Spring Steelhead on the way!

Steelhead fishing is absolutely in for swing! We are catching a lot of fish right now! Both float fishing and fly fishing are doing great! (4/7)

Chrome. Chrome. Chrome!! Jill with her first Steelhead ever! Congratulations! Light spinning tackle float fishing on the Muskegon River. (3/29)

Tom with a great looking Steelhead. The next ten days should be on fire! It’s game on right now! (4/7)

The girls were on fire today! Lots of silvers hens with some cuties holding them! Was wonderful to have long time friends from the college years today! (3/29)

Drum roll please!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for, when giant chrome bullet hens finally enter the river in fishable numbers!! Over the past three days, we’ve had double digit hooks ups, lots of fish on, and lots of steelhead brought to hand! Winter has (mostly) lost it’s grip on Michigan, and we can finally look forward to warmer temperatures and outstanding steelhead fishing! Water temperatures remain cold so spawning is several weeks away, however, the “Bobber” bite has been ridiculous! Floats and spawn have definitely been getting it going in a big way! Spawn, beads, and jigs with wax worms have all been fishing well.

The past four days have brought us great fishing and chrome steelhead! William with his fifth of the morning!! Plenty more to come! (3/24)

This absolutely does not look like a steelhead from May 7th. Long winter making for an even longer spring steelhead season!! Fishing has been phenomenal. (5/7)

Ben with gorgeous chrome bullet hen. Starting to see some good numbers of bright new fish! (3/20)

Every day fishing has been an improvement over the last. New and larger fish showing up daily. Fly fishing stone flies has been great! (3/23)

New chrome fish and an epic morning bite. Several very good days of steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River. (3/24)

First double digit day on the Might Muskegon River. Spring is here and so is a new batch of fish. (3/20)

Seems like everything is starting to bust loose and break open into actual Spring! Both the Muskegon River and the “Flies Only” section on the Pere Marquette and both beginning to fish well. We should start seeing numbers of fish in both rivers. Fishing forecast for this weekend, and next week looks great!

Jake, Kodie, and I are guiding the Muskegon River. Ryan White is available for float trips on the Pere Marquette River, “Flies Only” sections. BGS FaceBook Page for updates.

Larry with a beautiful Spring Steelhead. Starting to see more new chromers each day! (3/17)

Great day on the water! Weather is starting to break with bright fish entering the river. Things are getting going with plenty more to come! (3/14)

Dean with his first career steelhead! Congratulations buddy! Great Spring Steelhead Fishing yesterday! (3/9)

Mark with a beast of a buck from today!! Fishing has improved greatly over the past several days. (3/17)

Jessica & Chase with a stunning bright bullet hen. Fresh mint chromers finally starting to show up in the lower to mid sections of the Muskegon River. (3/15)

Pete landed this gorgeous wild steelhead yesterday on the Muskegon River! Ice flows are gone, the river is open! (3/9)

March, 9. Spring Steelhead are finally here along with some much needed, warmer weather! The Muskegon River is free from ice flow and open, well down to the lower section, Mystery Creek Campground area. The river ice flows in the lower river should open more each day. Croton Dam through the Newaygo area is ice free, and gin clear, flowing nicely. Steelhead run should begin in earnest, with lots of new fish entering from Lake Michigan.
The first three days of the Spring Steelhead 2015 have started out well to say the least! Temperatures are finally starting to warm up and the steelhead and trout have certainly begun to take notice! If things continue to keep going like this, we should have a phenomenal Spring run. I’m looking forward to this guide season!!

Feels fantastic to out on the water! Tom with a very nice buck from this morning! Steelhead fishing is improving. (3/2)

Andy with a gorgeous Muskegon River Steelhead buck caught on a jig tipped with a wax worm. (3/1)

Late Winter offers a chance at trophy Steelhead with few anglers on the water.

Thane with a beast of a hen from the Big Manistee River. Spring Steelhead are starting!

Croton Dam Fishing Report for the Muskegon River.

Steelhead & Trout tours near Newaygo, Michigan. Located very close to Grand Rapids, Mi. Fly Fish.

Tom putting on a clinic with jigs and wax worms today while float fishing! New fish entering the river! (3/2)

Best ticket for big fish has always been our tried and true, floats and spawn, drifted through the runs and deeper holding water. A close second has been fishing hand tied fly jigs tipped with wax worms.

Andy putting up another chrome buck. Fishing has been improving. Fish moving in. (2/1)

Gorgeous Steelhead brought to hand before the crowds of April swarm the river. Solitude in fishing the winter – early Spring.

Awesome Spring Steelhead Fishing! Molly with a big Steelhead from the Muskegon River.

No doubt that winter has had an awful grip on us lately, with cabin fever running high, everyone needs to get out of the house and do some fishing!! Expected temperatures should be on the rise for next week, with excellent fishing opportunities in store for us coming up.

Late February and March offer anglers some of the best Steelhead and Trout fishing of the year. During the winter months, angling pressure is minimal and the fish get a rest, usually food is limited this time of year so trout and steelhead are on the feed during the warmest parts of the day.

Trout fishing is also phenomenal during this time of year! Many, very large trout are caught during this time of year!

BIG Fish for the grin and grip! Winter can’t last forever, now is a great time to get out of the house and chase some chrome!

During early Spring we land some of the largest Steelhead, and trophy brown trout of the year! Less anglers offers better chances at some big fish. As fishing guides, we welcome the solitude of March on the river with great fishing before the crowds of April bring hordes of people and boat traffic. Its definitely refreshing to have the river to yourself while catching lots of fish on light tackle.BGS FaceBook Page for updates.

Winter Steelhead with Spring Just around the Corner.

Natalie with a very respectable buck!! Winter steelhead offers and amazing challenge but also a great time to get out and try some very light tackle techniques for trout and steelhead. You’ll be amazed at how many quality fish you’ll land during a winter’s day on the water. (2/2)

The Muskegon River is a tailwater fishery, which means the river water actually comes from below the dam. Even during the coldest of air tempratures, (Proven last winter) The Muskegon never freezes and provides outstanding fishing oppertunies during the winter months. Trout and Steelhead abound during the winter months and the river is alive with aquatic insect larvae, and salmon fry throughout the winter, allowing fish to feed during the cold months. As other rivers like Pere Marquette, White, and Big Manistee. The Muskegon has very good fishing in the upper sections all winter long. BGS FaceBook Page – more fishing updates.
Over the last couple of days, Steelhead fishing has been very good below Croton Dam. Water levels have been prefect making for some good steelhead fishing, and some exceptionally great large Rainbow and Brown trout fishing. With increased insect life, this winter, trout have been quite a bit larger this year. (2/2)

Derek with a nice little hen. The weather has been cold but steelhead fishing has been very good. There’s also a ton of health trout! Winter Steelhead is the best cure for cabin fever! (2/2)

JoJo with a very respectable Steelhead taken on a peach psycho nymph. Steelhead fishing was very good today with a warm up in the weather.

Misty with one of several very nice Brown Trout.

