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Michigan Winter Steelhead Guides
Michigan Steelhead Fishing Guides

Much more mild than normal, Winter tempratures have offered anglers some great Steelhead fishing oppertunities. The Muskegon and Manistee Rivers has had excellent migrations of Fall and Winter Steelhead, with fresh Steelhead entering from the lake daily. 

Trout Beads, Spawn Sack, Jigs with Waxworms, all fishing well. 

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Manistee River below Tippy Dam, has been fishing extremely well.  Good numbers good, clean Fresh King Salmon, have loaded up on the gravel shoals.   Absolutely, lots of salmon!  Steelhead are also starting to show up in good numbers.  Recent rains from this week, have brought in a lot of new fish as well.   Things are look good, as late October is super prime time for the Big Manistee River King Salmon fishing in Michigan. 

Big Manistee River Salmon and Steelhead – Guided Fishing Adventures in Western Michigan. 

Michigan Trout Fishing Reports
Michigan Trout Fishing Reports

Hatch Master’s Evening Special – 5pm -10pm 

Fly Fishing Evening (After work) Special for two anglers – Muskegon River 
( $295 for two anglers – 4.5 hours )

Both Trout fishing, and Smallmouth are going strong on the Muskegon River. Gravel redds on the Muskegon River continue to have Red Horse Suckers, and Great Lakes Suckers spawning on the gravel shoals.  King Salmon Fry (Salmon Smolt) are the main food source in the river at this time. Sucker Spawn for trophy Brown Trout is coming soon.  

Morning Spinning Brown Trout – Smallmouth Bass Trips 
Trophy Brown Trout on crank baits – Smallmouth Bass on soft plastics. 
7am – Noon ~ ($295 for two anglers) 
All inclusive guided fishing on the Muskegon & Big Manistee Rivers. 

     We are very excited to be able to resume guiding at this time.  Both Steelhead and Trout trips are now available.  If you had a deposit from April, you may now float it to a new date.  Now is also a great time to book a Michigan Fall Salmon trip as well.  Many of our rescheduled trips have moved to September and October.  Its a good time to get on the salmon calendar now.  

     We look forward to fishing will you. Thanks for the helping us get through this!!  

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Michigan Trout Fishing Report – Trout fishing on the Mighty Muskegon River and Big Manistee River, has been going well. Good numbers over both winter hold overs, (12″ – 18′) and this year’s recently stocked hatchery Michigan Trout. (8″ – 10″) Plentiful Trout makes for a really great day of guided fishing with constant activity. Lots of Trout, and lots of catching.  Both morning (light Spinning tackle) and afternoon-evening trips are going well. 

Michigan Trout Fishing Reports
Trophy Trout are available during May. The Muskegon River Sucker Spawn attracts huge trout!
Michigan Trout Fishing Report
May and June offer the best times for larger, trophy Muskegon River Trout.

A variety of techniques have been working very well for Michigan Trout fishing. The best techique for Trout has been casting spinners on light spinning tackle. This technique in not a big fish trick but, more a less a numbers gig. Great for kids, (We pinch the barbs down, barbless) Because it’s much safer, and doesn’t injure the Steelhead and Salmon Smolt that we catch. I’m personally a fan of barbless hooks for Trout.  Tons of Trout are caught so it’s not a big deal to lose a few.  This in an excellent trip to introduce kids into river Trout fishing. 

Michigan Trout Fishing - Trout Reports MI
Muskegon River Sucker Spawn.
Michigan Trout Fishing Reports
Summertime Trout Fishing on the Muskegon River.

We are offering all inclusive, guided Trout Fishing Trips for the Full Day for $350 ( $50 Discount for Summer) and the evening “Hatch Master’s Special, evening dry fly Trout fishing trip.  (4pm – 9pm) for $250 – Evening Trips. 
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Michigan Smallmouth Bass & PanFish Fishing Report

Northern Pike Michigan Fishing
The hotter the better!! Smallmouth Bass (And Pike) in Michigan absolutely love hot weather. The top water bite has been incredible lately.

Hot Weather has kicked the Smallmouth Bass fishing into overdrive!  Top Water Bass Fishing has been excellent the past few days!  These Michigan guided fishing trips are fun, and fast paced with tons of fish CATCHING!  During July and August, the Muskegon River offers World Class Smallmouth Bass fishing. Local Lakes offer very good pan fish, Blue Gills, Crappie, and Rock Bass.  These are excellent light tackle trips for children and adults alike. Just makes for an excellent, fun filled, catching trip on the water! 
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Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides

Michigan Pan Fish Fishing
Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Muskegon River Smallmouth
Smallmouth Bass fishing has been excellent! Hot weather has Smallmouth on the Feed big time! Top Water Action.

