March Madness and Spring Steelhead!

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No doubt there is something spectacular about ice out spring steelhead!! Like us, these fish have been locked up for months! The bite is on! Come join us for March Madness on the Muskegon River! (3/11)


Beginnings of a great day!! Myles and Jason with our first double of the day. These two guys had an epic day of Spring Steelhead!! New fish entering the river! (3/11)

Some gorgeous Brown Trout were also landed today. Trout are always a welcome addition to the mix. Bobbers down all day!! (3/11)

What an awesome weekend we had!! Fishing is starting to rock! New fish are showing up big time in the lower Muskegon. Chromers on the board. Brandon displays his first steelhead. Congratulations! (3/10)

Arnie landed this fine specimen. It was a great battle, it ran all over the river! Amazing what a little sunshine can do! (2/9)

Molly with a gorgeous Spring Steelhead hen. We had a blast float fishing, landing many nice trout, steelhead, and even a walleye.

Nick with a stunning buck landed in the afternoon. Fishing has been exceptionally good and warmer weather is just ahead this week!

Myles had a crack at a bunch of chrome bright hens. Steelhead are starting to move in a big way. Longer days and snow melt are pushing fish! (3/11)

Jason with another beautiful buck from today. These guys were on fire and nailed the float fishing techniques! Floats and spawn – Gettin’ it done! (3/11)

Greg landed a BEAST of a buck. Continuing to see many large fish from last fall. Jigs and waxworms taking the cake on this big guy! (3/9)

This is how I like to start my mornings! A cup of coffee and double on the first two casts! Brian and Scott with a nice double!! (3/6)

Molly landed caught a very respectable walleye with fishing a jig and perch minnow.

Spencer landed some nice steelhead while fishing bobbers with jigs a pink worm. Spring chrome is on the way!

(3/10) What a weekend we had, WOW! What a difference in fishing that a slight warm up makes. Steelhead were much more aggressive now, with a little more sunshine, things are shaking loose and getting going!

Over the next several days, we should start getting many bright new fish. Things are late this year but starting to move. Steelhead are hungry and healthy!

We seemed to land many fish on tiny jigs tipped with wax worms. Fresh spawn also worked very well. Kodie landed a bunch of nice steelhead drifting flies under a float on light spinning gear. Lots of ways to get it done, all of which seemed to work well. Water is warming slightly and starting to get fish interested in feeding. Should be a great week coming up!

Choosing to use different flies, jigs, beads, and different eggs is always a key to landing more spring steelhead. Change it up & Get bit!

(3/9) I’m not usually a fan of the, “Get out there at the crack of light” kind of a guide. Usually I like a bit more of a leisure start. However, this morning we were up and at ’em! Today paid big dividends to get out early. Fish today were very much on the bite well before the sun came over the trees!

Brian and Scott booked a morning half day trip and it was on this morning for sure! We hooked over 6 fish just in the first spot alone! Spring Steelhead is off to a very good start!!

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