These ladies stayed busy all day catching fishing fish! It was a very good mixed bag of resident rainbow, brown trout, and several very large steelhead. The Muskegon River has been fishing very well during the last couple days. (1/17)

We had a great day on the water today. Weather was finally nicer today, lower 40’s felt wonderful!
Jo Jo and Misty had a great day on the water and landed a bunch of steelhead, and some very nice trout! We fly fished today and the steelhead were all landed of different nymphs, the trout all took egg patterns.
Water level is at 1870 cfs, and is very clear, hovering at 34 degrees. We should expect some very good fishing coming up with the projected warmer weather. Steelhead fishing should remain good.
(1/17) Steelhead fishing has been very good on the days when it’s warmed up a bit. Water levels have been perfect, flowing at 1750 cfs. Good wading conditions, crystal clear water. Also offering some great trout nymphing on light rods. A good mix of Steelhead, and fat and sassy Muskegon River Trout.
I’ve had the great pleasure of centerpin float fishing with Dan and Tim for the past 7 days. We’ve certainly worked for fish over the last week but have definitely brought some great steelhead to the net. Pictured below are our four largest Steelhead. We’ve averaged 5-6 Steelhead per day, and many, many trout.
We’ve fished all sections of the river. Having our best luck in the middle to lower sections. Water levels have fluctuated often over the past week but is now a perfect level. 2800 cfs and very clear, 4′- 5′ of visibility.
We fished Raven centerpin reels each day, with a variety of offerings, spawn sacks, beads, jigs and wax worms, all of which produced fish. Our best producer was small, chartreuse spawn sacks. River conditions and water levels are now perfect for Steelhead fishing. If your interested in learning centerpin fishing, now is a perfect time. Winter fishing should remain good over the next few weeks. Text Us >> (231) 519-7348

Danny with a gorgeous chrome buck. This fish was an epic battle and jumped several times in 36 degree water temperatures. Bright fish moving in. (12/28)

Amazing colors on this beautiful Buck. Decent number of fish throughout the river system. Fish hard and find a few. Its a great time on the water. (12/28)

Carly with her first Steelhead!! We had an incredible day of fishing. Conditions have been perfect. (12/21)

Absolutely Awesome trout fishing. Lake Run Brown Trout – Resident Brown Trout? It doesn’t matter, it’s all good! Keith with a BEAST! (12/20)

Steve displays a gorgeous buck from this morning! Steelhead fishing has greatly improved from earlier this fall. (12/14)

Tim with a bright lean hen. These fish have fought like crazy on light tackle. Awesome Winter Steelhead!(12/27)

Danny with beast of a hen. Surprising number of chrome fish over the last few days. (12/26)

Here is one awesome Brown Trout! Carly and Keith experienced epic fishing on the Muskegon River. (12/21)

Jeremy with a trophy buck steelhead. Good steelhead fishing to be had on the Muskegon River. (12/20)

Myself with a very colorful buck Steelhead. Lots of new fish have entered the river from the high water last week. (12/14)

Muskegon River Fishing Report – Winter Steelhead Fishing – Floats and Spawn
Fishing Has been very good over the past week or so. Good numbers of steelhead throughout the system with perfect water conditions. Middle sections of the Muskegon seem to be fishing the best but, no real concentrations of steelhead. The entire river has been fishing pretty well.

Averaging about one steelhead per hour with various techniques, floats and spawn producing the most fish.
Fly Fishing has also been productive with the recent, slightly higher water levels. Peach egg flies and salmon fry patterns seem to be fishing the best. Plenty of trout on nymphs and stone flies.
Water levels are medium to low, and super gin clear in the upper sections. Newaygo to Maple Island, the river has a slight stain and is looking perfect! Water temperature in 36 degrees. 2000 cfs. Enjoy the warmer weather this week, and the bright new steelhead that are entering the river! (231) 519-7348

Tony with an absolute beast of a Brown Trout. December is trophy Trout time of the year. Fly Fishing for big Trout on the Mighty Muskegon River. (12/14)

Tony with a spawning lake run Brown Trout. These beautiful fish are spawning big time right now. Come make some memories and catch your trophy trout today! (12/14)

Michigan Fall Steelhead Reports – Muskegon River

Mike with a big buck. Fishing has been consistently good. (12/11)

April with a beast!

Matt’s beautiful brown trout. (12/7)

Brian’s big steelhead. (12/6)

Here are three photos on how to use the USGS Stream flow data. 1) is stream flow – 2150 cfs. Decent wading. moderate flow. Perfect for Steelhead – Trout fishing.

Ed with one of several chrome bullets! Chromers! (12/12)

EApril’s nice buck! (12/7)

Justin’s super colorful buck. (12/8)

Eric with a Beauty!

Temperature. Available in fahrenheight and Celsius. today 36.5 – Perfect for Steelhead.

Tom with a bright hen. New fish entering the river, just a little later this year. (12/12)

Justin with a huge Brown Trout. (12/8)

John with a bullet chrome! (12/7)

James first Steelhead. (12/7)

Turbidity – There are no marks or numbers because the water is super gin clear (no suspended particles)

“Half past chrome” on the Mighty Muskegon River. Peter displays a nice chrome buck. New fish entering the river! It looks like we’re going to have a great winter! (12/5)

Peter with a bullet hen. More bright fish to come! (12/5)

Water levels have dropped over the last couple of days making for spectacular steelhead fishing! Fishing should be great through December. (12/1)

Higher water levels last week has made for some great fishing this week. Water levels and conditions are perfect for late fall & winter steelhead on the Muskegon River.

Fly fishing small egg patterns, beads, and natural nymph patterns have been producing very nice trout and steelhead. Brown trout are also spawning right now, in the upper sections of the river.

Steelhead fishing has been good on the Muskegon River. High water levels last week has made for some good fishing now that water levels are now perfect. Both fly fishing and floats and spawn are both fishing well. (12/5)

For all who ask, When is the best time for trophy Brown Trout? Right now during the December Brown Trout spawning period. Jeremy with a trophy Brown, one a four he landed today. (12/1)

Steelhead fishing has been very good over the past few days. There are a decent amount of steelhead throughout the entire river sections. The lower sections are producing much brighter, chrome steelhead, that are just coming in from the lake. The uppers sections have had an excellent numbers of resident trout a mix of chrome and darker steelhead. Conditions are perfect for great fishing.

Water levels and temperature are both perfect for fall steelhead. Water temp is 48 degrees, making for some outrageous strikes, and good jumping fish! New fish entering the river daily. We’re off to a great start for Michigan Fall Steelhead. Get out on the water and make some memories! (231) 519-7348

Molly had an awesome day on the water. She landed three gorgeous steelhead, and a plethora of Muskegon River trout. Fishing has been good. (11/17)

Ed Sr. landed a beautiful chrome bullet. Fishing in the lower river has been great for Fall Steelhead. Float fishing for chromers. (11/16)

John and crew display a gorgeous buck from the upper Muskegon River. Steelhead fishing has been improving! It’s about to get great! (11/8)

Gary and Ty with a nice buck. Yes, Ty finally let Gary catch a fish… And it was a nice one! (11/7)

Cody and Gayland with a trophy Fall Steelhead from the Muskegon River. Float fishing has been great! (11/3)

Cody with a super chrome buck Steelhead. Fishing has been awesome! (11/3)

Brian with one of many steelhead from today. Starting to seeing more and more fresh fish! More on the way. (11/3)

Center pin float fishing has been great!! Low and clear makes for exceptional steelhead fishing on the Mighty Muskegon River.

Molly with a very respectable buck steelhead. Float fishing is easy to learn, and offers constant action, bites, and plenty of fish. (11/17)

John actually had a chance to land several nice steelhead today. A perfect day with quality Daddy – Daughter time well spent. (11/17)

Ty – He’s the man! This kid knows how to catch steelhead! He puts the “Smack down!” on big fish!! (11/8)

Ty with another chrome bullet. It’s pretty common for Ty to out fish everyone in my boat! # Rail Fest! (11/8)

Cody with a bright chromer Steelhead. Having a great time fishing with these guys! (11/3)

Nathan with a giant Lake Trout from the Muskegon River. We should start seeing a few more of these.

Jerry with another bullet chromer Steelhead. New fish showing up every day now! (11/3)

Trout fishing has also been excellent! The upper Muskegon offers great trout fishing along with steelhead. (11/2)

Come join us for some outstanding float fishing.

We offer Fly Fishing, Center pin float fishing, Spinning and conventional tackle for steelhead and trout on the Muskegon and Big Manistee Rivers.

Fishing should remain strong well into December.

Chad Betts (231) 519-734

Over the past several days steelhead fishing has been greatly improved with new fish moving into the river system each day. Unlike the salmon migration earlier this season, Steelhead seem to be right on task, with a decent number throughout the system.

Water levels are normal for this time of year. Jet boat fishing and wading are both options at this time. Some rain would help fishing a bit to shuffle the deck a bit. Steelhead seem to be moving through the system with the current river levels.