Top water action for Michigan Smallmouth Bass. Summer is finally here, along with warmer weather, comes great Smallmouth Bass fishing in Michigan. Crank baits, top water and soft plastics are producing good numbers of Smallmouth bass on the Muskegon River. We have also been landing a few nice Walleye, and Northern Pike as well. 

Michigan Smallmouth Fishing - Muskegon River Smallmouth
Crappie Fishing Michigan
Michigan Crappie Fishing has been excellent over the past several weeks. Spawn is in full swing now.

With the Pan Fish Spawn going on now, good numbers of Blue Gill, Crappie, Rock Bass, and larger Yellow Perch are being caught on our Pan fish trips. Tiny, soft plastic tube jigs, little Nipper jigs, and hair jigs are all producing limits of big Blue Gills and Crappie.  Pan fishing is excellent throughout the summer months.  During this hot and humid weather, the Smallie fishing is very good.  The hotter, the better for Smallmouth Bass in Michigan.

Michigan PanFishing Guides - Crappie Fishing Guides
Summertime also produces some big Trout below the Croton Dam, Muskegon River.
Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Smallmouth Bass Fishing is on fire right now!! Hot and humid weather makes for and excellent crank bait and top water bite. Buzz baits are king! Big spinnerbaits and soft plastics are also fishing well.

Michigan Fishing Reports Trout – (231) 519-7348

Michigan Trout Fishing Reports

Michigan Trout fishing has been excellent on the Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam.  Muskegon River below Croton Dam is also fishing well. Fly fishing with King Salmon fry have been working well.  May fly hatches are also going strong during the evenings. New Michigan Trout Fishign Regulations, 15″ size limit is making for good numbers, and much larger trout.  Guided Michigan Trout Fishing Reports.  (231) 519-7348 

Muskegon River Brown Trout
Michigan Trout Fishing is on fire right now! Mat is the month for trohpy trout. Streamer fishing, Nymphing, Dry fly fishing . Everything is fishing very well on Michigan Trout Streams.
Tippy Dam Trout Fishing
Muskegon River Sucker Spawn - Big Trout

Michigan Trout Fishing Reports for the Manistee, Pere Marquette, and Muskegon River. Trout fishing is in full swing right now in Michigan. The Muskegon River has the Sucker Spawn which really gets big trout on the feed.  Manistee River below Tippy Day has King Salmon fry hatching by the millions, making for great streamer fishing! Pere Marquette River has excellent Gray Drake hatches this time of year!  Pick your favorite Michigan Trout Stream, They’re all fishing really well at this time!  We look forward to fishing with you!   Text to Book>> (231) 519-7348

Michigan Spring Steelhead Fishing Reports Alex with a beautiful Spring Steelhead from the Muskegon River. Michigan Spring Steelhead Fishing Reports

It looks like a warming trend for next week. The river has had very little fishing pressure over the past couple of weeks, with good numbers of Steelhead in the upper sections.  Croton Dam to Thornapple have been fishing the best.

Trout beads, jigs with wax worms, and spawn continues to fish well for us.

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports Muskegon RiverSteve with a gorgeous buck Steelhead from the Muskegon River near Newaygo. Trophy Spring Steelhead Fishing.
Michigan Spring Steelhead _ Fishing Guides Michigan

Brandon with a plump hen from the Muskegon River. Warmer weather ahead – Should make for some great Michigan  Steelhead fishing!

Michigan Fishing Reports – Spring Steelhead Fishing has been going strong on the Muskegon River. Bright Silver Steelhead have been throughout the mainstream, from the Croton Dam through the Newaygo area. Trout beads & small spawn sacks have been fishing well on light spinning tackle.Spinning Tackle Float fishing has been the best lately. Drifting Trout beads, spawn sacks, or jigs with wax worms has produced the most Muskegon River Steelhead. Text >>> (231) 519-7348

Michigan Steelhead Fishing _ Fishing Guides for Michigan Steelhead

Carl getting a couple while Fly Fishing the Muskegon River. Fry patterns have been fishing well.

White River Brown Trout Arkansas

Trophy Brown Trout from the White River in Arkansas. It’s warm there during the winter, with incredible trout fishing!

We also have Winter reservations available for the White River in Arkansas for January 5th – March 15th for Trophy Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. White River Fishing Guides

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Muskegon River Steelhead - MI

Steelhead seem to be a bit larger this season, healthy, strong fish in the Muskegon River.

Michigan Fall Steelhead Fishing _ Muskegon River - MI

Recent rain has brought in more chrome beauties! November is incredible for Steelhead. (11/2)

Guided Michigan Steelhead Fishing on the Muskegon River and Big Manistee River. All Inclusive Guided Fishing for Steelhead and Trout. Steelhead Fishing Charters throughout the Winter Months. Spring Steelhead Trips are also available

Michigan Steelhead Fishing - Michigan Steelhead Reports - Muskegon River

Lots of bright chrome Spring Steelhead throughout the Muskegon River. Lots more to come!

