6 Useful Tips for Catching a Steelhead Fish

6 Useful Tips for Catching a Steelhead Fish

Steelhead is well-known for escaping even the most experienced anglers. Which is why, it is considered as the ultimate game fish by many. That’s what people like about fishing. The more challenging it is, more thrilling it gets. So, if you are looking for some fishing challenges, steelhead is your ultimate trophy.

Steelhead is a type of rainbow trout and is very smart. It almost impossible to catch. Almost. But, with the right trick, technique and gears, you can catch this famous fish. It doesn’t really matter whether you are an experienced anger or beginner, steelhead fishing is for everyone. For the best experience, hire a guided fishing service. You will get to learn a lot about the fishing techniques and you are sure to catch one steelhead at least.

Here are some FAQs about steelhead fishing to help you in making your fishing trip a success:

1. Are Steelhead and Rainbow Trout Same?

Yes and no. Yes, rainbow trout and steelhead are same species and belong to the salmon family. But they have different lifestyle. Steelhead can be found both in Seawater and freshwater as they spend a part of their life in sea and another part in freshwater. They both have different appearance. Rainbow trout as the name suggest are more colorful than steelhead, which mostly come in silvery and brass colors. Steelhead is larger in size as they spend more time in seawater as opposed to trout that spends most of its time on brackish or fresh water.

2. What is the Best Bait for Catching a Steelhead?

When you are fishing for steelhead, using the right bait is the key. You can choose from a wide range of baits, such as egg sacks, skein, minnows, single eggs, wax worms, nightcrawlers, and maggots. You can also use artificial baits and lures. They work too. Any type of bait can work, but some more efficient than the others like eggs. It’s their one of the favorite foods and using it may provide better results. Using artificial bait can be a great option as you can use it again and again. It will save cost. At the same time, use baits that are larger in size. Larger steelhead would be more interested in larger bait as their food requirement is more. Use baits depending on the size of the steelhead available in the area.

3. Do you Need steelhead fishing reports?

Steelhead fishing reports can play a major role in helping you catch the fish. It provides vital information like weather condition, availability of fish, water temperature, and behavior of the fish among various other things. All these things can help you in your fishing trip. First, the weather is important so that you are stuck somewhere because of a bad weather condition. Second, there are such things as perfect time and perfect place for fishing. So, you need to know when is the right time to go for sportfishing.

4. What is the best Technique to Bring Steelhead to the Surface?

Steelhead like to stay at the bottom in the current. Which means, you have to attract it attention so it can come to the surface. One of the best techniques is to bobber or jig fish. In this technique, a bright colored jig is dangled under the float in the area were the fish are available. They are usually attracted by the color and all the jigging. This will make them come to the surface to grab that jig. When they grab the jig, the bobber gets pulled down and then you can hook the fish. This is an efficient method that works when you are trying to catch a fish like steelhead.

5. What is the Best Time to go for Steelhead Fishing?

In some areas you can fish for steelhead anytime of the year, but Spring is considered as the best time. Starting from mid-fall to early spring, you can plan your steelhead fishing trip. Late September and early October are the times when you can enjoy steelhead fishing. Make sure to check the steelhead fishing reports so that you have all the stats you need for planning a successful steelhead fishing trip.

6. Do you need Fishing Guide?

Fishing guides can help you plan your fishing trip more efficiently. They provide boat, fishing gears and steelhead fishing reports. All these are important for planning a fishing trip. The benefit of hiring a fishing guide is that you can learn a lot of things from them. Even if you are an experienced angler, you can learn many trips and techniques that are new. Plus, it is hassle-free and relaxing when you don’t have to bring your own boar or gears.

The Bottom-line

Steelhead is one of the most popular fishing games. They are not easy to catch and offer challenge that many anglers love. Things like steelhead fishing reports, techniques, and fishing guides can help you plan a successful fishing trip. Make sure to bring the right gears and do some research so that you can catch steelhead successfully.

Betts Guide Service offers guided fishing trips. We provide steelhead fishing reports, boat and fishing gears so that you can enjoy your fishing trip without any hassle. We have been providing guided fishing trips for years and can make your trip a success. Our fishing guides will help you learn the technique of catching a trout like steelhead.

