Michigan Fall Steelhead Reports – Muskegon River

Mike with a big buck. Fishing has been consistently good. (12/11)

April with a beast!

Matt’s beautiful brown trout. (12/7)

Brian’s big steelhead. (12/6)

Here are three photos on how to use the USGS Stream flow data. 1) is stream flow – 2150 cfs. Decent wading. moderate flow. Perfect for Steelhead – Trout fishing.

Ed with one of several chrome bullets! Chromers! (12/12)

EApril’s nice buck! (12/7)

Justin’s super colorful buck. (12/8)

Eric with a Beauty!

Temperature. Available in fahrenheight and Celsius. today 36.5 – Perfect for Steelhead.

Tom with a bright hen. New fish entering the river, just a little later this year. (12/12)

Justin with a huge Brown Trout. (12/8)

John with a bullet chrome! (12/7)

James first Steelhead. (12/7)

Turbidity – There are no marks or numbers because the water is super gin clear (no suspended particles)

“Half past chrome” on the Mighty Muskegon River. Peter displays a nice chrome buck. New fish entering the river! It looks like we’re going to have a great winter! (12/5)

Peter with a bullet hen. More bright fish to come! (12/5)

Water levels have dropped over the last couple of days making for spectacular steelhead fishing! Fishing should be great through December. (12/1)

Higher water levels last week has made for some great fishing this week. Water levels and conditions are perfect for late fall & winter steelhead on the Muskegon River.

Fly fishing small egg patterns, beads, and natural nymph patterns have been producing very nice trout and steelhead. Brown trout are also spawning right now, in the upper sections of the river.

Steelhead fishing has been good on the Muskegon River. High water levels last week has made for some good fishing now that water levels are now perfect. Both fly fishing and floats and spawn are both fishing well. (12/5)

For all who ask, When is the best time for trophy Brown Trout? Right now during the December Brown Trout spawning period. Jeremy with a trophy Brown, one a four he landed today. (12/1)

Steelhead fishing has been very good over the past few days. There are a decent amount of steelhead throughout the entire river sections. The lower sections are producing much brighter, chrome steelhead, that are just coming in from the lake. The uppers sections have had an excellent numbers of resident trout a mix of chrome and darker steelhead. Conditions are perfect for great fishing.

Water levels and temperature are both perfect for fall steelhead. Water temp is 48 degrees, making for some outrageous strikes, and good jumping fish! New fish entering the river daily. We’re off to a great start for Michigan Fall Steelhead. Get out on the water and make some memories! (231) 519-7348

Molly had an awesome day on the water. She landed three gorgeous steelhead, and a plethora of Muskegon River trout. Fishing has been good. (11/17)

Ed Sr. landed a beautiful chrome bullet. Fishing in the lower river has been great for Fall Steelhead. Float fishing for chromers. (11/16)

John and crew display a gorgeous buck from the upper Muskegon River. Steelhead fishing has been improving! It’s about to get great! (11/8)

Gary and Ty with a nice buck. Yes, Ty finally let Gary catch a fish… And it was a nice one! (11/7)

Cody and Gayland with a trophy Fall Steelhead from the Muskegon River. Float fishing has been great! (11/3)

Cody with a super chrome buck Steelhead. Fishing has been awesome! (11/3)

Brian with one of many steelhead from today. Starting to seeing more and more fresh fish! More on the way. (11/3)

Center pin float fishing has been great!! Low and clear makes for exceptional steelhead fishing on the Mighty Muskegon River.

Molly with a very respectable buck steelhead. Float fishing is easy to learn, and offers constant action, bites, and plenty of fish. (11/17)

John actually had a chance to land several nice steelhead today. A perfect day with quality Daddy – Daughter time well spent. (11/17)

Ty – He’s the man! This kid knows how to catch steelhead! He puts the “Smack down!” on big fish!! (11/8)

Ty with another chrome bullet. It’s pretty common for Ty to out fish everyone in my boat! # Rail Fest! (11/8)

Cody with a bright chromer Steelhead. Having a great time fishing with these guys! (11/3)

Nathan with a giant Lake Trout from the Muskegon River. We should start seeing a few more of these.

Jerry with another bullet chromer Steelhead. New fish showing up every day now! (11/3)

Trout fishing has also been excellent! The upper Muskegon offers great trout fishing along with steelhead. (11/2)

Come join us for some outstanding float fishing.

We offer Fly Fishing, Center pin float fishing, Spinning and conventional tackle for steelhead and trout on the Muskegon and Big Manistee Rivers.

Fishing should remain strong well into December.

Chad Betts (231) 519-734

Over the past several days steelhead fishing has been greatly improved with new fish moving into the river system each day. Unlike the salmon migration earlier this season, Steelhead seem to be right on task, with a decent number throughout the system.