Fishing Reports for Michigan - Steelhead Guides - MI

Bright Chrome with more on the way! Spring Steelhead just now starting to show in numbers. Fishing should remain strong on all the West Michigan Rivers.

Steelhead Fishing in Michigan - Steelhead Guided Tours - MI

Don with a gorgeous Steelhead from today!! Lots of new fish showing up with the recent rain. Look for good numbers of Steelhead in the near future. (11/1)

White River Fishing Guides Arkansas - Arkansas Trout Fishing - AR

Trout fishing is very good during the Winter months on the White River, Arkansas.

White River Fly Fishing Guides Arkansas Trophy Brown Tout fishing during the winters months, where the weather is warmer, and the trout fishing is World Class for big Browns and plentiful Rainbow trout.

Steelhead fishing has been very good over the past week. We received a bump in the water levels today with the recent rain. That’s a very good sign. Higher water levels should pull a few more Steelhead from Lake Michigan.

The Manistee River is coming in strong so far this season. Tippy Dam seems to have a lot of Fall Steelhead right now! Water conditions have been near perfect to bring in the chrome. Tippy to High Bridge is fishing well due to the concentration of spawning, nearly dead Kings. Trout (bead ) fishing has also been excellent this year below Tippy Dam. Color selection has been the key to unlocking the steelhead. Custom beads have fished the best.

Big Manistee River Fishing Report

Steelhead Fishing Guides Michigan - Muskegon River Fishing Charters

Fishing continues to improve daily. “We provide opportunities for anglers to catch fish!” Newaygo Steelhead Fishing (11/2)

Manistee River Steelhead Fishing - Manistee Tippy Dam Fishing - MI

Zack with a good one! Manistee River below Tippy Dam is fishing well for Fall Steelhead. Bead color has been the key. (10/28)

Muskegon River is a little bit behind but doing alright. Steelhead fishing during the morning has been good. A bump in the water levels would certainly help. Might Mo is running low and gin clear. Most of the Steelhead are parked in the upper section, Croton Dam to Thornapple has been the best. Down Low – Bridgeton to Maple Island have been good a times but mostly hit or miss. Rain would certainly change that.

Muskegon River Fishing Report

Look for Steelhead fishing in Michigan to improve over the next week or so. Fall Steelhead want to move so the next bump in the water levels should bring in the masses. Rain will help the process.

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report

What’s Working Best? Beads, Beads, and More Trout Beads have been the best. Small spawn sacks in lighter colors have been working well. Casting cranks, or the swung fly, both picking off aggressive biters.

Manistee River Steelhead Fishing - Steelhead Guides Manistee - MI Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing - PM River Guides - Steelhead

Bead fishing with spawn is definitely a guide staple for the colder months. Steelhead fishing has been excellent.

Tippy Dam Steelhead Fishing - Manistee Tippy Dam Steelhead - MI Michigan Steelhead Fishing _ Muskegon River Steelhead _ MI

Guided Fall Steelhead Trips are ALL INCLUSIVE on the Muskegon River and Big Manistee. We offer both Full and Half Day guided fishing. Full days ($395) begin around 8am – 4pm. Half Days ($295) are now available during the morning or afternoon. We allow our clients to keep (3) Steelhead per day. Fish Cleaning is included in your trip. All Gear, Tackle, Bait, and Flies are provided at no extra charge.

Please Text to book or click on the Book Now to make a reservation!(231) 519-7348

We also now offer Guided Trophy Trout on the White River in Arkansas. White River Trout Guides

How To, Casting Bead Rig Video For Steelhead How To, Bead Rig Set Up Video For Steelhead

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Smallmouth Bass Shang-Ra-La. Guided Smallmouth fishing on pristine sections of the Muskegon River and other local areas. (June, July, August, September)

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Brown Trout on the brain! Sucker spawn fishing for big trout continues to go well. White Suckers are spawning now in good numbers. (6/5)

Toby and Nate with an awesome Brown Trout from today! We worked for them today but there’s plenty around if you spend the time looking. (5/27)

Bill with one of several nice Trout landed today. Weather and water conditions are perfect right now. Sucker spawn trophy trout. (5/27)

Hatches are going strong right now! Big Brown Trout on the Muskegon River. Gray Drake Spinner fall are also producing some nice fish. Muskegon River Trout Fisheries alliance (6/8)

Giant Muskegon River Brown Trout that we landed on a fry pattern over the holiday weekend. Trout fishing is excellent right now! (5/27)

Brown trout don’t come easy but we were fortunate enough to land a double – Pair of gorgeous Brown Trout from the Muskegon River. (5/27)

We are offering “Hatch Masters” evening hatch trips. $250 5pm – 10pm.

