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Starting to see a lot of insect activity. We landed this nice brown trout on a gray drake spinner (dry fly) Hatches have been good. (6/1)

Mike landed this beauty fishing behind spawning suckers. Great Lakes Suckers are just beginning to spawn. (6/1)

Our main focus now is trout fishing at this time. The river is at a nice level and clear with water temps in the 50s. Large numbers of salmon, steelhead, and sucker fry are present against the shoreline. Sulphurs, gray drake, and caddis are the prime hatches right now. Suckers are also starting to load up which should make for outstanding trout fishing. Muskegon River Trout feed heavily on the eggs of the spawning Red Horse Suckers. The native fish provide a staple food source for our resident brown and rainbow trout.

Trout on the Muskegon River have been feeding heavily on the numerous insect hatches going on right now. The most prolific are the cinnamon sedge caddis and the Gray Drake. These hatches take place in the afternoon and evenings. The Gray Drake spinner fall takes place right at dusk. These hatches offer some of the best trout fishing in Michigan.

Over the past several days, Muskegon River Trout fishing has been going well. We’ve been finding larger, hold over trout daily. At least one 20″ plus trout on just about each guided trip. Seems to be good numbers feeding on the sucker spawn. This trend should continue for the next 10 days or so. Trout on the Muskegon River have been feeding heavily on the numerous insect hatches going on right now. The most prolific are the cinnamon sedge caddis and the Gray Drake spinner fall. These hatches take place in the afternoon and evenings.

Evening Hatch Fishing Trips. $250 for 4.5 hrs.

(Light Spinning Tackle trips also available upon request)

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Ashley displays a gorgeous Muskegon River Brown Trout from the spawn suckers. Sucker spawn is a high protein diet for huge trout.

Toby with a beast of a Brown Trout. This time of years offers the best in Michigan trophy trout.

Nothing in Michigan gets our guides more fired up than the Muskegon River Sucker Spawn Hatch. It’s the true Holy Grail for trophy Brown Trout on the Muskegon River. It’s going on right now! Over 100,000 Red Horse Suckers ascend the Muskegon River searching for the perfect gravel shoals in which to drop loads of liquid yellow gold (sucker Spawn). Trophy Trout follow the suckers into the upper stretches of the Muskegon River near Thornapple, Pine St. and finally the Croton Dam. Its a smorgasbord for the trout, an all you can eat, buffet. Big trout gorge and we are here to chase them!

With fly rods in hand, we hunt these big trout. The largest trout that the Muskegon River has to offer. Sight fishing to fat Rainbow Trout and portly Brown Trout. You can actually see the big trout behind the sucker redds chowing down on sucker eggs, nymphs, and steelhead fry that are just emerging from the gravel. It’s a riot chasing these big trout – We want you to come along and join us!! We offer both full and half day opportunities!

We offer both full days, $350 – 8 hrs. And Half days, $250 – 4 hrs
Both Spinning Tackle or Fly Fishing Gear.

Here are some examples of what Michigan’s Muskegon River Trout feed on the most. Pictured left is two main food sources for May during the Sucker Spawn hatch on the Muskegon and Big Manistee Rivers. (We guide both rivers)

1) Yellow Red Horse Sucker Eggs.
2) Freshly emerged Steelhead Fry from the Muskegon River. Steelhead fry hatch or emerge from the gravel about 15 days after the steelhead eggs have been fertilized and laid. Making the perfect for source for Michigan trophy trout.

Spring Steelhead Fishing Report – (231) 519-7348

Dr. Bob lands and gorgeous buck on the Mighty Muskegon. Still a few fish around. (5/9)

Phil (82) landed this beast of a buck today – All on his own, I might add. His largest Steelhead to date. Congratulations Phil!! (5/9)

Steelhead numbers on the Muskegon River have lowered over the past few days. Small, isolated pockets of spawning steelhead still remain. Spring Steelhead season is mostly winding down, however, we’ve had some pretty great steelhead fishing the past two days! Pictured above is Dr. Bob (80) and Mr. Phil. (82) Landing some great steelhead, and some very nice trout! Text to book >>> (231) 519-7348

Stacey with a gorgeous buck from this morning. May should offer excellent Steelhead fishing. (5/1)

This guys finished our morning half day with double while floating back to the launch. Chrome drop back hens. (5/1)

Some of the best fly fishing of the year is going on right now for Muskegon River Steelhead. Sight fishing spawning steelhead on gravel is going big time! Lots of small groups on redds. Drop back hens in the dark pockets feeding on steelhead eggs. Trout fishing for larger trout has also been excellent! Stone flies on top! Water levels are dropping – Wading is now an option. Text to book >>> (231) 519-7348

There’s literally so many Steelhead spawning right now, we can’t even take a photo without the other clients hooking a fish!! (4/21)

Steelhead Fishing has been on fire the past few days!! Lots of new fishing spawning big time! (4/21)

Trees are in bloom, weather is nice, and fishing is great right now! I’m not sure words can describe how many steelhead are in the upper river. There are steelhead spawning everywhere in the upper Muskegon River right now. Super uber prime time now for the fly fishing gravel game! Double digets on eggs patterns, stones flies, pheasant tail nymphs, Stone flies, fry patterns, and getting fish in big numbers.