The Upper section, Croton Dam to Thornapple also has some excellent trout fishing and salmon fishing. I know it’s late but there are still fishable numbers of Kings in all of the shallow gravel areas.

Trout fishing has also beein outstanding in the upper sections. As salmon become older and more ragged trout put on the feed bag eating eggs and nymphs behind later spawning salmon.

Fishing should remain excellent for the next several weeks, through mid to late December.

Will with a gorgeous Fall Steelhead. Steelhead has been improving daily. Steelhead all the way through the system. Should be an incredible fall for sure! (10/27)

Decent numbers of Steelhead through out the river system. Middle to lower sections have been fishing the best. Floats and spawn have been getting it done lately. Free style fly fishing has also been great, side drifting beads on an indicator has been working well. Covering a lot of water has been the key.

Water levels have been low and ultra clear, making for phenomenal trout fishing in the upper sections. Salmon fishing also remains quite strong with plentiful pods on Chinook in the upper river. Clean fish can still be had. Sight fishing has been really good. Wading is also another good option as the Muskegon has been running consistently around 1500 – 1600 cfs. We should begin to see a lot more steelhead during the upcoming week.

We are now offering a “North & South” feature on guided trips. You can spend a day with our guides on the Big Manistee River, fishing Steelhead, and the next day, fishing the Might Mo. We now have guides on both rivers and are booking trips for either river. Muskegon or Manistee. (231) 519-7348

Travis with a great Brown Trout. Check out that color! Trout fishing has also been incredible right now! (10/27)

Fall Steelhead with Fall colors. What a great combination. This time of year is a wonderful mix of Fall Chinook Salmon, resident Muskegon River Trout, and a handful of chrome Fall Steelhead. This is the time of year that anglers live for! (10/20)

Fishing in general has been absolutely fantastic! There are tons of Chinook Salmon in the Muskegon and Big Manistee River now. Everything in nature has been several weeks late this Fall. The salmon have been no exception. Salmon fishing should continue strong through the end of October.

Steelhead fishing has been off to a slow start but starting to get rolling. We started landing “Skippers” over the last week. (Smaller Steelhead – ” Skippers” are 15″ – 24″ and are usually the precursor to the main run) During true Steelhead guide trips, we have been landing 1 – 4 adult, larger Steelhead. Look for a decent push in the lower sections later in the week, with new fish entering the river daily. Hopefully we start seeing some big fish this week. Steelhead are phenominal fighters and very aggressive this time of year!! Fists of fury on any tackle, especially on center pin gear, or fly tackle. Know as, “The crown jewel of sport fish.”

Our focus this week has been on salmon fishing and resident trout. We’re just getting started on Steelhead as the numbers are increasing. Water levels are up and gin clear making for easy, great salmon fishing! Sight fishing for salmon has been relatively easy.

We’ve been sticking to the tried and true dental floss fly fishing for salmon, using a small nuke egg and brown or black pheasant tail nymph. This has been working great for double digit hook ups and lots of big fish brought to the net The next several weeks should offer exceptional fishing. (231) 519-7348

Nick with a very nice and healthy King Salmon from the Muskegon River. Everything has been late to arrive this Fall season. The Muskegon River and the Big Manistee River are both loaded with fresh salmon. (10/22)

Better later than never. The Muskegon River is loaded right now with fresh Chinook Salmon. It’s not too late to squeeze in a guided trip for salmon. There are lots around to play with. (10/22)

Dave with a gorgeous Muskegon River Steelhead. Fall colors, excellent fishing, and great weather. Come make some memories with your family on a guided fishing adventure. (231) 519-7348

We’re finally back home on the Mighty Muskegon River. After possibly the worst salmon fishing that I have ever experience on the Manistee River, We’re all happy to be home.

Water levels and conditions are darn near perfect! It didn’t take us long today to find some chrome. Dave displays a nice buck from this morning.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Muskegon River has MUCH more salmon this year than the Pere Marquette or Big Manistee. Our trout were also in excellent condition.

Salmon have been spawning in all the usual locations. Chinook have been spending the most time in the gravel shoals. Many others can be found in deep pools and holding areas. Thunder sticking is a viable option again for another week or so. I’m just getting back home and settled in. More photos and detailed fishing reports will follow in the next two days.

We have the following open dates available for both salmon and Steelhead on the Muskegon River. Manistee River dates are also available.

We have the following open dates available for both salmon and Steelhead on the Muskegon River. Manistee River dates are also available.

October 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. 31.

November 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23.24, 26, 27, 28.

Text or email to reserve your Fall Steelhead date today! (231) 519-7348

West Michigan Salmon Fishing Reports

It seems that “Peak Week” should happen early new week on the Manistee River. Salmon are beginning to hit the gravel big time. Each morning there have been a bunch of new redds. Most of the Chinook salmon are in the pre-spawn mode but moving quickly to spawning.

We had a decent rain over the weekend. Water levels are up slightly, making for some good fishing. This should bring in more salmon, and a good number of Steelhead.

For those of you seeking chrome, new fish have been moving in daily. Decent numbers of Steelhead can be found in the mid section on the Manistee. Bear Creek to Rainbow Bend has been fishing well. Larger Steelhead should be coming soon as river conditons are perfect.

Chuck with a gorgeous Manistee River Steelhead.

The Muskegon River is just a bit behind. Salmon are just beginning to spawn around Thornapple up to Pine st. Both trout and salmon fishing has been good. Steelhead should show up in decent numbers in mid October.
We still have a few open dates left for Manistee River Salmon, and a handful of November dates for Steelhead.

Send us a text or an email if you’d like a date for some great Fall fishing. (231) 519-7348

Lou with a beast of a buck from the Manistee River. Salmon fishing has been greatly improved the last several days. Everything is much later this year making for outstanding fishing later in October for both salmon and Fall steelhead. (10/2)

Special Salmon Fishing Rates for the lower Pere Marquette River and Big Manistee River.

$350 for the full day. $250 afternoon specials (3:30 – dusk) for half day rates. Price includes jet Boat trips on the lower Pere Marquette and Big Manistee River. ALL gear, tackle, rods, reels provided with guided trips. Free fish cleaning also included. Send us a text today to book your trip! We look forward to netting your salmon!! Text us for your date! >>> (231) 519-7348

John with a gorgeous Manistee River Coho taken while casting a fire tiger thunder stick. Coho are a blast if you can find them! We’re catching fish and having fun on the water! (9/22)

Things are finally beginning to look up. The Pere Marquette and Manistee are both reporting some fish starting to show up. The Big Manistee has a fair amount of Kings in the middle section, Bear Creek – Rainbow Bend area. Thunder sticks and skein producing the most fish. By no means is this a phenominal run of salmon, there is a fishable, adequate number of fish so far, and certainly nothing like the incredible run of 2013.

Over the next few days, look for salmon beginning to make the transition from deep holding pools to polishing gravel. Recent rains and a water level bump are sure to shuffle the deck, move fish up the river, and get salmon in the mood to dig gravel.

Check expectation at the door! This is turning out to be nothing like the run last year where you could ‘Walk across the river on salmon”. This is a year you’re going to have to work for your fish, and do things right to get them in the net. Should separate the men from the boys, so to speak.

On the bright side, there should be enough salmon for everyone to have fun with. There’s also a few Coho on both rivers, especially the Manistee. Skamania numbers were up this year along with plenty of healthy resident trout. Fall Steelhead may also be abundant this fall since we’ve had a lot of rain, higher water levels this year.

We are mostly booked for September now but we have plenty of open dates for October salmon, and November Fall Steelhead. Send us an email or text to reserve a guide date today! (231) 519-7348

The Pere Marquette River has been producing a dew fish but nothing like years past. Expect big numbers early next week. More rain should get them moving. (9/15)

After a very bleak and dismal weekend on the Pere Marquette River, we decided something new was in order. The PM had been fishing well all week, come the weekend, salmon bites were scarce and nowhere to be found. The Pere Marquette had minimal fish over the weekend. Boat traffic or recent rains had the salmon either lock jawed or headed further up river. The end result was poor fishing over the week.