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How to Stay Safe While on a Fishing Trip with Family & Friends

How to Stay Safe While on a Fishing Trip with Family & Friends

Fishing is a very popular hobby in U.S. And, you can make it a family trip to enjoy a relaxing day with your loved ones. It will give you the chance to get out and have fun in the nature. It’s an activity that many people can take part in and enjoy a great experience.

While you are enjoying your family fishing trip, you also need to be careful. Staying safe while fishing is important for everyone whether you are alone or in a group. There are a few fishing safety rules that you can follow and keep everyone safe. It will make the whole experience a lot better. You can also hire a fishing guide service to make it a hassle-free trip.

Here are some fishing safety tips you can follow to enjoy a carefree fishing experience with your family:

  • Wear your Safety Jacket

If you are fishing on a boat, make sure that everyone is wearing a safety jacket. This is the most important rules of all. Whether you are fishing in a river or lake, follow this safety rule to keep everyone safe. This rule is especially important if you have kids onboard. With all the fun and excitement, you can never tell what might happen. To avoid any accident, wear the life jacket throughout the fishing trip. The parents should also wear it to set an example for the kids. It doesn’t matter if you know how to swim. Wearing your safety jacket is a must.

  • Fishing Reports

It is important to consider fishing reports before planning your trip. The natural environment is prone to changing and you don’t want to end up going fishing on a bad weather day. For instance, steelhead fishing reports can help you plan a trip with information like weather, water level, water temperature, behavior of the steelhead and their availability.

It will save you a lot of time and effort. Weather can change and make the water dangerous for outing. You don’t want to be caught in rain. Read fishing reports before you set out so that you can enjoy a great fishing trip with your family.

  • Follow the Local Rules

When it comes to fishing, you have to respect the rules and regulations of the place. Be aware of restrictions and permits needed to fish. This will ensure that you have hassle-free fishing experience. Don’t fish in the areas where it’s strictly prohibited. Some areas are prohibited to protect the wildlife, water or for your own safety. Before setting out, checkout the areas available for fishing. You can get them from fishing reports.

If you are going for a steelhead fishing trip, steelhead fishing reports can help you find the right time and location for fishing. Consult the local authority and make sure that you are following all the rules. It will help you stay safe and secure during your family fishing trip.

  • Bring all the Fishing Gears

When you are fishing for species like steelhead, you need to have the right gears. It is important for safety purpose too. Steelhead is a type of trout fish and they are known for their vigorous nature. They are not very easy to catch and you must have the right gears like fishing rod, lines, baits and accessories.

Other important accessories include fishing jacket for keeping your things secure, right shoes, hat for protection, sunglasses and water. Water is very important while you are fishing. You can hardly expect the river or lake water to be safe enough to drink. If you have kids on the boat, you must have enough drinking water with you.

If you want to make it super easy, try all-inclusive fishing guide service.


  • Proper Clothing is Needed

When you are on a fishing trip, it is important that you have the right clothing. Wear something that will keep you safe from sun, wind and may be a slight rain. Wear SPF sunscreen to protect your skin. At the same time, bring insect repellents to ward of insects and mosquitoes. Layer your clothing for better protection starting with thinner clothes and ending with a jacket. This way, you can easily remove or add the outer layers as per the use.

The Bottom-line

These are some of the best safety methods you can follow to stay during your fishing trip with the family. Following safety rules are very important and you need to make sure that you are prepared for the trip. Enjoy fishing with your family and friends and stay safe.

Betts Guide Service offers Guided Fishing Trips for families and experienced anglers. We provide complete fishing solution with fishing gears and boats and a team of experienced guides. They will help you catch trout, which are not easy to catch. With the help of our steelhead fishing reports, you can plan a great fishing trip.

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What is Fishing Tackle & What you Need it for Smallmouth Fishing

What is Fishing Tackle & What you Need it for Smallmouth Fishing

Going fishing? Do you have the right tackle? If the term is confusing you, there is nothing to worry about. It simply refers to the equipment or a box of gears you need to fish. Almost all types of fishing equipment can be called as tackle. In commercial terms, it’s called gears. But if you are fishing for recreational purpose, you will mostly hear about the tackle.