Water levels are normal, 3940 cfs, making for perfect gravel fishing for Muskegon River Steelhead. Clarity is very good, 6′ to 10′ visibility. River is in perfect fishing condition. Should remain excellent for the next several weeks.

Paige with her first steelhead. This girl can fish! She landed a bunch with her dad on and afternoon trip. (4/18)

Congratulations Brian, Epic day on Muskegon River Steelhead – Landing 11 big Steelhead, and two very respectable Brown Trout. Excellent fishing! (4/18)

Great News!! We still have another months of excellent steelhead fishing ahead of us!

Steelhead nirvana and double digit days should be the norm for the next several weeks. Steelhead fishing is definitely prime time right now. Recent rains have brought bright chrome Spring Steelhead.

Water is dropping! (4420 cfs) Water clarity is much more clear.
You can see redds with lots of Steelhead spawning on gravel big time. Water temps in the low 50’s, and the main push is here! Everything is Prime! Steelhead fishing should be excellent for the next 15 days!

Scott with a gorgeous hen, Fly fishing has been excellent! Big number days coming soon! (4/10)

Lots of fish moved up to the upper river. Toby with a stout buck this morning. (4/4)

Steve’s first steelhead. Home of the chrome. Bobbers down! (4/10)

Soggy morning of Spring Steelhead fishing. The constant action kept us warmed up! (4/4)

Today: Water levels area bit higher today but stable and now dropping. 6000 cfs.

Clarity is actually really good. 3′ – 5′. Stained but definitely not “Dirty” chocolate milk.
River temperature: 41 – 42 degrees.

Spring Steelhead are in faster runs and pocket water staging to jump on gravel and begin spawning heavily. We landed hens today in all three stages. tight skein, loose, and drop backs. (4/6)

Recent rains and perfect conditions have made for some great Steelhead fishing over the past three days. The bump in the water levels have brought a new shot of bright chrome fish into the upper sections of the Mighty Muskegon River.

Small chartreuse spawn sacks, trout beads in natural colors. stone flies, and jigs tipped with wax worms have been producing a lot of fish. Steelhead have moved from winter holding areas to faster spring runs and gravel areas. Fishing should be excellent for the next several weeks. Lots of fish throughout the system with many of them actively spawning. Here are our available dates for April Steelhead – Muskegon River.

Open Guide Dates:
April 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, etc..

Fished the Middle section of the Muskegon River and found the Boat House area to be on fire this afternoon! Toby Landed a monster hen that was getting ready to spawn. Beast Mode. (3/29)

Boat House area was good to us this afternoon. Lots of bright fish moving through that area. Jesse landed this beautiful hen behind the gravel. (3/29)

Things are right on track for steelhead fishing this Spring, maybe even a little ahead of schedule if you ask some anglers. Water levels are actually normal, lower than recent years. We are finding good numbers of Steelhead throughout the Muskegon River system, although, the past few days the fish have been beat on hard, making some days better than others. We’ve been catching a lot more fish during low light conditions the last few days. First light & Last light (which has been the best for me personally). Afternoon half day trips are producing a lot of fish with much less boat traffic. Water tempratures are in the mid to upper 30’s which will begin sending the Spring Steelhead spawning season into full effect here shortly. With some consistent temperatures during the day and temps above freezing at night along with some rain forecasted over the next three days we should be seeing another fresh push of chrome entering the river system. Each morning I am seeing a few active redds but most steelhead are still being found in the deeper holes. Text to Book >>> (231) 519-7348

This Could Be You! Paul with a GIANT Beastly Buck! This steelhead gave an awesome battle, was all over the river! Trophy Steelhead for sure!

The Boys from Ontario just butchering the fish!! Centerpin beat down on some steelhead – Epic afternoon. Who lands 15 steelhead in 3 hours? These guys!

Chris with a chrome bullet hen. Starting to see a lot bright fish, with many beginning to spawn.

Maggie and Allen with a beautiful hen. First time steelhead and absolutely pummeled the fish! Muskegon River is on fire! Fishing is going to be crazy good after this warm up. (3/19)

Pretty much all the local rivers are going strong right now. The Muskegon, White, Pere Marquette, Big Manistee, and Grand Rivers are all fishing very well. Grand River, Muskegon, and White River are really on fire! A lot of chrome fish showing up, and quite a few starting to hit gravel. We landed a drop back female (spawned out) today, so some steelhead are spawning in deep water runs.

Float fishing with spawn, beads, or jig and wax worms are all fishing well. We’ve also been doing great with those crazy pink worms from Raven Tackle, or Berkley Power Worms. Basically, we’re landing a lot of steelhead each day. Half day afternoon trips are also fishing very well.