Over the past few days, our main focus has been chasing trophy trout feeding around the spawning Red Horse Suckers in the upper Muskegon River. Big numbers of trout have been feeding on nymphs and sucker’s spawn. Trout fishing should remain excellent for the next several weeks.

Steamer fishing has also been great. Dry flies have been a bit slow so far. water temperatures are still on the cool side for good insect activity. There is still a lot of eggs, both sucker and steelhead, for trout to key in on.

Gray Drake and Sulphers with be the next big and up coming hatch. Early Jun – mid July.

Big Rainbow Trout have also been common during the last couple of outings. Trout have been feeding heavily on nymphs, sucker spawn, and Chinook salmon fry. (5/27)

Brown Trout are the most common this time of year however, there are also plenty of Rainbow trout to be had. Hatches usually bring nice Rainbow trout. (5/27)

Phenomenal Spring Steelhead ~ Muskegon River

Steve with a gorgeous chrome bullet from this morning! A spectacular fight on light spinning tackle. We’re going to have some really big Steelhead this Spring! Muskegon River – Floats / Spawn (4/1)

Steve and Ross with another big buck from today. Higher water levels have brought in the “Magic Carpet Ride” of Chrome Spring Steelhead!! Spring Steelhead Float Fishing (4/1)

Happy Birthday Brad! We had an awesome day on the water with a bunch of fish landed! Higher water has not dampened our spirits and has made from some pretty darn good fishing to say the least! (3/31)

Mad Maxx is back! It’s great to see Frank (Mad Maxx) holding some beautiful Muskegon River Chrome! Frank is a long time friend, and it was great to spend an afternoon with him and his Bother-in-law. We landed some nice steelhead, and a jumbo-tron Brown trout. (3/31)

Muskegon River will not disappoint! “Home of the Chrome!” John displays one of the leading pack of chromers that has just entered the river. There’s sure to be a bunch more where that came from! Great day guys! (3/31)

Mike with his first experience with the “Chrome Dome”. Well played my friend. Changing tactics made for some very good fishing. Drifting stone flies and fry patterns put fish in the net today. Looking forward to more great days ahead. (3/31)

Mike with another nice hen taken on a Mojo sac fry. Fly fishing seems to be working well over the past several day.

Banner day on the Might Muskegon River. Mark and Jill were way into double digits on the lower Muskegon. Floats and spawn was the ticket for low and gin clear water! Ring- a- ring – ding dong! Chromers! Spring steelhead are here! (3/28)

Jill wailed on her share of new fish! Mark had a tough time keeping up with his lady! There were some times Jill was putting on a clinic! Floats and spawn. Newaygo to Anderson’s Flats. Fish moving up! (3/28)

It feels wonderful to start seeing some of these bright girls! Steelhead fishing is really starting to turn on with good numbers of fish entering the lower river. Water has been low and clear making for some great float fishing with spawn! Papa displays one of his nice steelhead from today, a gorgeous, bright hen! (3/26)

Muskegon River fishing continues to be very good with lots of steelhead in the lower river below Newaygo. Fish are on the move with the longer daylight and perfect water flows. Come fish the Muskegon River and make some memories! We are now offering MORNING HALF DAY TRIPS for March and April.

Starting to see some steelhead beginning to spawn in the upper sections near Thornapple and surrounding gravel areas. Despite the cold water temperatures, steelhead are on a biological time clock based on time of year, and length of daylight. Some of our focus has been deep holes in close proximity to gravel.

On certain days, free style nymphing deep water has produced excellent results. (Ed & Jared had an awesome day of fly fishing, landing five beautiful steelhead, and many chunky trout!) Muskegon River Center pin trips.

Over the past few days, fishing has been greatly improved! We are starting to see some much brighter spring steelhead with plenty more on the way! Much needed warmer weather next week! (3/26)

Ron displays a gorgeous chromer. Lower river steelhead are migrating up river towards spawning areas in a big way! “Come and get your fish on!” (3/26)

Bright bullets from the lower river. We are starting to see a lot of beautiful colored chromers! I don’t know about you but, I am definitely ready for warmer weather and spring steelhead! (3/26)

She was a chrome bullet!! Tom with a gorgeous bright hen from today. It’s great to start seeing some spring Steelhead. Muskegon River is starting fish well. (3/25)

Jo hit this colorful hen fishing an “Empie Hex”, a fly that looks like a hex nymph or a hatch fry. Lots of action and day long despite having a few boats around. (3/20)

Lisa with one of many really nice winter -hold over trout. These big rainbows and browns have been very healthy, even after our harsh winter. trout were fun fishing between the steelhead. (3/20)