And, if you planning a Michigan smallmouth fishing trip, you definitely need the right tackle. The type of fishing equipment you use will depend on the technique. As you there are many fishing techniques like fly fishing and bait casting, spin fishing and trolling. Fly fishing popular method for fishing in the river water.

Knowing about tackle is important for the beginners. It will help your fishing technique and make you an efficient angler.

What is Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle is set of gears, tools or equipment used for fishing. While there are so many tackles you can use, some are the very important and cannot be ignored like lines, hooks. and sinker. Apart from these, you will also need other equipment too like floats, baits, lures, roads, wades, and boxes. When you put them in a box or a container, you simply call it a tackle box.

Anglers need their tackle box to fish efficiently. It is important that the box is up to date and has all the important gears for fishing. Which is why you need to know about the various fishing gears you need.

What are the things you in your Tackle Box for Smallmouth Bass fishing?

Michigan smallmouth fishing is an exciting time for anglers. Like trout and steelhead, the smallmouth small too is not an easy fish to catch. You have to outsmart them too. With the right technique and equipment, you can easily catch the prized fish.

But before you go fishing for smallmouth, you need to ensure that you have all the things you need in your tackle box.

Here are some of the must-haves for smallmouth bass fishing trip in Michigan:

  • Extra Hooks

No matter what type of fishing you are interested in, always carry extra hooks. This will help you stay prepared for catching all types of fish. But, if you are going for smallmouth bass fishing, you need the right hook. Some of the best types of hooks are the drop shot hook and extra wide gap hook. The type of hook you use will depend on the technique you will be using and your preference.

  • Extra Lines

Just like extra hooks, you will also need extra lines. You can never tell when your lines may get stuck in the log or something and break. You need to be prepared for this. Extra lines will help you quickly get on with fishing and catch that smallmouth bass you want. choose fishing lines as per the place, weather condition and surroundings.

  • Lures

You need lures to attract the smallmouth. Make sure that you have the right lures. You can use artificial lures to attract the fish you want to catch. You can then use the lures once again. Use the lures as per the type of fish you want to catch. For instance, if you are aiming for a big smallmouth bass, then choose a bigger lure. Bigger fish need bigger prey as their food requirement is different than small fish.

  • Sinkers

Your hook and lures will not stay under water on their own. You need some weight to make them sink and that is when you need sinkers. Most of the sinkers are made of lead, but you can use steel and brass as well. You must have extra sinkers in your fishing tackle box so that you have a back-up.

The Bottom-line

Fishing tackle is important for anglers as it helps them catch the fish they way. It should contain all the equipment you need for fishing efficiently for a smallmouth bass. Make sure that you have all the things you need for Michigan smallmouth fishing trip.

Don’t want to be bothered with all the fishing equipment? Betts Guide Service is just for you. Our all-inclusive guided fishing service includes fishing gears, a boat and a guide. You can easily plan a fishing trip with your family and enjoy fishing with us. Learn from the experienced fishing guides and improve your fishing techniques. Text to Book now – (231) 519-7348

Pere Marquette River Salmon Fishing Report

Pere Marquette River Fishing Reports
(2/2/20) Steelhead Fishing on the lower Pere Marquette River has been fishing very well.  Bright Steelhead have been coming through Ludington, into Custer and Scottville.  Spring Steelhead fishing should remain excellent during late February and March. Float fishing with beads and spawn continues to produce the most fish.  Fly Fishing with Black Stone flies are also producing.   Click here to Book Now or text to Book >> (231) 750-0673

(9/6/19) Pere Marquette River Salmon Fishing is now in full swing.  High Concentrations of King Salmon in the “Flies Only” Section of the Pere Marquette River.  Lots of fish are visible on gravel, spawning, with many fresh fish still in the holes and runs.  Many salmon continuing to move the the Lower, Custer to Indian Bridge.  Taylor Road continues to fish well with lots of fish on gravel.  High water has made wading difficult this year.  Please be careful and use a wading staff.    Best flies for salmon, Egg Sucking Leech, Black Stone Fly, Trout Beads, Snelled black yarn on Daichii Hooks. Deep Junior Thunder Sticks.  Skein under a float.   All of these are working for salmon. 