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You can tell that steelhead are really moving around when you land chrome males. Dave with a really nice, high noon, Spring Steelhead. (3/16)

Afternoon half day trips are really fishing well. Toby displays a beautiful buck from his evening trip. Michigan Spring Steelhead. (3/16)

They’re Here! I’m happy to say that Jake and I both had our first double digit day of the spring. A good mix of bright chrome hens, and some hold over males. We had a phenomenal bite most of the day. Small chartreuse spawn sacks were the key (4 egg bags). We also landed two hens that were spilling eggs this morning. Starting to see some polished gravel with some of the winter steelhead beginning to spawn. Gravel fishing will definitely be going early this season with fish already starting to spawn this early. It’s going to be a great spring steelhead migration but, it’s going to be short and quick. I’m making the prediction that the Muskegon River Spring Steelhead run will be over by April 15th… We are seeing April numbers now already.

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Jonathan with a chrome bullet hen. Lots of bright fish starting to spawn early. More on the way. (3/14)

Steelhead fishing is great and just about to get a lot better. Bright Silver fish are here now! (3/14)

Would you like to catch more Michigan Spring Steelhead? With out question, the number one, best way to improve your fishing experience, learn new techniques, catch and land more Spring Steelhead, is to hire a fishing guide. All the gear, tackle, rods, reels, and premium gear is provided. We offer both spinning tackle options, center pinning, or fly fishing. Its a pretty good deal when you can just hop in the boat, jet to a new spot, and catch fish! We have full day, and half days available in March, April, and May. (231) 519-7348

Holy crap that’s a big buck!! Liam with a colorful buck Steelhead. New fish showing up daily.

Alex with a very beautiful. Each day these fish are getting closer and closer to spawning. Float Fishing for Spring Steelhead.

The pictures above tell exactly how we love to spend our March days with clients. Limits of bright chrome, spring steelhead, and fish in the net! Winter is over and spring has sprung! The Muskegon river is now full of these beauties! Steelhead fishing has been right on track so far this week with new fish entering the river daily. The past three days have offered some very good steelhead fishing. We are averaging one steelhead per hour in the net, and trout have also been plentiful. Water temperatures are about normal. (36 – 37 degrees.) The warm spell last week brought in a lot of new steelhead into the upper sections of the river. Water conditions are just about perfect with water levels, (3600 cfs) clarity, (3′ -5′) and temperatures. It will be very nice this season, not having snow melt flood conditions this year. It’s gravy time from this point forth.

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Chrome bullets showing up every day! New fish coming into the river to spawn. Float fishing center pin with beads and spawn has been excellent!

During the past few days we’ve been catching many bright chrome steelhead. Looking forward to good numbers of Spring Steelhead. Muskegon River Steelhead Guides for Michigan.

I’ve been posting fishing reports for over 15 years, and I’ve been trying all day to think of the best way to explain this so everyone is on the same page. Most clients read a fishing report and then will book a date three weeks after the post was originally made, and then wonder why they had a three fish day on a guided trip, instead of the double digit days they had seen me post about weeks prior…The best way to explain this particular fishing report, THERE IS A SHIT TON OF STEELHEAD IN THE RIVER… NOW!! As in, you should’ve booked two weeks ago and should be fishing NOW. The Muskegon, White, and the Grand Rivers are all loaded with chrome steelhead with hardly anyone fishing them. News Flash folks…The main Spring Steelhead run has been here for four days now. I’m not sure why people are waiting to fish, but this is me telling you to book your trip now, not two weeks from now, but NOW! They’re here, with a lot more coming.. Not Joking… Helen Keller could catch a limit of Steelhead right now…(231) 519-7348

Michigan Salmon Fishing – Text to Book. (231) 519-7348

Dave with a gorgeous King Salmon from he Manistee river. Big push of salmon since the rain.

Anthony with a bullet fresh Coho from the upper Manistee River. Coho and Steelhead pushing up every day!! More to come!

Starting to see good numbers of trophy brown trout on the Manistee River. Awesome Bead fishing! (10/11)

Salmon – Salmon Everywhere on the Big Manistee River! Still Lots of new fish coming…

Pink Salmon from the Manistee River below Tippy dam. you’ll catch fish!

I’m not even sure where to begin, fishing on the Manistee River has been exceptional. Every species imaginable is going hard right now. Chinook (King Salmon) is about to peak next week with a big push last weekend. Tons of new salmon entering the lower river and starting to spawn on gravel. Coho coming up from the mid sections. Pink Salmon. Lake Run Brown trout. Fall Steelhead, and the bead fishing has been on fire!! Resident Trout behind salmon, on beads has been down right silly! Fall time in Northern Michigan –
Gorgeous place to be!

Giant 33 pound best landed today while fly fishing on the Big Manistee River. Fishing is outstanding now! (10/5)

We Need your Help!! As Michigan’s Number One Steelhead Fishing Guide Service, We need your help to Bring Back Chumming! A ban on chumming diminishes our client satisfaction on guided Trips, and limits our hook-up rates! Please help us rescind the chumming ban! MDNR has no scientic data or reason, other than social, to ban chumming. Spawn, Skein, and roe of any kind will be next. Please Sign this petition and let’s get our river back!

