Full Day Trips

Full Day Trips – $450 ~ Salmon Steelhead 

Peak Full Day Salmon, and Steelhead Trips
1 or 2 anglers are $450.00 for an 6 hour trip on the Muskegon River.
Winter Steelhead (Jan & Feb are $395)
*A third angler can be added for $100.00

Salmon on the Manistee & Pere Marquette River.
1 or 2 anglers are $450 for an 6 hour trip
*A third angler can be added for $100.00

Trout and Smallmouth Bass Trips:
1 or 2 anglers are $395.00 for an 8 hour trip on the river.
Smallmouth Shang-Ra-La (8 hrs) $450.00
*A third angler can be added for $100.00


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Optional Lunch:

Most Clients bring Sandwiches, Snacks, and Drinks.  **Grilled Shore lunch may be added to your day for an additional $50.

Just a note on guide gratuities:

A gratuity (tip) is tradition in the fly fishing world. “A good ghillie gets a “tip” at the end of a good day fishing”. The standard “tip” is between 15 to 25 percent or more per day. Remember a gratuity is for good service and guiding skill, not piles of fish!

Reschedules and Cancellations:

(Booked) Scheduled Date. This deposit will only be refunded if you cancel the trip more than 30 days before your preferred date. Deposits are non-refundable but may be applied towards a rescheduled trip at your guide’s discretion on a different date, if available.

On occasion, your guide may determine that changes in river conditions or weather have made rivers unfishable. If this occurs trips may need to be rescheduled or cancelled. In such cases, you will be contacted by your guide. Cancellations will be handled on a per trip basis.