Jo and Lisa with a nice hen from today. We had a blast fly fishing for steelhead today. The fly bite was actually really good! Egg patterns and fry seemed to do really well on both steelhead and big browns. (3/20)

Rob putting on a clinic today float fishing. Some stunningly bright hens landed today! During the last couple of days, All of our guides have been landing some very respectable numbers of Spring Steelhead. (Rob guided by Kodie) 3/19

Paul landed a plump and respectable hen from today. Our morning started off slow but with weather fronts moving around, afternoon bite was on! (Paul, guided by Chad) 3/19

Mike Craston from Scottland lands a gorgeous buck steelhead on the fly. Trout beads and stone flies are a deadly combination when drifted near the bottom. Who says you can’t land a lot of steelhead while fly fishing in Michigan? (3/16)

Molly had an opportunity to get on the boat this weekend and make a few drifts. She was rewarded with a very plump hen from the lower Muskegon River below Newaygo. New fish on the move! (3/16)

Ron certainly had the hot hard for these fish! Starting to see way more bright Spring steelhead throughout the river. (3/16)

Rick with a colorful male. We experienced some phenomenal fishing over the weekend. Spring is finally here! (3/15)

Jerry with a chrome hen. Lots of new fish entering the river every day. Spring steelhead fishing is going to be fantastic! (3/15)

Quite a day it was! We fished hard, covered water, and made a lot of casts. Well worth the efforts to land a lot of chromers! Joe landed his first steelhead!

Michigan Spring Steelhead Fishing How To Techniques

Michigan Spring Steelhead

Choosing the correct river for Michigan Spring Steelhead can pay big dividends. Croton Dam Steelhead

Late Febuary and March offer some of the best Fishing the Michigan has to offer, before the crowds arrive.

As for being a fishing guide in Western Michigan for nearly 25 years, there are always several reoccurring questions that I often get from clients that are interested in Michigan Spring Steelhead fishing. Probably the most resounding question I get the most often is, What is the best river to fish, and when?
That is a That is a very legitimate question for sure!

Typically, the rule of thumb is to fish from South (Michigan) to North. As a general rule, the rivers in the southern portion of the Michigan warm first, getting the first migrations of Spring Steelhead. Generally the St. Joseph and the Grand River kick off our Michigan Spring Steelhead. This is most often associated with water temperature. Most Steelhead migrations begin around 36 – 38 degrees. Active spawning begins near 42 degrees.

Based on water temperatures, the White River in Hesperia, Rogue River in Rockford, and the Pere Marquette River located in Baldwin, are going strong by late February and early March. I have often witnessed steelhead spawning in these rivers on valentines day if we’ve had a couple warm, sunny days. These rivers are smaller and warm more quickly than the larger rivers, offering early Spring Steelhead fishing.

Spring offers some of the best steelhead fishing in Michigan. Its short but sweet!

Warm sunny days are the best! Ashley with a gorgeous Spring Steelhead in Michigan Muskegon River.

The second set of rivers is a big more complicated, the Big Manistee River, and the Muskegon River located in Newaygo, are a bit more difficult to pin down. Because these rivers are tail water fisheries, the reservoir that holds the water generally has a thick layer of ice on the back water. The ice keeps these rivers much colder than others. Basically, ice cubes in your glass of water keep it cold until the ice melts. These rivers predominately get a big push of steelhead in later march, with peak being later April. The Big Manistee River and the Muskegon River usually have a fishable number of Steelhead until mid to late May, often until Memorial Day.

The third section of Michigan Spring Steelhead rivers are your most Northern rivers, Betsie river, Platt, Borgman River, Elk Rapids, and the St. Mary’s Rapids. These rivers always have later runs of steelhead. The water is clear and cold. The St. Mary’s Rapids has Steelhead well into June. Peak times are just after Memorial Day.

There are no hard, fast rules on choosing what river will be best for Michigan Spring Steelhead Fishing, however, these tips may certainly improve your odds. Paying attention to Spring run off, and water temperatures are your best bet but this list of rivers should also help.

Here are a couple links for Fishing Reports for Michigan Spring Steelhead fishing as well.

Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing Reports

Spring Steelhead on the horizon!


Tony with his first Michigan Steelhead. It was cold and we had a blast! Landed a ton of fish and had a great day on the water! (2/25)

This is why we fish in 14 degree sub artic temperatures! “We came to fish!”

Big, Fat, Giant, Butter Ball Brown Trout on the Muskegon River… All Winter long!