Today is a new day. We traveled north to the Big Manistee River. We were pleasantly surprised to see clear water and a fair number of King salmon behind each log jam. Casting fire tiger thundersticks had a bright hen in the net within the first few minutes. Several more followed in quick succession.
The Manistee seems to be producing much more action, and consistent fishing. Floating skein or casting crank baits all produced nice fish today. Things are looking up for salmon on the Middle to lower sections. Rainbow Bend down to the Manistee lake train trussle, all producing a decent number of fish. With higher lake levels, the Manistee has been getting great pushes the last several days. It seems a ghost town from High Bridge up to Tippy. The upper sections have been very slow lately with only a handful in the upper two miles. Tippy is slow right but expect it to be fishing great early next week. We had a decent amount of rain so that should get them moving from them middle sections, towards the dam, We’re sincerely looking forward to decent number!!

Chad displays a gorgeous hen from today! Was an amazing fishing today for sure. This girl absolutely crushed a fire tiger T-stick. Fishing behind log jams produced a lot of fish today. (9/15)

Wilson with a great looking buck. Starting to see the beginnings of the main run. Daily pushes of fish now each morning with new salmon entering the river daily. Should make for a great run in the next few weeks. (9/8)

Way cooler tempratures in the 50’s, perfect salmon weather!
The last several mornings have had decent action from casting thunder sticks, with new pushes of fish coming in from the lake, now daily with cooler nights. Salmon from all stages of the game, chromers, caramel, and darkies all headed towards the upper river.

Indian Bridge has had good numbers of fish pushing through and beginning to load holes. We are planning on guiding the Pere Marquette for another week or so, then headed to the Manistee to chase brighter fish all over again. Hopefully cooler nights and decent rain is going to get the main push moving in a big way. It definitely won’t be long now! The big three rivers are all now starting to have fishable numbers of salmon with an occasional Coho or Lake Run Brown Trout being caught. Casting crank baits is an equal opportunity fish catcher for sure. We are certainly looking forward to a great Fall!
Give us a call or text. >>> (231) 519-7348

King Salmon that devoured a Thunder stick!

Bill with a gorgeous hen from this morning. Starting to see more and more salmon throughout the Pere Marquette River system. The Manistee is also going strong. Casting Thunder sticks has been the key. (9/4)

Keith with a nice one from the Big Manistee River. Not big numbers of fish yet but steadily entering the rivers. Salmon fishing should be excellent right after the holiday weekend! (8/29)

Salmon fishing has been very good the past several days! Great numbers of fish in a pocket today, and gone the next. Pockets of salmon throughout the Manistee and Pere Marquette River. Casting Thunder sticks still remains the most productive method for now. Skein bite should turn on with some cooler temperatures.

There seems to be a fair number of salmon entering the rivers each morning. Numbers should increase with some rain and cooler nights. River levels are perfect for a good migration this year!

We now have 7 full time salmon guides available this fall for the Manistee & Pere Marquette River.

We will be returning to the Muskegon River for Fall Steelhead beginning October 20th.

Scott with a gorgeous bullet buck from this morning at first light. Casting brightly colored thunder sticks has been the key. There were a fair amount of salmon pushing up river this morning. (8/27)

Lower river salmon fishing has been good on both the Pere Marquette and Big Manistee Rivers. There are a fishable number of salmon on both of these rivers. Salmon fishing should improve and begin in earnest with the next cold snap of the Weather, or hard East wind. This usually takes place just before Labor Day, when the most big kings enter the river and head up river to spawning areas. (8/23)

Jerry with a bright, fresh King from today. Heavy rains last night brought salmon right into the harbors. More fish on the way into the Pere Marquette and Big Manistee River! (8/19)

Over the past few days, salmon fishing on the lower Pere Marquette River has been outstanding! Hard east winds have brought in a big early push of bright silver chromers into the river. All of the lower sections below Indian Bridge have been fishing well. Mornings have been exceptionally good.

Brian with another gorgeous King Salmon from Pere Marquette Lake. Casting lures and jigging spoons all producing fish. East winds should keep fishing moving in. (8/19)

It should become one of the best years on record for salmon. Fish seem healthy and in good numbers so far this year! Looking for plenty more to get it cranked up! Michigan Salmon Fishing Trips.

Selection of the best colors on Thunderstick crankbaits for early king salmon. Bright colors catch fish!

Casting Thunder sticks has been the name of the game. Casting lures in and around deep water log jams has been producing violent head shakes, and big tank Chinook salmon!! Whoo Hoo King season is upon us and salmon are a little earlier this season!

Colder than average summer temperatures have made for cooler river temperatures bringing in salmon early. This should bode for great fishing during the rest of the season. Higher water levels make for easier migration into the upper sections this year. Easier swimming makes for faster migration.

Salmon numbers are up this year along with larger sized fish. If you fished with us last year, hang on to your rods, and bust out the 9 or 10 weight fly rods or heavier spinning rods. Salmon are going to be BIG this year!!

Big chrome kings absolutely crush brightly colored deep junior thunder sticks! Heart stopping hits, huge head thrashing shakes, and BIG salmon in the net!

Chinook Salmon Fishing or Smallmouth Bass?

Fresh Kings on the Lower Pere Marquette & Manistee River.

Welcome to salmon season 2014

The Pere Marquette, Big Manistee, and Little Manistee are all beginning to fish well for salmon. Our Salmon crew has been doing well of the past several days. The Lower PM has been the best, casting Thundersticks below Indian Bridge.

Float fishing Skein under a bobber has been working well on the Manistee Rivers, producing some nice chromers! Cooler nights and rains have been steadily bringing in salmon into all of the lower rivers. Everything seems to be ahead of schedule of last season. Salmon are bigger this year. Big Lake reports are awesome for the upcoming season.
Lower Pere Marquette River Salmon Thunder sticking should be rolling along well by September 2nd. We are really looking forward to Fall salmon on Northern Michigan Rivers. Text us! (231) 519-7348

The last couple of days on the lower PM and little Manistee River has been outstanding! The Little Manistee River is loaded with big, bright kings at this time. Casting spinners has been very productive with lots of hook ups each day! A summer with more than average rain fall has proved so far, to make for outstanding king salmon fishing. I believe higher water levels will make for an earlier than normal migration in all west Michigan Rivers but more so on the PM and Manistee.

Lately, Fishing fresh skein under a float has proven very effective. Casting Thundersticks or crank baits at first light has been producing a lot of salmon for us so far. The Big Manistee River, at the mouth of both Bear Creek and Pine Creek, has been producing fresh bullet kings each morning for us. I personally focus most on the lower Pere Marquette salmon below Indian Bridge. The Little Manistee River seems to have the most salmon so far. We will keep you updated as to how the season is progressing.

We have some availability right now for 5 guides on the Muskegon, Pere Marquette, and Big Manistee River. If you have a date or several in mind, please feel free to text me or use the “Book Now” tab of the website.

Michigan Salmon trips in less than one month!! Chinook Salmon Season – 2014 on the Pere Marquette, Manistee, and Muskegon Rivers!! It’s sure to be a year to remember! Last year’s King salmon were the largest year class in over 30 years! Don’t miss out!

Atlantic Salmon in Northern Michigan.

We’ve been spending the last few days chasing Atlantic salmon in Northern Michigan. These fish have been incredible fighters on the fly rod! Holy cow do these fish have power to burn with huge jumps!

Best techniques for these fish have been either centerpin float fishing or fly fishing with nymphs under a strike indicator. Atlantic salmon absolutely crush flies and are actually BITING the flies, no floss jobs with these fish!!

We are entertaining the idea of guiding for these salmon located in Northern Michigan. Fishing trips for these should be available for next summer, 2015, for both myself and Alyssa. To learn more about these fish and what we do for them, please check out our Facebook guide page and leave us comments or your thoughts on these great fish. They offer exceptional angling opportunities and great table fare in an enjoyable setting!
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Cooler temperatures this week have made for some great Trout and Smallmouth Bass fishing on the Muskegon River, Pere Marquette, and Manistee Rivers. Check out some of the photos from this week! Also note that we are less than 6 weeks away from Salmon fishing on the Pere Marquette and Big Manistee River. It’s going to be and incredible salmon season this fall. Fish are HUGE on the big lake this year!!