Rescind the Chumming Ban

Manistee River Salmon Fishing has been phenomenal over the past several days. Good numbers of fish just now beginning to hit gravel and begin to spawn. The salmon run was incredibly late this season due to much warmer than average tempratures. Rivers like the Muskegon, have water tempratures in the 70’s.. Manistee should continue to have great numbers of fish!
Walk-In Trips on the White River have also been going Great! Lots of Fish.
Afternoon half day trips below Tippy Dam, getting lots of salmon once the sun goes behind the trees.

Rescind the Chumming Ban

Fall Steelhead entering the rivers and coming soon!! Chrome dome is on the way!

Skein fishing on the Pere Marquette River has been good. Big numbers of salmon in the Manistee, White, and Pere Marquette. All the rivers are bustling with salmon activity! (9/27)

We’re starting to see some big fishing coming into the Manistee River. Tippy Dam Salmon Fishing in Michigan.

Skein fishing on the Pere Marquette River has been good. Big numbers of salmon in the Manistee, White, and Pere Marquette. All the rivers are bustling with salmon activity! (9/27)

Tandy with a gorgeous Pere Marquette River Chinook Salmon – Fishing Floats and Skein has been outstanding!

Salmon fishing is busting loose on West Michigan Rivers. The Pere Marquette, White, and Big Manistee Rivers have all had a big push this week! Lots of new fish entering the river – Salmon are now entering peak – Prime time fishing with big numbers throughout the river systems! Text for dates! (231) 519- 7348

Toby with a gorgeous 34 lb (hen) Michigan King Salmon! Fishing has been incredible on the Pere Marquette, White, and Big Manistee Rivers. Lots of salmon, one of the best salmon runs in well over a decade! (9/24)

Toby with our 7th BIG King of the morning, a beautilful 23 lb (male) Pere Marquette River Chinook Salmon. These fish are huge and tough to land! Fishing has been excellent and should only get better! (9/24)

Welcome to the largest Michigan Salmon run since 2013. These salmon have been big, and hard to land! A bull in the china shop for sure! Over the last week we have been hooking big numbers of salmon on the lower Pere Marquette River. Upper Branch to Walhalla has been fishing the best. Indian Bridge to Custer is also fishing well. Salmon are always on the move this time of year, with fresh pushes moving through daily.

The Thunderstick bite has been slowing down a bit with the clear water. First light has been the key with sticks. The skein bite, however, has been on fire, with a good bite going on all day long.

Also starting to see good numbers of coho and kings on the Big Manistee River. Coho salmon are wonderful salmon because they – Bite – Bite – Bite skein drifted under a float! Bear Creek has also been fishing well with a decent number of salmon, and a few Skamania steelhead in there as well. Look for the Big Manistee River to start turning on this week. Recent rains have bumped the water levels, bringing in more salmon. Casting natural colored Minnow Raps, and Thundersticks have been producing fish on the Big Manistee River.

Tippy Dam is starting to get a few fish. Numbers are not here yet but the stage is set. It should get cranking by next weekend. Casting Thundersticks in the morning, or drifting flies throughout the day, has been the best.

Michigan Salmon Fishing Update: We’ve been having a lot of client requests for walk-in guided trips. We are now offering walk -in – Wading Trips on the White River near Hesperia. The White is an incredible river for salmon fishing. It boasts a very solid run of Chinook Salmon, Coho, and Lake Run Brown trout. The White is easily wadable and receives much less angling pressure than the Pere Marquette. Walk – in trips are $300.

Fly Fish Vinnie with a nice King Salmon from the Pere Marquette River. Fresh rain brought the salmon up in full force! Fishing should continue to be great!

Crankin’ for Kings!! Big Push of Salmon on the Lower Pere Marquette River. Indian Bridge – Upper to Walhalla, and just up river. Casting Thunderstick Crankbaits is getting it done! Lots of bright King Salmon – Pere Marquette River. Plenty more to come with cold water temperatures against the shoreline in Ludington.

Big push of salmon over the past few days! Lots of Kings in the lower Pere Marquette and Big Manistee River. Salmon fishing in Michigan is now in full swing. Salmon are larger this year so, they’ve been difficult to land but, definitely fun to hook! Best techniques for early season King salmon has been casting lures such as spinners, spoons, and crank baits in bright colors. (Fire Tiger, Ghost Green, Mad Flash Monkey, Pineapple Express, and Rainbow Trout) ) All have been working great for catching lots of salmon.

Floating big chunks of skein under a bobber has also been working well for silver fish. Lake Michigan has flipped bringing cold water against the shoreline, and salmon into the river, full force. Expect big numbers of salmon entering the rivers during the next week with cooler days, and cold nights. Pere Marquette & Big Manistee River should fish exceptionally well this fall for both salmon ( King & Coho) and steelhead.

Rockin’ some nice looking King Salmon on the Lower Pere Marquette River. New Fish entering the river daily!

David with a gorgeous Thunderstick Salmon on the PM River. Great Fall fishing ahead!

Over the past couple of days, there has been a big push of salmon from Pere Marquette Lake into the Lower Pere Marquette River! For those who endured last fall salmon fishing adventures, this is a breath of fresh air, and a sigh of relief. Old school numbers of salmon hopefully this fall season. Chinook salmon in decent numbers, and much larger then the past couple of years. definitely a few tackle busting beasts for sure!