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Pere Marquette Salmon Fishing Guides_ Michigan DNR Reports
Salmon fishing on the Lower Pere Marquette River has been excellent!! Good numbers of bring chrome King Salmon.

Possibly one of the best salmon runs of recent years!! Huge King Salmon this year, with decent numbers as well. It continues to improve. Michigan Salmon.

Salmon Pere Marquette River Reports
Salmon fishing on the Pere Marquette River.
Custer King Salmon _ Pere Marquette River
Custer King Salmon PM River

Pere Marquette River is now fishing very well. Indian Bridge, Custer, Scottville, and Twin Bridges are all fishing well. Good numbers of salmon now traveling through the Pere Marquette River system. Main push of salmon in now in the system. Look for great salmon fishing over the next several weeks.  Betts Guide Service – We will hook you up!!


Manistee River Salmon Fishing
Nathan jigged up this beautiful Pere Marquette Lake King Salmon. Starting to see some really nice fish entering the river.
Manistee River Salmon Fishing
We're starting to see good numbers of King Salmon on Pere Marquette Lake. Custer - Scottville is also starting to have good salmon movement through the lower sections.
Manistee River Salmon Fishing

Strong North East winds have caused Lake Michigan to “Flip” brings cold water against the coast of Ludington and Manistee.  Good numbers of Michigan King Salmon are now beginning to move through the lower Pere Marquette River. Most fish should enter daily.  Casting Thunder sticks and skein fishing has been the most productive for early salmon. Salmon season is well on it’s way, the main migration of Pere Marquette Salmon has entered the harbors.

Pere Marquette River Salmon Fishing
King Salmon Jigging Trips have been producing some very nice fish. Starting to see Kings moving into the river mouth. Salmon Fishing is now starting to get good!
Michigan Salmon Fishing - Pere Marquette River
Pere Marquette River Fishing Report – Fly Fishing trout on the Pere  Marquette River has been the name of the game!  We’re in a transition time between Steelhead and trophy Brown Trout. Steelhead numbers are starting to wane, while warmer weather is just starting to get the trout on the feed.  Good fishing ahead for May and June on the PM River. Text to Book >>> (231) 750-0673
Michigan Trout Fishing - Trout Reports MI
Pere River Trout Fishing Michigan
Trophy Brown Trout Fishing on the Pere Marquette River. May offers excellent trout fishing!

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report

Larger Streamers have been working well for us, especially after a rain with a little color in the water.Resident Brown trout feed heavily on Steelhead – Salmon fry during this time of year.  It’s still pretty early for hatches so eggs and steelhead fry are the main food sources. Stripping streamers against the bank or log jams have been the best.  Some chasers come over the sand from the depths, it just depends on the day.  We’ve also seen many drop back (post spawn steelhead)  These fish are biters and jump high, and fight hard! 

Casting Cranks for Steelhead – We have been doing very well casting 1/4oz Storm Hot-n-tot Crankbaits for Spring Steelhead. The hits from these fish are unreal!! Bone crushing hits while casting cranks for steelhead. Indian Bridge, Custer, and Scottville offer the best opportunities for casting cranks for Steelhead. Hot-n-tots in metallic colors seem to work best for steelhead. Gold body with orange back has been the most productive so far. Any metallic color seems to work well. Mag Lips have been good also.

Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing Report

Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing _ Michigan

Casting Cranks For Steelhead has been going well. Chrome Bullets hammer a well placed plug! Bright lures – Bright Fish!

Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing _ Michigan

Andy with a very nice bead muncher. Beads have also been fishing well for Spring Steelhead on the Lower PM River.

Pere Marquette River Salmon - PM Salmon Guides

Match the hatch – King Salmon eggs provided food for trout and steelhead on the Pere Marquette River.

Pere MarquetteRiver Fall Steelhead - Steelhead Guides- MI

Casting Hot-n-Tots definitely paid off big time today! Jim with a chrome to start us off.

Michigan Pere Marquette River Steelhead - PM Fishing Report

Bead fishing remains strong. Steelhead key on King Salmon eggs big time. Match the hatch.