Call or Text to book your Fall Salmon or Steelhead adventure! (231) 519-7348

Jess with a giant Rainbow Trout. Trout fishing has been very good with the cooler nights. Its a great summer for Michigan trout fishing. (7/11)

Caddis offer some great dry fly fishing during the summer months. At times, caddis consist of 80% of a trout’s diet. Trout love caddis pupa, emergers, and adults. Michigan evening hatch fishing trips – $250 for evening specials. 5pm – 10pm.

Thane with an awesome “Hex” Brown from the Big Manistee River. Big Brown trout love Hex flies at night. These fish love big flies! (7/11)

Shawna and John display a huge Smallmouth from Shang-Ra-La section on the Muskegon River. Trophy Smallmouth Bass fishing during July & August.

Over the last several days, we’ve had some rain and cooler than average nights. Cooler water tempratures make for some outstanding trout fishing on the Muskegon and Big Manistee River.

Some great hatches like Isonychia, light Cahills, ever present Caddis. Decent Caddis emergence each evening between 7pm – 10pm on both rivers.
Guided Bass trips take place during the middle of the day into the evenings. Smallmouth have a unique habit of feeding almost exclusively on crayfish and are sight feeders. They seem to feed best during the middle of the day and into the evenings. Top water seems best going into the evenings with the sun behind the trees.

Hot and humid weather means one thing in Michigan fishing trips, Smallmouth Bass! When water gets on the warm side during July and August, Smallmouth Bass get fired up! The Muskegon River abounds with Smallies all summer long. They are aggressive and fight super hard with long digging runs and lots of jumps, these guys are a blast to fish for and catch!

We use several techniques for Smallmouth bass. Our favorite is light spinning tackle or bait casters with small crank baits, top water lures, or soft plastics. Top water lures are fun because the strikes are vicious and heart stopping! Smallies absolutely smash top water lures and love to chase lures in small packs of two or three fish. See fish strike!!

We have several locations on the Muskegon where we guide for Smallies. We also have a trophy section where we catch larger Smallmouth, Pike, Musky, walleye, Largemouth bass, and catfish. It’s a very action packed guided trip with lots going on! Bass is our main target but other species are often caught as well. This trophy section is very secluded with few homes, scenic beauty, and near zero boat traffic.Muskegon River Smallmouth Bass article.

Great Brown Trout fishing on Michigan Rivers. Great hatches such as caddis and may flies. Fishing had been outstanding with cooler weather this summer.

There are a couple things that really stand out about warm water species such as smallmouth, pike, and pan fish. When you find them, usually there are many. Making for face paced action. Who doesnt like to catch a lot of fish?

Smallmouth and pike also love top water!! Explosive strikes, big misses and they come back to hit it again! River conditions normally have clear water and optimal visibility allowing anglers to see bass and pike chase the fly or lure. Nothing is more exhilarating the seeing a giant Northern giving chase to your surface lure!! Come join us for some great fishing!!

Smallmouth Bass fishing has been heating up!! Tempratures are rising along with great warm water species. Bass, Pike, Walleye, and pan fish are now the flavor of the month.

Warm water species offer some really good angling opportunities for the next month, at least as long as the weather is hot and humid. Water levels and temps are perfect right now.

Northern Pike are also a blast on top water!

Smallmouth Bass is heating up!! Catch big fish!

This could be the year or years for Skamania Steelhead! After the year class of winter – spring steelhead that we had this year with much larger than average size, we could be in store for some monster summer steelhead!

Both the Big Manistee, Muskegon, and St. Joseph rivers get decent runs of summer steelhead. These hatchery steelhead make their migrations based on sunlight, and migrate around summer solstice. They usually arrive in the rivers in good numbers around the fourth of July. Skamania steelhead love to hang out at creek mouths.

We fish Skamania steelhead a varity of different ways. Our two favorites or float fishing with spawn or half a crawler, the other is fly fishing. Skamania are suckers for a good fly pattern. They love stones flies and other large nymph patterns. Swung spey flies are another good option. They love to chase flies!

Summer run steelhead are incredible fighters with long runs and incredible jumps! They readily take a fly or other offerings and are a bit more aggressive than other steelhead. Unlike spring steelhead, Skamania steelhead are a planted, hatchery strain of steelhead so there is no issue with keeping them. The offer exceptional table fare, on the grill or smoked.

We offer guided Skamania trips on the Manistee, Muskegon, and St. Joe river, which probably has the strongest run anywhere in the State. Indiana also has big numbers of summer runs. Trail Creek has one of the biggest. The Manistee Below Tippy Dam also receives a big run of summer run steelhead.

Outstanding Trout fishing during the summer months!

We are now starting to see a few Skamania Steelhead on the Big Manistee and St. Joseph Rivers. These fish are a riot if you ever hooked one!! Extreme high jumps and scorching runs!! Wow! Skamania, summer run Steelhead are amazing!

Muskegon River Smallmouth – Light tackle fishing!!

Smallmouth Bass Shang-ra-la! Shawna and John with a beast of a smallmouth. We are offering light spinning or bait caster trips for smallies casting small crank baits and top water. Fly fishing has been off to a slow start as smallmouth are just getting started. (231) 519-7348

Air Temperatures are hot and humid making for warmer water temps in the river, making for some spectacular Smallmouth Bass Fishing on the Mighty Mo! Light spinning or bait caster tackle is our gear of choice right now. Small crank baits, top water, and a variety of soft plastics.

Smallmouth bass have interesting feeding habits in Michigan rivers. They absolutely love crayfish and are very active and aggressive during the mid day into the evenings. Our best guided trips are from 11am – 7pm, when they seem to become the most active. Smallies are extremely hard fighters with great jumps and hard runs. Bronze backs are perfect for anyone wanting a relaxing day on the water with lots and lots of action, or a beginner new to the sport of river fishing. Smallmouth trips are usually very action packed with lots of strikes, follows, hard hits, and lots of jumps!! Other warm water species are also commonly caught including Walleye, Northern Pike, Musky, Trout, and an occasional summer run steelhead. Muskegon River Smallmouth Article.


Trout fishing remains excellent on the Mighty Muskegon River. Big spinner falls of Gray Drake, Isonychia Bicolor, and the ever present Cinnamon Caddis emergence, every evening from 7pm until dark. Hatches draw out big brown trout like this guy pictured above. Michigan offers wonderful evening hatch trout fishing on the Muskegon River. “Work during the day, fish in the evening!” (231) 519-7348

Evening “Hatch Masters” Trout specials going on now! $250 for an afternoon – evening of great Gray Drake, and Caddis hatches, entomology lessons, casting, and all around great trout fishing.

Work all day, then hit the river for an evening hatch! June evening hatch trout trips on the Muskegon & Manistee Rivers. Morning Half days also available. Text – (231) 519-7348

Trout fishing has been outstanding over the last several days!! Great sucker spawn nymphing followed by some very good dry fly hatches in the evening. Heavy Gray Drake Spinner falls with BIG trout rising!

Excellent trout fishing right now on the Mighty Muskegon River. Jessica displays a very respectable brown trout from today. Stripping small streamers against that bank has paid big dividends. (6/16)

Fat and healthy Michigan Trout. Bruce with one of several very nice trout. Isonychia nymphs on a sink tip fly line, working well. It’s great to see good trout now. (6/16)

Time to think about booking your Fall King Salmon fishing trip on the lower Pere Marquette. Casting crankbaits for big chrome kings on light spinning tackle! These monsters crush Thundersticks with fists of fury – Awesome power and great table fare. Kings are a riot on the lower rivers of the Manistee and Pere Marquette. $395 per 2 anglers.

