Manistee river – Tippy Day – Michigan Winter Steelhead Fishing Report ( 8/2/2023

Manistee River Coho Salmon - Tippy Dam Fishing Reports
Gorgeous Tippy Dam Recreational Area – Coho Salmon from the Manistee River.

~Michigan’s Manistee River Fishing Report below Tippy Dam.~
Winter Steelhead fishing on the Big Manistee has been improving with the recent warm snap. Steelhead have settled into their Winter holding lies. Slower, deeper runs have been holding good numbers of bright Winter Steelhead. Runs and holding areas with rocks and gravel tend to hold the most fish. drops offs and cuts with gravel transitioning to sand, with a few boulders mixed in.

Most productive Steelhead baits during the winter months are baits with scent. Fresh, small spawn sacks in natural colors, white, peach, or blue spawn sack netting. (Small, 4 salmon eggs) or 6-8 Steelhead eggs in the netting. One orange styrofoam floater, helps the Steelhead see the bait, especially in lower light levels. Float fishing with Trout beads has also been very productive. “Dead Eggs” or washed out tones of cream and orange colors, have been working the best. Steelhead Bead fishing with 8mm and 10mm beads have been getting bit the most. Fish your beads close to the bottom. Fishing tiny marabou jigs tipped with waxs worms, also helps keep the bait near the bottom. Wax worms represent Caddis Larvae, which is a major food source for Trout and Steelhead.

Mid day to later afternoon has been the best bite. Afternoon has the warmest water temperatures, and the most feeding activity.

Salmon fishing on the Big Manistee River has really been picking up! Starting to see good numbers of Coho Salmon, King Salmon, and the occasional fall Steelhead. Recent rains have bumped some new fish up into the upper Sections near Tippy Dam. morning and afternoon, seeing the most activity but numbers of Salmon throughout the day.

Casting Thundersticks in the morning hours has been very productive. mid day brings us into mid day flossing King Salmon on gravel. Kings have recently started spawning on gravel. Sight fishing them has been most productive. Bead fishing behind spawning salmon, for Rainbow and Brown Trout has been fun. Producing a few nice fish. Lake Trout have also started to enter the river, with a few of those starting to show up! Look for excellent fishing during the next three weeks. This is prime time, Fall Salmon fishing right now!

Fishing in itself is an absolute experience. And after a long day waiting for a Salmon to bite onto the bait, being rewarded feels extraordinary. However, for a beginner, the journey is much more complicated. But, when it comes to benefitting from the Manistee River Fishing Report, irrespective of your fishing experience level, you can make the most of it.

So, let’s get started by learning the importance of knowing how to prepare and read a fishing report.

What is a Fishing Report?

A fishing report comprises the things experienced by anglers during their fishing trips. Typically, a fishing report is like a diary or a journal, which states all the details about:

  • The direction of the wind’s flow
  • Weather conditions of the region
  • Depth of the water
  • How do the fishes react depending upon the time of the day
  • How is fish’s behavior manipulated according to seasonal change

By reading a fishing report, you can anticipate your next moves for fishing. And plan your trip ahead of time. For instance, when you read the Manistee fishing report, you will have an overall idea about the area’s weather conditions and what you can expect in your next fishing expedition. The 2021 fishing report of Manistee River recorded:

  • The flow of water in the Tippy Dam was below 1480 cubic foot
  • The temperature in the winters when King Salmon are found ranging between 68-70 degrees
  • The Suicide Bend region has been good for fishing –Summer Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout

This year, get set with all your gears, including – Streamers, tricks, beads, nymphs, wax worms, crankbaits, and jig baits that will serve best in catching the Brown Salmon.

Now you must be wondering how we can determine so much. Well, this is the secret that we wanted to reveal to you. By carefully reading and understanding the fishing reports, you will have an idea about most of the details and can easily plan your fishing trip.

Importance of preparing and reading fishing reports:

Anglers can gauge their future fishing expeditions by reading the fishing reports. Also, as stated by some of the experts in fishing, reading fishing reports will automatically enhance your experience in fishing, and the success rate will also be higher.

The weather conditions can greatly influence the fishing experiences in a location. However, when you read a fishing report, you will see how it will influence your judgment in spotting the right location to wait for King Salmon or any other fish of your choice. For example, if you plan your fishing trip to the Manistee River in November, we suggest you go through the previous year’s reports.

This way, you won’t be entirely clueless throughout your trip and will know what and what not to expect from your expedition.

Ways to read a Fishing report:

Just coming across a Manistee River Fishing Report is not enough; you will have to understand the various ways you must read it. Let us help you understand how to read between the lines and put the collected information to good use.

1. Guides and Tackle Shops are a good source:

In order to collect substantial information about a locality, there is no better option than relying on the local guides in the area. You can always get help from the tackle shop owners from whom you will purchase your fishing gear.

Also, to make a good impression with the shopkeepers and local guides, you must practice healthy interaction or hire their services and purchase goods from them.

2. Find out patterns to understand the reports better:

If you want to search for fishing reports, plenty is available online. However, how will you know which Manistee River Fishing Report you must trust and which to ignore? Again going back to our first point, finding readings and reports online is easy, but make sure to cross verify it with the information you have received from your professional guide or tackle shop owner.

Then it would help if you looked for certain signs:

  • How are the fish behaving
  • How is the weather influencing the fish
  • What do the fishes prefer to bite on – Beads, soft plastics, or live baits
  • Has the region recently experienced rain

Fishing reports will always help you differentiate a good fishing expedition from a bad one.

3. Know when to switch from online to offline mode:

Let’s be honest; not every time will the Internet be able to help you; in some cases, like obtaining the accurate Manistee fishing report, you will have to take instructions from someone who operates offline. Therefore, you must know when to rely on an online source and when to switch to offline mode.

4. Fishing report varies according to the species:

The behavior of fish varies greatly when saltwater and freshwater fish are compared. While the freshwater or river water fishes are stationary, saltwater fishes move around a lot. You cannot depend on the information that you find on online platforms. Getting the guidance of the local fishermen and anglers will provide you with the correct coordinate of the school of fish.


Now that you have reached so far, you must be well acquainted with the importance of a Manistee fishing report. And we also hope that you have an overall idea of how to read the fishing reports and use them in your arsenal. So what are you waiting for? Let us know when you plan your fishing trip to the Manistee River for some fish and game.

Having the guidance of a professional angler by your side is very important to have an unmatched fishing experience. So, why deprive yourself of a quality trip when Betts Guide Service is here? Reach out to us at (248) 210-0827 and learn more about what we offer you.

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