Spencer with a beast! His first Muskegon River Steelhead that he landed – What a beast! (2/20)

Look at this gorgeous bright hen. Stealthy approach and light tippets paid off big time! (2/20)

Becky with one of my pet brown trout from the Henning Park area. Introduction to float fishing 101. We had a blast catching fish and learning a new technique. Fishing remains very good right now and can only improve with warmer weather ahead! (2/17)

Dave with a nice hen. Finding pockets of fish has been the key. floats and spawn. (2/17)

Two beautiful ladies! Just look at that chrome with a big smile! You just gotta love winter steelhead and big fish! (2/17)

Brett with a gorgeous winter steelhead from today. We had an exceptional day on the water with two great guys, Brett and Reese! Bobbers down all day!

Andrew (Possibly the luckiest angler I’ve ever met! Catches giant steelhead every time we fish together!) with a gorgeous winter – spring steelhead! (2/3)

Having fun makes fishing an adventure! Kerry with a nice cookie cutter hen steelhead. Lots of fish and activity to keep you warm. Resident trout and steelhead. (2/2)

Brett breaking the ice with this gorgeous hen. Float fishing on the Muskegon River has been outstanding!

Botta Boom – Botta Bing! Double header on the boondoggle. These guys made quick work of some chromers! (2/14)

Kyle with an absolutely stunning hen from today. Steelhead fishing has been steadily improving! Spring should be incredible with fish like this!! Bottom bouncing Pautke Borax-O-Fire spawn. (2/7)

Fishing Conditions on the Mighty Muskegon River!

(2/26) No doubt the weather lately has been throwing us for a loop here on the Mighty Mo! With that said, fishing has been really good! Warmer weather and rain has got the fish stirred up. The deck has been shuffled. I believe we will start to see winter fish beginning to move upstream.

On many days, covering water and knowing winter locations have been key. Some days waiting them out, or having the sun drop behind the trees. I’ve seen that make a huge difference on certain days!

Sometimes something different has been the key. Some guys like running plugs, Personally, I dig running jigs and wax worms. Change it up and get bit!

With longer days and warmer temperatures, we should start to migrations of spring steelhead.

Another giant step forward is the emergence of late winter stone flies. On several occasions, I have seen small black stone flies on the river’s edge and in the snow covered shoreline. These are a definite sign that spring is on the way along with bright chrome steelhead!

(2/25) The last three days of steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River has been an adventure to say the least! Launches suck with drifts and ice but with a little effort, pays big dividends! The Mighty Mo is a special tail water fishery! The Muskegon River never freezes – We can fish all winter long!

Sometimes fish crush the spawn on the first drift through the run, other times it takes twenty drifts but there is a lot of steelhead in the river system.

Andrew and Jeff experienced some phenomenal steelhead fishing today landing many steelhead and some very respectable trout. These guys put in a full day and fished hard. End result was a great day on the water and double digits brought to the net. Many quality Steelhead landed today.

Our focus today was fishing the slowest moving water we could find. Slow, straight current seemed to be the key. Slowing drifts and keeping the offering close to the bottom. Longer to see it, longer to eat it!

Spring is on the way! In less than a month, We’re going to have chromers entering the river big time! Longer day light naturally brings steelhead into the river no matter what the water temperatures. These fish have the need to spawn and dig gravel.

We’re looking at one of the best fishing springs in over a decade! A much larger year class of Steelhead with fish an average of three pounds or more. The first chance since the 90’s to land an honest 20 pound trophy steelhead. It’s game on for big spring steelhead on the Muskegon River.
“Home of the Chrome!”

Michigan Salmon Fishing Report – (231) 519-7348

Guided Salmon Fishing Trips for Michigan Rivers. Full Day Trips ( 8 hours) $350
Half Day Guided Fishing Tours (4 hours) $250

** All Gear, Tackle, Rods, Reels, Fishing Cleaning Provided**
Super Prime Salmon Dates & Half days available.
October. 16. 18. 19. 22. 24. 25. 26. 27. 29. ( Manistee River Salmon)
Half Day Afternoon salmon trips open almost every day.

10/9 Update: We had a good soaker rain last night in the North country. Water levels spiked and brought a ton of bright salmon in this morning. Lots and lots of bright King and Coho Salmon. We also landed two adult Fall Steelhead today. Should be and excellent Fall Steelhead year!

Tim displays a gorgeous King salmon from today. Cooler weather and rain has made for some exceptional salmon fishing! Fall Steelhead coming soon!

Oh look!! They’re shiny! Bright chrome Coho Salmon – Manistee River Fly Fishing (9/28)

Justin and Katie with a beautiful chrome Michigan King Salmon. (9/11)

Absolutely crazy numbers of both King and Coho Salmon. Afternoon trips are fishing very well.