Was the perfect storm last night! High humidity, no wind, and tons of Gray Drakes on the water. Don with a pig brown from yesterday evening after the rains. Massive clouds of drake spinners on the water! (6/12)

With the sucker spawn over, it’s hatch time now!! Check out this beastly brown that Dave caught on a Gray Drake spinner. Big hatches and dry fly fishing this month! (Caddis, Gray Drake, Isonychia Bicolor ) (6/10)

Ok. I finally give. Mercy! This is the last Steelhead of the 2014 season. 6/10 is a new personal record. What an awesome spring steelhead season!! Special thanks goes out to all the clients that spent the day on my boat! Hopefully ya’ll had a great time on the water and caught lots of chrome! We look forward to October 20th when fall bullets enter the river!! (6/10)

Spot and stalk – Trout Nymphing to trophy brown trout. Steve landed this stunning brown this morning while drifting nymphs for trout. Trout Fishing on the Manistee, Muskegon, and Pere Marquette has been phenomenal lately. Lots of healthy fat Michigan trout. (6/6)

Andy with a beast of a brown trout taken on a tiny nymph while fly fishing behind spawning gravel. Trout fishing has been great over the past several days. Water levels are perfect for fishing. (6/6)

Madelyn with a gorgeous fat brown from today. Its safe to say that our trout are not starving!! Fat Michigan Brown Trout for sure! Nymphing and small fry patterns fishing well. (6/3)

Stomach contents of an 18″ Muskegon River Brown Trout that I landed this evening. Four yellow eggs are Red Horse Sucker spawn. The alvin are actually freshly hatched Steelhead fry that are just now emerging from the gravel. Large Trout prey heavily on these things in early June. Notice the lack of insects in the stomach contents? These are “High octane” food sources, and are easy to catch. (5/31)

Mike and Bryant joined me for an evening “Hatch Master’s Evening trout session.” These guys we pleasantly surprised landing a pile of big steelhead, several large brown trout, and a bunch of smaller trout. Overall, it was a fantastic evening on the water with lots of fly fishing action. (6/5)

I know, every day, I say, I’m finished will steelhead but, one can not merely just pass up a redd with over a dozen fish on it. Logically, we just had to fish ’em! Mike and Bryant hooked and landed a bunch of steelhead on sucker spawn egg flies, and steelhead fry patterns. Fishing was very good with no other boats on the water. (5/28)

Early June is the time of year for BIG Trout! Michigan offers some exceptional, and mostly over looked, great trout fishing. Whether it’s nymphing behind suckers, stripping streamers, or dry fly fishing the drakes, Michigan has lots of big trout. (5/27)

As we say good bye to possibly one of the most epic steelhead migrations that I have ever experience, sheer numbers of steelhead that we had, with incredible size! Trust me MR. Chrome Dome, You will be missed! 2014 will go down in the history books as one of the most phenomenal steelhead years ever, we should be so lucky as to ever have such a great year class of steelhead…

From here on out, it’s all about trout, sucker spawn that is, yellow gold! Nothing draws my attention more than big old brown trout sitting behind a big ball of Red Horse doing the nasty! That’s right! Resident rainbows and brown alike love sitting down wind of spawning suckers. A somgasporg of eggs, fry, nymphs and whatever else suckers dig out of the gravel. Nymphing behind suckers has become my obsession for big trout! It’s just about the only time of the year, I dig out my good camera and go fun fishing!!

For the next two weeks I’ll be on the Muskegon and the Big Manistee River hunting big brown trout with a nymphing rod in hand. I’ll do my best to keep you posted as to how things are going. Without a doubt, early June is my favorite time to trout fish before the more noticeable hatches begin.

It’s almost June and Matt and Tom are enjoying a Steelhead double of two chromers! How do we tell clients that fishing is awesome right now with little or no angling pressure! Double digit hook ups on great fish during nice weather. This rarely happens in steelhead fishing in Michigan. (5/23)

Matt fights a leaping chromer! These fish are bad ass fighters this time of year!! Lots of fish with great jumps and drag ripping runs! I love May Steelhead!

Did someone say Brown Trout? May also offers a chance at some trophy Muskegon River Brown Trout. Our Muskegon River trout are Ginormous! These egg feeders have a much higher average size for hold over browns and rainbows! These fish put on the feed bag year around! Chubby Trout! (5/23)

We had a wonderful day fishing steelhead with Holly and her father, Paul. They’re from Kentucky and were in search of large Brown trout. Well, they were about 10 days too early for big trout but wow did we get in to some great steelhead fishing!! (5/21)

Fishing this week has been nothing less than excellent!! I guided both a full day and a half day today and we hooked up over 25 steelhead in the course of 13 hours of fishing, two trips. We did both techniques, both float fishing on spinning gear, and fly fishing. Both styles were very effective!

It’s a far cry from fishing in February or March to hook a handful of fish while freezing your butt off! It feels great to have some outstanding steelhead fishing with air temperatures in the low 70’s! Steelhead are healthy and are in great condition for this time of year and have been fantastic fighters! Spawning fish on gravel, drop back steelhead, and many smaller chrome May hens. Most people think its about over but this year, it’s actually some of the best fishing we’ve had all year due to the long winter and very cold river water temperatures! Come take advantage of special guide trip rates from now until June first!

Send us a text for open dates and fishing trip specials… (231) 519-7348

We had a fantastic afternoon of steelhead fishing! Armond has been a professional fly tyer for nearly 50 years and the results paid off big time! We had some really good fly fishing today. I can’t believe these are May Steelhead! (5/21)

It didn’t take Holly long to get into a bunch of really nice steelhead. Check out this buck she landed just as it started to rain. Lots and lots of May steelhead! (5/21)

Banner day on the Muskegon River! Holly and Paul were beatin’ checks on big chrome steelhead! Whoo Hoo! May steelhead are a blast on the fly rod! (5/21)

Joni and Tim put on a clinic this afternoon. We were the last boat on the water this evening and we hooked fish like crazy!! When is the last time you saw a bruiser chrome buck in mid May? Yeah! Fishing is that good right now! Water temps are cold with lots of steelhead and perfect river levels. (5/20)

Jim and Sure with a double from today. Both two very nice fish. Every day we’ve found pockets out really nice fish. Keeping my clients on fish ALL day long! Both morning trips and afternoon trips fishing well. (5/15)

Joni, Joni, Joni! What more to say… This girl can fish! Yes Ma’am! Another chrome please! Thank you! Fly fishing is really fun when your hitting banner days on the Muskegon with lots of fish! (5/15)

Grant showing off his fly fishing skills. We had a very enjoyable day on the water, learning new tricks, great conversation, a low impact day relaxing, and bringing a lot of fish to the net! (5/14)

Tom Jr and his Grandfather had a wonderful afternoon on the river today. No other anglers and plenty of fish to go around. Steelhead fishing has been great, today was no exception. Check this fat and healthy buck! (513)

Q with his very first steelhead. what a great Grandpa and Grandson trip. We had lots of fun and excitement with lots of fish landed with comfortable weather, quite a change from most of this spring. (5/12)

Keith and his grandson, Q, were a little hesitant about spending the money for a half day trip. They were pleasantly surprised and were rewarded with constant fish on and with lots of actions and great memories. I was happy to introduce another young angler into steelhead fishing! What a great afternoon on the water. (5/11)

Jim with one of many steelhead from today. For all the days in February when we work so hard to get fish in the net, It feels great to catch double digits in a t-shirt and very comfortable weather. Give us a call for steelhead dates – We are running special pricing from now until June 1st.