Water levels are normal for this time of year. Jet boat fishing and wading are both options at this time. Some rain would help fishing a bit to shuffle the deck a bit. Steelhead seem to be moving through the system with the current river levels.

The Upper section, Croton Dam to Thornapple also has some excellent trout fishing and salmon fishing. I know it’s late but there are still fishable numbers of Kings in all of the shallow gravel areas.

Trout fishing has also beein outstanding in the upper sections. As salmon become older and more ragged trout put on the feed bag eating eggs and nymphs behind later spawning salmon.

Fishing should remain excellent for the next several weeks, through mid to late December.

Will with a gorgeous Fall Steelhead. Steelhead has been improving daily. Steelhead all the way through the system. Should be an incredible fall for sure! (10/27)

Decent numbers of Steelhead through out the river system. Middle to lower sections have been fishing the best. Floats and spawn have been getting it done lately. Free style fly fishing has also been great, side drifting beads on an indicator has been working well. Covering a lot of water has been the key.

Water levels have been low and ultra clear, making for phenomenal trout fishing in the upper sections. Salmon fishing also remains quite strong with plentiful pods on Chinook in the upper river. Clean fish can still be had. Sight fishing has been really good. Wading is also another good option as the Muskegon has been running consistently around 1500 – 1600 cfs. We should begin to see a lot more steelhead during the upcoming week.

We are now offering a “North & South” feature on guided trips. You can spend a day with our guides on the Big Manistee River, fishing Steelhead, and the next day, fishing the Might Mo. We now have guides on both rivers and are booking trips for either river. Muskegon or Manistee. (231) 519-7348

Travis with a great Brown Trout. Check out that color! Trout fishing has also been incredible right now! (10/27)

Fall Steelhead with Fall colors. What a great combination. This time of year is a wonderful mix of Fall Chinook Salmon, resident Muskegon River Trout, and a handful of chrome Fall Steelhead. This is the time of year that anglers live for! (10/20)

Fishing in general has been absolutely fantastic! There are tons of Chinook Salmon in the Muskegon and Big Manistee River now. Everything in nature has been several weeks late this Fall. The salmon have been no exception. Salmon fishing should continue strong through the end of October.

Steelhead fishing has been off to a slow start but starting to get rolling. We started landing “Skippers” over the last week. (Smaller Steelhead – ” Skippers” are 15″ – 24″ and are usually the precursor to the main run) During true Steelhead guide trips, we have been landing 1 – 4 adult, larger Steelhead. Look for a decent push in the lower sections later in the week, with new fish entering the river daily. Hopefully we start seeing some big fish this week. Steelhead are phenominal fighters and very aggressive this time of year!! Fists of fury on any tackle, especially on center pin gear, or fly tackle. Know as, “The crown jewel of sport fish.”

Our focus this week has been on salmon fishing and resident trout. We’re just getting started on Steelhead as the numbers are increasing. Water levels are up and gin clear making for easy, great salmon fishing! Sight fishing for salmon has been relatively easy.

We’ve been sticking to the tried and true dental floss fly fishing for salmon, using a small nuke egg and brown or black pheasant tail nymph. This has been working great for double digit hook ups and lots of big fish brought to the net The next several weeks should offer exceptional fishing. (231) 519-7348

Nick with a very nice and healthy King Salmon from the Muskegon River. Everything has been late to arrive this Fall season. The Muskegon River and the Big Manistee River are both loaded with fresh salmon. (10/22)

Better later than never. The Muskegon River is loaded right now with fresh Chinook Salmon. It’s not too late to squeeze in a guided trip for salmon. There are lots around to play with. (10/22)

Dave with a gorgeous Muskegon River Steelhead. Fall colors, excellent fishing, and great weather. Come make some memories with your family on a guided fishing adventure. (231) 519-7348

We’re finally back home on the Mighty Muskegon River. After possibly the worst salmon fishing that I have ever experience on the Manistee River, We’re all happy to be home.

Water levels and conditions are darn near perfect! It didn’t take us long today to find some chrome. Dave displays a nice buck from this morning.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Muskegon River has MUCH more salmon this year than the Pere Marquette or Big Manistee. Our trout were also in excellent condition.

Salmon have been spawning in all the usual locations. Chinook have been spending the most time in the gravel shoals. Many others can be found in deep pools and holding areas. Thunder sticking is a viable option again for another week or so. I’m just getting back home and settled in. More photos and detailed fishing reports will follow in the next two days.

We have the following open dates available for both salmon and Steelhead on the Muskegon River. Manistee River dates are also available.

We have the following open dates available for both salmon and Steelhead on the Muskegon River. Manistee River dates are also available.

October 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. 31.

November 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23.24, 26, 27, 28.

Text or email to reserve your Fall Steelhead date today! (231) 519-7348

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