Best techniques so far have been casting crank baits, (Thundersticks) and float fishing skein under a float. Both styles of fishing are producing salmon and steelhead. Upper to Walhalla – and Indian Bridge has had the most salmon but with higher than normal water levels, salmon have been moving through quickly.

We are very hopeful that we have a banner salmon season ahead of us this fall season.

Here Now – Late August. Casting Thundersticks on the Lower Pere Marquette River for chrome King Salmon. Salmon are BIG this year! Michigan Salmon Fishing Guides for Pere Marquette & Manistee Rivers.

Toby with a gorgeous King Salmon from the Lower Pere Marquette River. Salmon fishing is just around the corner. All Salmon fishing trips are all inclusive, ALL Gear, Tackle, Bait, Flies, Fish Cleaning, Ect. is provided. Everything is included in the Michigan Salmon trips.

September, there’s tons of things going on! Magical late summer Trout fishing on dry flies, summer Smallmouth Bass, Skamania Steelhead, and King Salmon fishing is here Now…

Evening Hatch Specials. (4.5 Hrs of hatch fishing $250 / 2 ppl. Evening afternoon hatch fishing for Trout on the mighty Muskegon River. Good numbers of trout on evening caddis hatches. Ephrons, terestrials, and other late season hatches going on now. Trout fishing should remain strong with recent rains and colors nights. Some of our best trout fishing is in August. Sink – Tip soft hackles and small streamers also fishing well. All about Trout – Good stuff going on!

Great Caddis and dry fly fishing in August – Quality Trout Fishing.

Muskegon River offers the best trout fishing in Michigan. Late summer caddis hatches, terrestrials, and excellent dry fly fishing. Cooler evenings and recent rain has helped improve trout fishing.

($350 / 8 hrs – $250 / 4 hrs) Late Summer action heating up for Smallmouth Bass and Skamania Steelhead. Summer Run steelhead stressed by the warmer water temperatures head to the creek mouths on Trail Creek and St. Joseph River. The Big Manistee, Muskegon, and Pere Marquette also receives a handful of these great fish. Offering excellent target fly fishing for Skamania Steelhead during August and early September.

($350 / 8 hrs – $250 / 4 hrs)Smallmouth Bass fishing is also excellent during the dog days of summer. Top water fishing for bronzebacks is great in the afternoon. Poppers, buzz baits, and soft plastics all making for good days of smallie fishing in Michigan. Muskegon River and Manistee both offer great Smallmouth fishing.

Skamania – Summer Run Steelhead Fishing at cold water tributaries in Michigan. Summer Steelhead stage off creek mouths waiting for cooler temperatures. Big Jumps and good fly fishing!

John displays a beautiful Smallmouth Bass taken on a top water lure during late summer!

With the way the weather has been, Steelhead this Fall should make for some great fishing! If you’re a repeat client, let us know and we’ll get you in the books for November. **Repeat clients** – Now is the time to book your November – December Steelhead dates! Charter boat captain’s on the lake are starting to catch some very large King Salmon near Manistee.

We are planning starting salmon trips on the Pere Marquette and Manistee River on September 1st. We will be casting Thunderstick Crank baits for Kings, also fishing Bobbers and salmon skein for salmon on the lower PM. Drifting skein is a great way to catch big King salmon on light tackle. We will be fly fishing later in the season, towards the end of September, and October. Planning on fishing Steelhead on the Muskegon after October 20th.
Send us a text (231) 519-7348 or book Now on the Rates Tab of this site.
Looking forward to Michigan King Salmon.

Muskegon River Trout – Smallmouth Bass – Salmon


Beat the Heat with Giant Muskegon River Smallmouth. Hot days means the action is heating up for Big river Smallmouth Bass. Light Spinning Tackle or Fly Fishing.

Mark with a gorgeous rainbow trout from the upper Muskegon River. Excellent Caddis hatches and nice trout. Rainbows doing well on small soft hackle flies.

Michigan King Salmon have started to show up in the few rivers so far. Salmon this year are HUGE compared to the last few years. Larger sized like 2013. Should be an excellent year for big Salmon on the Manistee and Pere Marquette Rivers.

John displays another beautiful Rainbow Trout taken on a Caddis dry fly. Trout Fishing is outstanding during June and July. ($250 – $350 – 2 people)

Dry fly fishing has been excellent in the evenings on the Muskegon River. We are experiencing three really good hatches right now. Gray Drakes spinner falls, Isonychia emergers and adult dries, and of coarse, our favorite, Cinnamon Caddis Super Hatches! The Muskegon River is known throughout the Mid West for our ledgenday caddis emergence that happen each evening. Lots and lots of resident trout rise to our caddis.