Salmon fishing has been outstanding over the past week! Great catches of Kings, Coho, and a handful of Brown Trout. Warmer weather should prolong this great salmon season. (9/25)

Coming from New Zealand, these guys had some epic salmon fishing. We caught a bunch of salmon. (9/11)

Casting Thundersticks was on fire this morning. Bright salmon in the river big time! (9/10)

Takuya with a gorgeous buck. We’re hooking lots of salmon in the lower rivers right now. Good numbers of salmon but clients are having a lot of dificulty landing these beasts this year! (I guess that’s a good problem to have?)

Starting to see good numbers of King Salmon in the lower Pere Marquette River. Casting Thunderstick crank baits have been fishing well. Should be an excellent year for salmon with the number of fish that are already in the system. It’s not even Labor Day yet and there’s already a ton of salmon entering the river system.

We are finally starting to see good numbers of salmon in the lower Pere Marquette River. Casting crank baits, Thundersticks, are fishing well. This is the first batch. Lots more to come! (8/16)

Huge Michigan King Salmon this year! Thomas displays a 25 lber from yesterday. (8/13)

Mitch with a nice buck salmon. Fish are big this year! They’re going to be tough to land. (8/16)

Things are looking good for Chinook & Coho Salmon this year. River fish are gonna be big and hard to handle this season! (8/13)

Salmon Fishing Forecast – Manistee River

As we enter mid September, the Pere Marquette River has received most of their Fall salmon for the main run.Chinook salmon will continue to migrate the PM but the main push was around September 15th. Those salmon are on a mission to hit gravel in the fly water near Baldwin. “Flies Only” section of the Pere Marquette should be in full swing during late September. Kings are much later this season so they should be interesting to land on the fly.

Big Manistee River is where it’s at! Big numbers of big fish this season!

The largest push of Kings on the Big Manistee River was in early September. Nearly 20,000 adult Coho salmon entered the river and made their way to the coffer dam at Tippy. There have been a lot of Coho and King Salmon above the coffer dam. Limits have been pretty common with more fish on the way.

Kings are a little behind this year so later September and October should offer some excellent salmon fishing well into late October. Gravel fly fishing should be excellent this fall season.

Following on the shirt tails of the King, Steelhead are close behind! Late October and November should have us craving chrome with a vengeance. Water levels are up in Lake Michigan making for a good fall migration this Fall.

What’s Hot – Best Techniques.

Casting Thundersticks has been the tried and true for the past decade. Fire Tiger and bright chartreuse colors get bit very well in the early morning fog. Bone crushing hits and fierce head shakes keep anglers coming back for this adrenaline rush! Kings love Thundersticks and crank baits. Casting across and down has always worked best in my experience.

Pin to win! During the mid day, floats and skein is always our best guide “Go to” technique when the sun is high and bright, Salmon, both King and Coho love to find deep pools or shady pockets. Floating skein to these fish usually gets them fired up! Change your skein often and keep your bait fresh.

Chuck and Duck Fly Fishing. When salmon go to the gravel, there’s only one way that really gets ’em. Long leaders with a trout bead, followed be a dark stone fly or hex nymph usually gets their attention. Male salmon are designed to fight off predators and protect the nest.(Salmon redd) So intruder patterns such as trhe “Egg Sucking Leech” get salmon to move when nothing else will. Big nymphs or streamers can pay high dividends when you can get the flies directly in front of the spawning salmon.

Main ports like Grand Haven, Muskegon, Ludington, and Manistee are starting to report good catches of King Salmon coming in close along the pier heads and along the beach. It’s unheard of but, our guides have already started catching Kings in Muskegon and Pere Marquette Lake. It’s been years sonce salmon have entered the river this early. We will begin running Salmon trips on the Lower Pere Marquette River starting on August 20th.

Shawn Babcock and Chad Schaub will start running Thunderstick – Skein fishing trips early this year. Guided Salmon Fishing Trips will be available for Aug. 20th – October 20th. These trips include use of our gear, tackle, rods, reels, fish cleaning, etc. Everything is included in our Salmon Trips. We offer both Spinning Gear, and Fly Fishing Tackle later in the season.

Text to Book >>> (231) 519-7348

We are running (5) full time salmon fishing guides this season, and offering two guided trip choices.
Full day Guided trips ($350) are 6:30 – 3pm and Guided half day afternoon trips. ($250)
Afternoon Trips begin at 3:30pm – 8pm.

**(Everything for fishing is included in all trips)**

We do not offer half days in the morning, and the guides may finish the trips a bit early to clean your salmon for you. (You may keep 3 salmon per angler)

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Hot Summertime Fishing – (231) 519-7348

Hatch Master Afternoon Guided Fly Fishing Trout Trips $250 for 2 anglers. (4.5 hrs)

(Guided Spinning Tackle Smallmouth Bass & Trout Trips also available)
Text to Book>>> (231) 519-7348

There’s lots of choices available for anglers during August. Trout fishing at the creek mouths can be excellent, offering shots at trophy Brown Trout and big resident Rainbows, or Caddis hatches in the evenings. Smallmouth Bass can be an outstanding choice for kids. Constant action and lots of bites on Smallmouth trips. We often catch lots of Rock Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and an occasional Tiger Musky! These trips are an action packed, fun day on the river.