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report - Steelhead Fishing MI

Good Numbers of Steelhead in the Pere Marquette River near Scottville. Bead Fishing Steelhead.


King Salmon Fly Fishing – Good numbers of King Salmon in the Upper Flies Only Section of the Pere Marquette River near Baldwin, Michigan. Both Trout and Steelhead have been feeding heavily on salmon spawn. Steelhead usually sit behind the spawning salmon in the deeper pockets. Holding in the dark water behind the gravel.

Best Fly patterns : Pere Marquette River Flies Only section have been natural colored nuke eggs, glo-bugs, Hexagenia nymphs, and green Caddis Larvae. Trout beads also work well but are prohibited in this section of the river. In the middle sections of the Pere Marquette, trout beads work very well and replicate salmon eggs perfectly.

Casting Cranks for Steelhead – We have been doing very well casting 1/4oz Storm Hot-n-tot Crankbaits for Spring Steelhead. The hits from these fish are unreal!! Bone crushing hits while casting cranks for steelhead. Indian Bridge, Custer, and Scottville offer the best opportunities for casting cranks for Steelhead. Hot-n-tots in metallic colors seem to work best for steelhead. Gold body with orange back has been the most productive so far. Any metallic color seems to work well. Mag Lips have been good also.

Michigan Salmon Fishing Reports ~ Salmon Trips


We are now heading into peak week for salmon on the Big Manistee River. Lots and lots of salmon everywhere on the Big Manistee River. Good numbers of larger, King Salmon this season with a decent amount of Coho as well. . Much larger average size this year. We are also starting to land a few steelhead each day. Also hitting a few Lake Trout below the coffer at Tippy Dam.

Salmon fishing is going strong on the Big Manistee and Muskegon Rivers in Michigan. Good catches of Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead.

Good numbers of King Salmon on the Big Manistee River. Michigan King Salmon Guides.

Go big or go home!! John landed this beast – His first Michigan, Pere Marquette River Salmon!!

Floats & Skein on the Big Manistee River. Salmon fishing up North has been excellent! Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing – Guided Salmon.

Nothing beats working for it! In a sea full of salmon, nothing is better than finding the dime piece!! New Steelhead starting to show up!

Tippy Dam salmon are rockin in full tilt!! Good numbers of both King and Coho Salmon. Lots of fish with lots more coming.

We are starting to see big numbers of both King Salmon, and Coho Salmon on the Big Manistee and Pere Marquette Rivers. Michigan Salmon Fishing is in full swing now!

King and Coho Salmon are excellent table fare. We allow our clients to keep a limit of salmon per day. (5) Salmon per angler on the Manistee River.

October 11th – Michigan Salmon Fishing Report – Big Manistee River & Muskegon River

Big Manistee River: Tippy Dam is now starting to have good numbers of both King and Coho Salmon. Big numbers of Coho above the coffer at Tippy. A few of the salmon are beginning to hit gravel and spawn. Things are running behind schedule with the heat last week. Look for peak salmon season in mid to late October this year. Fishing is now just starting to get good!

Some of the creek mouths have good numbers of Coho salmon. Manistee River has been hit or miss with big pushes of fish moving through at times. Water levels are great right now for good salmon movement. Crank bait fishing (Thunder sticks) has been consistently good during the mornings. Skein fishing behind log jams has been good during the day. Red and pink producing the most fish. Some Steelhead also beginning to come in near Insta Launch.

Pere Marquette River Salmon: Most of the numbers of King Salmon have moved into the Upper Pere Marquette River- “Flies Only” Section. Incredible numbers of fish in the holes, with spawning salmon on gravel. Taylor Road, Upper to Walhalla, Barothy’s, and Rainbow Rapids to Sulac is loaded with salmon. Upper and Lower flies only water is also fishing very well. Stone flies, eggs patterns, leeches, and fry patterns are all producing fish. White / Chartreuse streamers in the morning.