We are offering evening hatch trips every afternoon from 4:30pm – 10pm. Evening “Hatch Master” Specials are $250 for 2 anglers. Includes all Gear, Tackle, and Flies. We offer easy to learn casting techniques, innovative fly patterns, and teach basic aquatic insect hatch information to our guests on these trips. Hatch trips are a fun way to learn about fly fishing, brush up on techniques, and enjoy a great evening of catching quality trout on dry flies. Call or Text for available evenings. (231) 519-7348

Muskegon River Trout Fishing & Sucker Spawn


Hatch fishing has been excellent on the Muskegon River. Great hatches of Gray Drake, Sulphers, and Isonychia Bicolor. Fantastic dry fly fishing. (6/2)

Nymphing by day – Prolific hatches by night. Trophy Brown Trout on the Muskegon River. Mega Trout! (6/1)

Trout fishing on the Muskegon River has been exceptionally good for the past two weeks. Incredible Gray Drake and Isonychia spinner falls. Dry fly fishing at its finest!! Don’t get put off by the whole fly fishing thing, we offer casting instructions, simple casting techniques, and easy fishing methods for catching lots of nice trout during the summer months. Casting small crank baits is also available and easy, available way to catch nice trout. The Muskegon River offers great trout fishing year around!

Send and email or Text >> (231) 519-7348

Linda & Chuck with one of many very respectable Trout from today. Summer will offer excellent trout fishing. (5/26)

Miles with a gorgeous trophy Brown Trout landed on the Muskegon River – Sucker fry pattern. (5/14)

John with a stunning Muskegon River Brown Trout taken on a small bead head nymph. (5/26)

Toby with an absolute BEAST of a Brown Trout. Our person best resident river trout. 27″ Trophy Brown Trout. (5/14)

Sucker Spawn Trout fishing has been phenominal – One of the best in years! Lots of really nice resident Trout. Dry fly fishing (Gray Drakes, Isonychia) has also been great. Hatches in both mornings and evening. Fishing should continue to be excellent through early July for Muskegon River Trout.

Spring is here and it’s finally Trout season on the Muskegon River. Trout season is our favorite time of the year! Warm weather, birds chirping, and outstanding fishing opportunities! Muskegon River Sucker spawn is with out a doubt, our most productive time of year for trophy trout. Large wary Brown Trout feed during the day when Red Horse, and White Suckers begin to spawn. Eggs are at a premium this time of year, and Trout go crazy for this food source! 30 – 50 Trout per day are common during the Michigan Sucker Spawn, usually several trophy trout (20 inches or above) are also landed each day.

We use free style nymphing techniques when fishing the Sucker spawn. 9′ – 5 weight fly rods are our weapons of choice, spooled with running line. This technique is incredibly simple to learn. It’s a great technique for introducing children or novice anglers to fly fishing. Usually anglers can cast free style nymphing within 15 or 20 minutes, making 30 foot casts is easy and incredibly productive landing MANY nice trout!

We offer both full and half days, morning or evening. We love to fish Sucker spawn so we can guide you anytime, our schedules are flexible. Full Day trips (8 hrs) are $350 for two anglers. Half days (4.5 hrs) are also available for $250 for 2 anglers. ALL gear, tackle, and flies are also included in all fishing trips.

Please send us a text (231) 519-7348 or reserve a date online – Rates Tab listed above.

Spring Steelhead Fishing Report – Muskegon River

Good numbers of chrome steelhead entering the rivers daily! Longer day light and a bump in the water levers – Got Steelhead on the move!

Weather has been fantastic making for some great Fishing on the Muskegon River. Water levels and temperature are perfect! Spring Steelhead fishing has definitely been improving over the last couple of days with new fishing moving in daily! I made some interesting observations today. Probably the most important thing I noticed was, the back waters of Croton reservoir (Croton Pond) were completely ice free today. That is a huge sign of a very early steelhead migration. Typically this time of year, there’s a minimum of 12″ of good, solid ice. Normal ice off happens around April 5th. This year, water temps will be way ahead of schedule, and will spike anytime we have several warm days in a row. ( A glass of water gets warm without ice cubes!)

My prediction is that the main steelhead migration will take place in early march, with heavy spawning in later March and early April, with Steelhead fishing, finished by April 15th. We had a year like this about four years ago. 80 degree days in late March. All the Steelhead came into the river, spawned, and left the river by April 15th. (That was the year that all the Apple trees in Michigan blossomed, and then were killed by a heavy late frost, and there were no apples that year.) I’m expecting this steelhead season of 2016 to have the same effect. We had 20 fish, in the net days, for about two weeks, then steelhead fishing tapered off. They were gone, back to Lake Michigan. If you were thinking about booking April dates, I’d suggest a March date instead.

Finally some warmer weather ahead in the forecast! It finally feels like spring once again! Bright chrome spring steelhead are starting to enter the lower parts of the river! Just a few more days of tying flies, painting beads, and spooling reels. Soon it will be prime time and we are chomping at the bit for the first few warm rays of sunshine!
Stone flies will start playing a larger part in the Steelhead’s diet. Small Black stone flies, and salmon fry patterns should start producing fish.

We are offering both guided half day ($250), and full day ($350) fishing adventures for light spinning tackle (Float Fishing) and chuck and duck style fly fishing for steelhead and trout. Both techniques are very easy to learn and produce a lot of fish in the net! Usually over one steelhead per hour or more, and plenty of resident Brown, and Rainbow trout. This year’s class of steelhead has been larger than average, with new fish entering the river daily.