Trout fishing during the summer can be great if the weather is right. Lots of rain has made for decent trout fishing.

It’s finally summer in Michigan, with the hot weather comes some great fishing! Smallmouth Bass, Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Musky on Michigan’s Muskegon River. As a guide, I have to change it up a bit. Smallmouth and warm water species make better fishing at this time. Guiding for Trout is always my personal favorite, however, hot summer weather and warm water temps are rough on the Trout fishing and sometimes Smallmouth is a better choice.

King Salmon should be a fishing option soon! Port areas like Ludington, Manistee, and Grand Haven are starting to see good numbers of salmon coming in along the lake shore. Strong North East winds push the cold water against the shoreline bringing with it, Salmon and Steelhead. We will begin salmon trips in late August on the lower Pere Marquette River.Salmon Flies for Michigan.

Fall Salmon Season on the Lower Pere Marquette, Big Manistee, and Muskegon River.

Fall Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River. Float Fishing Destinations for Chrome Steelhead.

EP with a Master Angler Trophy Smallmouth Bass. Bass fishing has been excellent! Late Summer offers the best bass fishing of the year! (7/28)

Muskegon River Trout – Guided Fishing (231) 519-7348

Hatch Master’s Special – Evening Guided Trips for Trout on dry flies. $250 / 2 anglers.
5pm – 10pm

(Guided morning ultra lite spinning fishing tackle trips also available)

** All Gear, Tackle, Rods, Reels, Fishing Cleaning Provided**
Super Prime Spring Steelhead Dates & Half days available.

With the cooler summer so far, Trout fishing and evening hatch fishing has been excellent! Nymphing and dry fly fishing has been productive this season. Caddis have been key. (7/3)

Jess displays a very nice Rainbow Trout taken on the Manistee River below Tippy Dam. (7/3)

Trout fishing on the Muskegon & Manistee River has been excellent! Possibly some of the best, most consistent trout fishing in the mid west, the area below the Tippy Dam boasts some phenomenal trout fishing. Less Rainbow Trout, but piles of very healthy Manistee River Brown Trout. I was very surprised as to number of fish rising to emerging caddis yesterday afternoon. The dry fly fishing was very good. We also caught a ton of trout on soft hackles. Tiny streamers, representing steelhead and sucker fry also fished exceptionally well.
I believe all and all, we’re in for very good trout fishing for the rest of the summer. We offer both guided ultra light spin fishing tackle trips, and guided fly fishing trips on both the Manistee and Muskegon Rivers. All gear, tackle, flies, and baits provided on all guided fishing charters. Text >> (231) 519-7348

Alyssa landed this gorgeous brown trout while fly fishing with sucker spawn patterns. (6/21)

Trout fishing has been excellent at this time. Great fishing with very good hatches. Gray Drake, Caddis, and Sulphers. (6/21)

Dry fly trout fishing is our main focus at this time. Trout on the Muskegon River have been feeding heavily on the numerous insect hatches going on right now. The most prolific are the Cinnamon Sedge Caddis, Gray Drake, and the Isonychia Bicolor. These hatches take place in the afternoon and evenings. The Gray Drake spinner fall takes place right at dusk. These hatches offer some of the best trout fishing in Michigan.

Evening hatch trips have been the most productive.
The river is at a nice level (2000 cfs ) wadeable, and clear with water temps in the 60’s. Large numbers of salmon, steelhead, and sucker fry are present against the shoreline. Sulphurs, gray drake, and caddis are the prime hatches right now. Suckers are also starting to load up which should make for outstanding trout fishing. Muskegon River Trout feed heavily on the eggs of the spawning Red Horse Suckers. The native fish provide a staple food source for our resident brown and rainbow trout.

Over the past several days, Muskegon River Trout fishing has been going well. We’ve been finding larger, hold over trout daily. At least one 20″ plus trout on just about each guided trip. Seems to be good numbers feeding on the sucker spawn. This trend should continue for the next 10 days or so. Trout on the Muskegon River have been feeding heavily on the numerous insect hatches going on right now. The most prolific are the cinnamon sedge caddis and the Gray Drake spinner fall. These hatches take place in the afternoon and evenings.

Guided Salmon Fishing Adventures on the Pere Marquette & Big Manistee River. (August 20th – October 20th)

Guided Salmon Fishing Trips . $300 for 4.5 hrs.

(Light Spinning Tackle – Bait Caster Tackle Salmon Fishing)

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