg patterns, and green caddis have all be very productive. Float fishing with spinning tackle has also been excellent. Trout Beads and small, natural spawn sacks have all been working well, catching a good mix of steelhead, rainbow trout, brown trout, and an occasional walleye.  Visit our Rates tab to Book an adventure now!  

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Tippy Dam Steelhead Fishing Reports

Prime Time Steelhead Fishing Now on the Muskegon & Manistee River.

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Tippy Dam Steelhead Fishing Reports

Chrome is here! Starting to see good numbers of Steelhead behind the spawning salmon.

Michigan Fishing Reports – Updated Steelhead Fishing Reports for Michigan’s Muskegon River, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee. (231) 519-7348

Steelhead fishing is starting to kick into high gear! The Big Manistee and the Muskegon River are now both starting to get fishable numbers of Michigan Steelhead. King salmon are heavily spawning and salmon eggs make for easy meals for Fall Steelhead. Look for Steelhead to be most active behind the table top spawning flats with Kings on gravel. Both Trout and Steelhead actively feed on eggs and nymphs being spawning Chinook Salmon.

Most effective patterns for Steelhead have been Trout beads that resemble King Salmon eggs. Natural colored beads seem to be working the best lately with the clear water conditions. Spawn sacks, crank baits, and swung flies all work well for Steelhead during the fall months, Look for lots of chrome Steelhead entering the river during the next significate rain. The last week of October is always the best steelhead fishing of the year for the Muskegon River. Leaf season is also over so steelhead fishing is much easier now, most of the leaves have passed through.

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Tippy Dam Steelhead Fishing Reports

Fat and Sassy! Larger Steelhead this season. Big Kings and Big Steelhead. Looking forward to more silver fish.  Michigan Fishing Reports

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Tippy Dam Steelhead Fishing Reports

Bead fishing for Michigan Fall Steelhead has been excellent! More Steelhead entering the river daily. Michigan Fishing Reports

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