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Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides
Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Summertime is hot and we’ve been keepin’ cool with giant Hogzilla Grand River Smallmouth Bass.  The Grand River near Ada, West River Stretch near the Rogue River, the down town area, have all been fishing well for hot weather Smallmouth Bass on Michigan.  A plethora of lures are working well for river Smallies.  Spinnerbaits, soft plastic Ned rigs, square bill crankbaits in crayfish colors, all working well.  30 – 50 Smallmouth Bass are normal for Grand River trips.  The Grand River also offers some trophy Smallmouth as well.  Its an action packed day on the water!





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Grand River Steelhead Fishing _ Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand River Steelhead Fishing
Grand River Steelhead Fishing Reports – The Grand has been fishing well for this past week.  We received a nice bump in the water levels last week which has made for some fantastic, double digit days for Fall Steelhead.  Some days have been down right silly with 30 and 40 hook up days fishing beads and chum.   It’s been crazy on the Grand River. November is by far, one of our most favorite months for Steelhead in Michigan.  The Grand River near sixth Street is extremely productive.  Since the Grand River is mostly hatchery based, we encourage clients to keep Steelhead.  Offering excellent table fare for customers.  Half Days  ( $295 for 2 anglers) $395 for 2 anglers)  Fish cleaning is free and included.  Click here to Book Now or text to Book >> (231) 750-0673
Grand River Spring Steelhead Fishing _ Betts Guide Service
Grand River Steelhead Fishing _ Betts Guide Service

Grand River Steelhead Fishing Reports – Steelhead Fishing near Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505

Grand River Steelhead Fishing Reports - Grand Rapids Fishing - MI
Grand Rapids Steelhead Fishing- Steelhead Fishing Grand River- MI

Grand River Fishing Report ~ Updated Fishing Reports for the Grand River, Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, and Smallmouth Bass fishing located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Guided River Fishing Trips and Tours on the Grand River in Grand Rapids. (231) 750-0673

Fall Steelhead Fishing – Fall Steelhead fishing has been excellent on the Grand River over the past several days. Late October and November is a hot time of the year for the Grand River. Many Steelhead and Coho Salmon are pushing through the 6th Street Fish latter in downtown Grand Rapids. Water levels are at a medium normal level, offering some decent wading opportunities. Steelhead and Coho are coming through now!

Fishing should remain strong over the next several weeks.

What’s working the best? We been catching the vast majority of Steelhead on chartreuse spawn sacks with an orange floats and 6 King Salmon eggs, drifted under a float or bobber. Float fishing with beads has also been excellent. Chartreuse and orange have both been good. Casting gold spinners or crank baits have also been good.

Updated Grand River Fishing Reports for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout on the Grand River, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (231) 750-0673

Grand River Steelhead Fishing - Grand River Reports - MI
Sixth Street Steelhead Fishing - Grand River Steelhead - MI
The Grand River located in Grand Rapids, Michigan is known throughout the area for epic numbers of Spring Steelhead 2019 is no exception, this river is phenomenal for big numbers of Steelhead and Salmon. It’s a larger river with a huge number of migratory fish that travel through Sixth Street daily. We guide the Grand River when clients want numbers of hook ups or steelhead in the cooler. The Grand River is a put and take fishery with piles of hatchery steelhead.  Great table fare for those who enjoy keeping steelhead for the table.  Steelhead limits are very common on this river.

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