With water temperatures still very cold, bright chrome hens continue to be very common. No doubt we will be catching steelhead well into June this year. Kyle with a nice bright hen. (5/12)

Fishing has been outstanding over the last few days! Things have been way behind schedule due to the cold winter that we had. We’re finally experiencing some great steelhead fishing, lots of action and lots of fish! Myself with the largest steelhead that I have ever landed! 22 lbs on the boga. Beast of a buck. (5/9)

It was the day of days for big fish! We had some awesome action all day today. Heavy rain and wind made it an adventure. We enjoyed the weather and had a great day of fishing together. Jess was my third client from 1996. (5/9)

Its been many years since I have fished with Jess. Great friends and some great stories from over 16 years of steelhead fishing together. We had an epic day of fly fishing for steelhead! (5/9)

Phil displays one of many bright and energetic steelhead landed in the last few days. Water temperatures are in the high 40’s making for some phenomenal steelhead fishing on gravel! Sight fishing is now the name of the game with average hook-ups being in the 20’s or more! The bite is definitely on for spawning steelhead and “Drop back Steelhead” Cooler temperatures should keep us fishing well into early June! (5/8)

Phil and Bob landed a pile of fish during the last several days. Small salmon fry patterns and stone flies continue to do well. Caddis flies have also done exceptionally well. Were looking forward to more outstanding fly fishing in the weeks to come! (5/7)

Dane from Finley, Ohio with his first Steelhead. (Guided by Alyssa.) Ron and Dane had an awesome afternoon of catching steelhead. Best flies of the day were fry patterns and small nuke eggs. Sight fishing has been a blast!! (5/6)

We were very pleasantly surprised today at how good steelhead fishing turned out today! We spent the day fly fishing and just landed a ton of steelhead including this beautiful hen. Egg patterns, caddis, and fry patterns are working well. It’s a very late steelhead migration this year, we should easily have steelhead in this river until early June. (5/5)

Joe displays a gorgeous hen from today. We spent the day float fishing on or near gravel and we landed a pile of bright Steelhead. Bobber and spawn put well over a dozen steelhead in the net. Double digit Steelhead. Fish of all stages, pre spawn hens, bright males, and drop back hens. An old school technique that pays off big time on a busy weekend when all the “Prime Gravel” spots are taken, (5/4)

Drop – Back Steelhead holding in the pocket water behind spawning fishing. These fish hammer a well presented bead drifted behind the redds. Grad a bite to eat before heading back to the lake. Bridgett put on a clinic fishing a pocket between three boats and popped a bunch of fish weaving in and out of boats in the “Gaza Strip” (5/4)

Alyssa with a chrome mint silver bullet hen landed one of “Alyssa Beads” these things rock! She air brushes beads to make exact egg replicas. They’re beautiful and Steelhead obviously can’t tell the difference between her beads and the real thing!! They eat ’em like its the real deal!

Joe with a hefty fish from the morning bite. Fly Fishing has also been producing lots of fish. It’s all about the perfect glide on the gravel. Gettin’ it done on stone flies and hex nymphs! Nice buck Joe!

Dustin with a healthy buck! This thing was all over, jumping and running all over the place! We overheard another boat refer to their steelhead being “Foul mouthed” We laughed at the thought of foul mouthed steelhead jumping out and cussing at anglers! A good time was had for sure! (5/1)

Dave with a super tight hen, its hard to believe it’s May first with hens this tight and fishing so good right now. Fly fishing has been astounding over the past week or so. Lots of steelhead entering the river preparing to spawn. (5/1)

John Curley landed a beast of a chrome hen. Bright fish are not the norm usually in late April but this year, they are plentiful to say the least! I love being able to catch and release such a regal fish!! We’re Very excited about the next three weeks and great fishing headed our way!! (5/1)

Alyssa helped us all eat humble pie as she layed the smack down on a pile of steelhead today while fly fishing the Muskegon River!! (5/1)

Carl landed some gorgeous steelhead including this chrome bullet hen!! Chrome steelhead are not usually the norm in late April but they sure are this year! Nice work putting this beauty in the net!

Sam’s first steelhead!! One of the greatest joys of being a fishing guide is having the chance to help young people land their first steelhead. The smile says it best! (4/27)

Alyssa helped colleen land this gorgeous hen. Only 14 but, Colleen is a very experienced fly girl, and has landed many great fish with me over the years!! (Thanks DJ for a great afternoon trip!) (4/27)

It seems that with the awful winter that we had, everything in nature seems to be two weeks behind schedule, steelhead are no exception. This weekend was the first time so far that I started to see many chrome bullet hens landed and piles and piles of steelhead beginning to dig gravel in earnest. There was a spot near Pine st. on Saturday that I counted over a dozen females spawning in the same area at one time. Having that many hens in one area like that is mind blowing for me!! It’s been over a decade since I’ve seen such a late push of fish.

I absolutely feel comfortable guiding clients to big numbers of steelhead well into the first week of June. There’s been quite a few years with big late runs of Steelhead, this year with definitely be one of them. Water temps are still in the low to mid 40’s which is usually unheard of. All of this bodes well for great fishing well into late spring. For all of the clients that rescheduled because of the cold spring, good call because you’ll be into a lot of fish, in comfortable weather and great conditions.

We are excited because water levels, temperatures, and clarity are now perfect for steelhead! Its the perfect storm to bring everything together for some great fishing. The best part of the whole deal is, 90% of the hens we’ve been landing are tight or just barely starting to spawn. That’s some great news! After such a harsh winter, things are several weeks behind schedule, we should have great steelhead fishing well into late May!!

Fishing Steelhead while the weather is still warm. Lots of chrome fish still to come!!

Afternoon trips have also been fishing well for those who work during the day but would like a chance to fish in the afternoon. These trips are available most days are run from 3:30 pm – 8pm. Fishing can be great with much less angler pressure later in the day. Cost is $250 for 2 anglers. We look forward to fishing with you!!

Water levels have been steadily dropping on the Muskegon River. Fishing has all been outstanding with 20 plus hook ups per day being the norm right now. I fished with Paul and Colby for the past 6 days and we landed over 100 steelhead on their outing. We were fly fishing and fished several local rivers. Most of our steelhead were landed on clown eggs, fry patterns, and black stone flies. A few were landed on brightly colored caddis. The best steelhead fishing of the year is upon us and should last well into the next several weeks.

Ed and his daughter, Anna, with her very first steelhead. We proud as a guide service, to promote, and do our best to get kids on the water and into fish! “Hooked for life” is the wat we see it! (4/27)

Abbie with her first Steelhead. There was a million steelhead in the river and everyone was having a blast! Fish were everywhere this weekend and getting these kids into piles of fish was easy, landing them was another story. (4/27)

Afternoon trips have seemed to be landing the most fish lately. Afternoon trips are a great way to relax after a day at work. This time of year, weather is perfect for an afternoon fish. (4/26)

I have to say, I had a blast fishing with these guys on Saturday. We has a lot of fun cracking on each other and giving bs. We did mange to land 11 steelhead in a half day trip. There are piles of fish right now!!

TJ landed this colorful buck today on the fly rod. Fishing has been phenomenal over the past week. We have just been hammering on the steelhead. Water levels continue to drop making for exceptional fishing. Afternoon half days are fishing well. (4/24)

Check this kid out! What a beast of a buck!! Fly fishing the Billy Pate and TFO fly rod, TJ kicked his butt and put this guy in the net! Booh Ya! (4/24)

Allen landed this plump hen today. There was a great bite today. We had fish on all day. Big, bright flies have been the key to gettin’ bit on the Mighty Mo. (4/24 ) Morning trip.

Check out this shiny nice hen! Gravel fishing has been very good. Consistently producing lots of fish. (4/24)

Ed and Alyssa had a fantastic afternoon landing piles of fish today!! Steelhead fishing has been incredible the past several days. This is just the beginning of exceptional fishing. May should be amazing! (4/23)

Banner day on the Mighty Muskegon River. Water temperatures, Levels, and Clarity are all perfect for great fishing. Water temperatures are still relatively cold so we should have outstanding fishing well into late May! Fishing right now is really good! (4/23)

Finally, the Muskegon River is open for business and great Steelhead fishing!! Whoo Hoo! I’m excited to be back home and catching some chrome! After a brief hiatus fishing some other rivers up north, It feels great to home! I haven’t had much of a chance to look around to check the launches but I know the Croton launch, Pine st, and Thornapple all seem to be open. Henning Park should be as well. We also have openings for this week, mon, tues, and wed. If your interested in getting your fish fix!! Kodie and Alyssa are available to guide! It looks like some phenomenal fishing lies ahead. Great weather and Chrome fish!!