Water levels have been stable so far, usually around 2000 cfs. Making for excellent steelhead fishing. Wading has been decent at these levels. Stream flow should remain normal throughout most of the spring. We don’t have huge amounts of snow to create high water this year.

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Winter Steelhead – Michigan Style! Toby with a gorgeous hen. Averaging one steelhead per hour, and lots of trout!

Mild weather has made for outstanding (Not quite ) Winter Steelhead Fishing. Perfect water levels and temperatures. Great Fishing! (1/21)

Toby & Nate putting on a clinic with chrome fish. Double digits in the net over the past couple days. (1/21)

Jutta with her first chrome mint silver Steelhead from the Muskegon River. Fishing has been excellent during the December warm spell. Floats and spawn putting some big fish in the net!! (12/14)

Toby getting in on the action! Steelhead fishing has been very good so far this Winter. Consistent fishing on the Muskegon River for Steelhead & Trout. (1/21)

FeeBee with one of six steelhead she landed. There’s good numbers of steelhead through the system. Floats and spawn in bringing fish into the net! (1/20)

Fishing was so good, I actually caught one. Chrome bullets are all over the place right now! (1/21)

Open January Dates. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.

Mild temperatures have made for some exceptionally good Steelhead fishing over the past few days! Double digit days in the net, have been common in the middle to lower sections of the Muskegon River near Newaygo for bright chrome Steelhead. We are also starting to see good numbers of resident Brown trout beginning to spawn in the upper sections. Thornapple area has always been known for perfect gravel and spawning Browns during this time of year.
Bobber fishing with floats and spawn has been our bread and butter, top producer. Bead fishing, and Fly fishing are also producing good numbers of Steelhead each day. Fishing is far better this fall than last year at this time. There are A LOT of Steelhead in the river system right now, offering some great Fall / Winter fishing.
We are offering both guided Full & Half day fishing trips for Steelhead. Light Spinning Tackle or Center pin has been producing the most fish. All Gear, Tackle, Bait, and Fish Cleaning is provided on all Guided trips on the Muskegon River. Full Day (8) hour Trips are $350 / Two Anglers.

Half Day Trips (4.5 hr) are available for (2) anglers at $250.

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Carly with with a gorgeous buck! There seems to be good numbers of Steelhead throughout the river system. (11/22)

Trophy Steelhead have been coming to the net often this year. Seems to be a very good year class of Fall – Winter Steelhead on the Muskegon River. (11/22)

Floats and spawn has been averaging one Steelhead per hour on most days. Steelhead fishing has been generally very good so far, and should only improve with perfect water conditions. There seems to be good numbers all throughout the Muskegon River. Lower Sections have been fishing exceptionally well.

Steelhead are finally here in fishable numbers! I must say that it’s much better than last fall to say the least! Steelhead fishing has been consistent over the past week. Three to six a day has been the norm, some days, better than others but at least we’re hooking plenty of steelhead every day, with a good mix of resident trout.

Floats and spawn has been fishing well. Fly fishing has also been doing well and getting fish to the net. Water levels remain perfect, with most of the leaves gone as well. This year’s steelhead seem very healthy. Hopefully there are many more on the way as we welcome Fall, and cooler weather.

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It sure took long enough for us to get some much needed rain! River levels are finally back to historic, fishable levels. Heavy rains over the past several days should keep the water levels around our normal, 2000 cfs mark. This should significantly help our Fall Steelhead numbers in a big way.

There still continues to be large numbers of older spawning salmon from Croton Dam through Newaygo – museum area, River Front Park. Lots of salmon on gravel. Digging salmon provide an excellent food source for marauding steelhead and egg robbing trout. Fishing behind these salmon can produce some gleaming chrome silver Fall Steelhead!! I’ve also seen a fair number of Lake Run Brown Trout so far this season.

Doug with a very nice Fall Steelhead that we landed while fishing for salmon in the upper section. Higher water levels spread out the fall fish throughout the system.

Scott with a gorgeous Muskegon River Fall Steelhead. Recent rains have really helped the Steelhead migration in the lower river. New fish entering the river. Centerpinning floats and spawn is fishing exceptionally well.

Steelhead Update: Recent rains from last week certainly gave a boost to the fishing! Over the last couple of days, Steelhead fishing has improved with new fish entering the river daily! Chrome bullets are on the way.

Floats and spawn have been doing well. Is time to get out some new centerpin gear, and start making some long drifts for acrobatic chrome jumpers that we miss so much! Its going to be an incredible Fall, it’s just getting started! Like us on FaceBook – Get up to date reports! (231) 519-7348

Greg with a beast of a Fall Steelhead! Welcome back to the Mighty Muskegon River. “Home of the Chrome!”

Chad displays a gorgeous Lake Run Brown Trout. Fall is a fantastic time for all sorts of really big fish!