Muskegon River Salmon Fishing Report:(10/11) Cooler water temperatures and rain has helped bring in more salmon to the Muskegon River. Pods of fish are finally starting to move. A big push finally moved through Muskegon River and entered the river. There was a slight concentration above Thornapple in the “Pipe hole”, and a small pocket below the clay banks near Boat house. End of story, not much going on. Water temperature is still in the low 70’s. Too warm for salmon. Maybe a week or so and cold nights may bring up a few more Muskegon River salmon. I wouldn’t expect fishable numbers of salmon until mid October.

Here are our open Michigan Salmon Fishing Dates for the Manistee River (Below Tippy Dam) or the Muskegon River (Near Newaygo). Guided Salmon Trips are all Inclusive, Includes all the gear, tackle, rods, reels that you may need. Heck, We’ll even clean your salmon for you!

It’s should be an outstanding season with some really large fish this year. We are also expecting massive Coho Salmon migration later October, on the Big Manistee River – Fall Salmon Season.
Michigan Salmon Fishing Reports.

Full Day (8 hr Day) $395 ~ Half Day (4.5hrs) $295 (Two Anglers) ~ Text to Book>> (231) 519-7348 ​

Jigging. Casting. Float Fishing. We are gettin’ em!! Michigan Salmon Guides.

Good Numbers of Michigan King Salmon in the Pere Marquette, Muskegon, and the Big Manistee River. Michigan Salmon Fishing.

Salmon trips have been going well. Good numbers of salmon so far and they are huge this year!! If you get one, it will be big!! Scattered shots of salmon pushing in from the Lake. Both Pere Marquette Lake and Manistee Lake are starting to fill in. We are doing both jigging trips, and floats and skein for King Salmon in Michigan.

Lake Michigan’s water temperature in Ludington last night was 47.6 degrees. Definitely a lake flip to bring in fresh salmon into the Pere Marquette River. This is our second big Push of Kings to happen before Labor Day.

Trickle charge of salmon entering Pere Marquette Lake and River. Manistee Lake is also starting to load up. Michigan Salmon are large this year, I’ve heard of several 30 lb King Salmon landed off Manistee. It’s about to bust lose! Here are our available Michigan salmon fishing dates listed below.

(8 hrs) $295 half day. (4.5hrs)

Thomas with a gorgeous salmon from the Pere Marquette River mouth in Ludington.

Starting to see good numbers of salmon in Pere Marquette Lake. Some salmon are entering the river. Early Season King Salmon.

Salmon are lots of fun! Good numbers starting to enter the rivers. Michigan Salmon Fishing. Pere Marquette Lake and Manistee Lake have good numbers of fresh King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Skamania Steelhead, Lake Trout, and Fall Steelhead. Fishing Should be excellent this fall.

This year class of Salmon are in very good condition. Fat and healthy. Great table fare for sure!

Michigan King Salmon on the brain!

Michigan Salmon Fishing Dates available for the Pere Marquette, Muskegon, and Big Manistee Rivers. ($395 / 2 anglers) All inclusive guided Michigan Salmon Fishing River Trips.

Michigan Salmon Fishing Guides – We’re very excited about the up coming 2018 Fall Salmon Season on the Pere Marquette and Big Manistee Rivers. We have a limited, 5 guide boats available for salmon fishing.

Guided Salmon Trips are $395. Half days are $295. Per two anglers.

** A third angler may be added to any trip for an additional $100. (Two angler fish at a time)

It’s should be an outstanding season with some really large fish this year. We are also expecting a massive Coho Salmon migration on the Big Manistee River – Fall Salmon Season. Michigan Salmon Fishing Reports.

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Bobbers & Skein on the Lower Pere Marquette River. Rockin those big Kings!

Skein Ballin’ the Lower Pere Marquette River.
One of our most popular guided fishing trips is fishing King Salmon on the Lower Pere Marquette River. Drifting Skein (Fresh Salmon Eggs) From Indian Bridge to Scottville is a very productive method of salmon fishing. Bait Casters, Center pinning, or spin fishing works very well. King Salmon actually BITE salmon eggs under a float!! (Yes, I said bite salmon eggs) Salmon bite skein like a blue gill, followed by a hook set that sounds like a Muzzy broad head through a rib cage. No holds barred – Hand to hand combat with Michigan’s King Salmon. The Woodland Chinook of the Pere Marquette River.