Fishing has been going along nicely! The Big Manistee is in full prime salmon season at this point. Good numbers of Kings below Tippy Dam. Mid sections of the Manistee, starting to see fishable numbers of bright chrome bullet steelies. With good rains last week and cooler nights, most of the Northern rivers are starting to get a trickle of Fall Steelhead.

The Muskegon River has a very good number of King Salmon. Everything here is two weeks behind schedule, water temperatures are in the mid to low 50’s at this time. The river level is very low right now offering excellent wading opportunities near the museum in Newaygo, and in the upper section near Pine Street and below Croton Dam.

Fall Steelhead are definitely on the horizon! Fishing is certainly much better so far this year, compared to last fall. Fish are more plentiful and stout. It should make for and excellent rest of October and November!

Let us know if you’re interested in a Fall Steelhead, Trout, or Salmon fishing adventure! We now have full time guides on the Muskegon River & Big Manistee. We will hook you up!

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Salmon Season in full swing – Steelhead coming soon!

Fishing behind spawning salmon has been fantastic for trout.

Salmon Update II – The Muskegon River, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee now each have good numbers of salmon. Everything seems to be several weeks behind schedule with above normal Fall temperatures. Salmon is center stage and prime time right now and should go into early November with bright fish showing up periodically.

Fall Steelhead, and Lake Run Brown Trout have also been showing on occasion. “By catch” , often showing up on guide trips. The Manistee especially, has been showing signs of a decent migratory brown trout fishery. The new Sturgeon River strain of browns should certainly be exciting!

Fall Steelhead of coarse, have been showing up behind spawning kings anywhere deep gravel is to be had. No numbers yet but, some are being caught each day now. Middle to lower sections of both the Manistee and Muskegon Rivers. Resident trout fishing has also been excellent over the last 10 days.
( Big Shout out to the DNR – Planted our first fall planting of 10,000 runt brown trout. Every bit helps! )

Salmon Update: Big rains last night on the Big Manistee & surrounding rivers! Cold nights and rising water levels are bringing in the salmon big time. Salmon have been waiting in the big lake for cooler temperatures.

Today: We had much better fishing for salmon today. Fly fishing for Kings has now taken center stage with lots of big fish finally showing up! Cold nights and rain making for the big push of Kings in the Pere Marquette River, (Custer – Scottville) and Big Manistee River (Wellston) now has lots of salmon on the move with spawning on the gravel now in full swing. We also landed a gorgeous Fall Steelhead today on an egg pattern. Trout fishing is also excellent for Brown Trout. If you want a memorable guided fishing trip, now is the time to fish! (231) 519-7348

Salmon Update II – The Muskegon River, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee now each have good numbers of salmon. Everything seems to be several weeks behind schedule with above normal Fall temperatures. Salmon is center stage and prime time right now and should go into early November with bright fish showing up periodically.

Fall Steelhead, and Lake Run Brown Trout have also been showing on occasion. “By catch” if you will but, often showing up on guide trips. The Manistee especially has been showing signs of a decent migratory brown trout fishery. The new Sturgeon River strain of browns should certainly be exciting!

Fall Steelhead of coarse have been showing up behind spawning kings anywhere deep gravel is to be had. No numbers yet but, some are being caught each day now. Middle to lower sections of both the Manistee and Muskegon Rivers. Resident trout fishing has also been excellent over the last 10 days.

( Big Shout out to the DNR – Planted our first fall planting of 10,000 runt brown trout. Every bit helps! )

Salmon Update: Big rains last night on the Big Manistee & surrounding rivers! Cold nights and rising water levels are bringing in the salmon big time. Salmon have been waiting in the big lake for cooler temperatures.

Today: We had much better fishing for salmon today. Fly fishing for Kings has now taken center stage with lots of big fish finally showing up! Cold nights and rain making for the big push of Kings in the Pere Marquette River, (Custer – Scottville) and Big Manistee River (Wellston) now has lots of salmon on the move with spawning on the gravel now in full swing. We also landed a gorgeous Fall Steelhead today on an egg pattern. Trout fishing is also excellent for Brown Trout. If you want a memorable guided fishing trip, now is the time to fish! (231) 519-7348

Things are running way behind so far this fall. October should offer the best salmon fishing. Salmon season is however, in full swing, new fish entering the river daily! October is going to be incredible!

Salmon season is now in full swing with catchable numbers of Chinook Salmon available in the Pere Marquette & Big Manistee River. Cold nights and some rainfall has greatly improved the migrations over the past week with new fish entering the river daily.

We are now catching fish consistently everyday. A mixed batch of bright Kings and some starting to show the carmel phase of coming into the river. Some larger pods have been showing up as well.

Best techniques have been throwing crankbaits, (Thundersticks) early in the morning. Drifting skein under a float has been very productive, especially on sunny days. Early salmon bite very well with the right offerings.

Our available dates are limited, October dates are available and should be excellent with things being so late. Afternoon guided trips are available almost every day, and are also fishing well.

(3:30pm – 7:30pm) $250 for two anglers.

Afternoon’s are fishing well.

Due to everything being late this fall, October should offer exceptional late season salmon. Last Fall, October dates hooked the most fish per day by far. Chinook salmon run well into late October – November, for great fishing!