Muskegon River Flood Conditions – High Water Levels

There are tons of steelhead in the river! We are excited to resume guided fishing trips on the Muskegon River on Monday, (4/21). Water levels are steadily dropping and clarity is good!

Great News!! After nearly a week has passed, water levels are now stabilized and slowly dropping nicely. Boat launches are not yet open but we are optimistic that launches should be open and fishable by Monday,(4/21) We should be able to resume normal scheduled trips and guiding in a normal fashion. Water temperatures are great, and water clarity is much improved. Mostly clear with a slight green tint, definitely not muddy, which is great!! We are excited to start guiding again Monday!!

As of this morning, Water levels are still extremely high but, seemed to have leveled off to a maintainable level. Some homes and foundations are flooded and many people along the river have water around their homes and flooded basements. At least in the area of Devil’s Hole, (Below Thornapple access) water is only in the yard, not in the yet inside the homes. Bridgeton and Maple Island area is heavily flooded.

For those of you following the USGS website, it appears that the river has crested and stabilized. Water levels are at 14.3 cfs, normal is about 2000 cfs. ( 6 times it’s normal water level.) I don’t believe the Muskegon River will be fishable until Easter Sunday. We are running scheduled guide trips on the Big Manistee and other local rivers. Fishing should be exceptional when the water levels come back down. Cold nights and cold water temperatures should keep most of the steelhead from spawning. May should offer great fishing as well!

Muskegon River Flood waters. Water crashes over the handicap fishing deck on the Muskegon River below the Croton Dam near Newaygo, Michigan. River Levels are expected to rise above flood stage in the next several days.

Water levels are high on the Muskegon River covering the board walk along the river and the handicap fishing structures. Boat launches have been closed and barricaded by authorities. Hostile law enforcement has threated to ticket onlookers and anglers going near the water.

View from the Croton Dam bridge over looking the high water levels of the Muskegon River. Levels are expected to rise above flood stage and should crest (Highest point) sometime on Wednesday. Once water levels stabilize, steelhead fishing should be phenomenal!

High Water Steelhead on the Mighty Muskegon River. Steelhead fishing was fantastic yesterday before the flood waters came. Fishing should be exceptional when the levels stabilize and become clear again later this week.

Finally Spring has sprung and the steelhead are here in a big way! After a horrible and cold winter, the ice is finally off the Croton reservoir! This creates a wonderful spike in water temperatures that drives steelhead into the river and gets them fired up to spawn. There was a substantial spike in the water temperatures today from 35 degrees at 8am this morning, to an astounding 38 degrees at 6pm this evening. That gets steelhead on the Move, triggering fish to move into gravel shoals and begin to dig redds. Phenomenal fishing ahead!

Check out the chrome on this beautiful buck! Great fishing today on floats and spawn. Water temperatures are finally warming up bringing big numbers of fish into the upper stretches on the river. It’s great to see silver fish again! Wow! (4/9)

Using floats and spawn on Light spinning tackle has been putting the majority of fish into net as of lately. Fly fishing should turn on in a big way once water temps approach 42 degrees, that magic temp where hens begin to dig gravel and spawn. Over the next few days, a many steelhead should move up river in search of gravel. This is the fly fishing that most of us spend the entire year waiting for, spawning steelhead on gravel, a fly fisherman’s dream come true!

Better to be lucky than good! Todd landed two back to back gorgeous bucks. Snow melt, warmer temperatures, and higher water levels have made for some outstanding steelhead fishing. Great fishing should extend well into late May. (4/9)

With the photo period driving fish to begin spawning, and the much longer days of sunlight, we are offering guided half day afternoon specials. Boat traffic is minimal during this time day, and is nothing like the morning guide rush at the boat launch in the mornings. A relaxing, fish catcing afternoon is just what the doctor ordered!

Afternoon trips are very productive because water temps are at their warmest for the day. Boat traffic is minimal allowing for steelhead to take time and feed. Guided Half Day Afternoon Trips are doing as well or better than full day trips for number of fish landed. . 3:30pm – 8pm for $250. Get out of work early and come fish the Might Muskegon River, Located less than 45 minutes North of Grand Rapids.

Mark with his first of many Muskegon River Steelhead. Once steelhead is in your blood, you’re hooked for life! Mark is no exception. He absolutely loves the chrome bullet. Guided Half Day Afternoon Trips are doing as well or better than full day trips. Get out of work early and come fish! 3:30pm – 8pm for $250.

Chad landed a huge plump hen! As you can see, these fish are becoming close to spawning. We have been landing several hens per day now that are loose and spawning, or very close. It should only be a few days before a good number of fish are digging gravel and spawning.

Water levels are prime and in perfect condition. Levels remain high but offer some outstanding fishing if you know how to play your cards when the river is up. Starting to also see a fair number of blazing silver fish, especially chrome hens in the upper sections. Fishing should really start rocking at the end of this week with winter fish starting to dig gravel and spawn, and mint chrome fish coming up river to prepare to spawn.

With the way things are headed, should be an incredible spring with lots of large steelhead and trout. These fish are from the same year class as our huge November fish from last fall. We should see some giants when they step up to the plate and start spawning.

Water levels have been up for the past several days, although today was the first day that it was drastically better for us! We were finally able to piece the puzzle of high water together and catch some fish!

Larger spawn sack in chartreuse netting played a huge key in landing fish, an offering that could be seen!
Steelhead were along the shoreline, tucked in behind log jams and trees. Once we figured
out what they wanted, it became much easier. (4/4)
I had a great two days with Steve, John, and Rick. Despite the nasty weather and tough conditions, We had a great time with plenty of laughs and managed to land some very respectable Steelhead and fat trout.
Water levels will most likely stay high but continue to clear. Visibility today was 4′ – 5′ which is plenty clear for great fishing. Water temperatures are rising and should make for some outstanding gravel fishing over the new few days. Floats and spawn still continues to put the most fish in the net…

March Madness and Spring Steelhead!

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No doubt there is something spectacular about ice out spring steelhead!! Like us, these fish have been locked up for months! The bite is on! Come join us for March Madness on the Muskegon River! (3/11)


Beginnings of a great day!! Myles and Jason with our first double of the day. These two guys had an epic day of Spring Steelhead!! New fish entering the river! (3/11)

Some gorgeous Brown Trout were also landed today. Trout are always a welcome addition to the mix. Bobbers down all day!! (3/11)

What an awesome weekend we had!! Fishing is starting to rock! New fish are showing up big time in the lower Muskegon. Chromers on the board. Brandon displays his first steelhead. Congratulations! (3/10)

Arnie landed this fine specimen. It was a great battle, it ran all over the river! Amazing what a little sunshine can do! (2/9)

Molly with a gorgeous Spring Steelhead hen. We had a blast float fishing, landing many nice trout, steelhead, and even a walleye.

Nick with a stunning buck landed in the afternoon. Fishing has been exceptionally good and warmer weather is just ahead this week!

Myles had a crack at a bunch of chrome bright hens. Steelhead are starting to move in a big way. Longer days and snow melt are pushing fish! (3/11)

Jason with another beautiful buck from today. These guys were on fire and nailed the float fishing techniques! Floats and spawn – Gettin’ it done! (3/11)

Greg landed a BEAST of a buck. Continuing to see many large fish from last fall. Jigs and waxworms taking the cake on this big guy! (3/9)

This is how I like to start my mornings! A cup of coffee and double on the first two casts! Brian and Scott with a nice double!! (3/6)

Molly landed caught a very respectable walleye with fishing a jig and perch minnow.

Spencer landed some nice steelhead while fishing bobbers with jigs a pink worm. Spring chrome is on the way!

(3/10) What a weekend we had, WOW! What a difference in fishing that a slight warm up makes. Steelhead were much more aggressive now, with a little more sunshine, things are shaking loose and getting going!

Over the next several days, we should start getting many bright new fish. Things are late this year but starting to move. Steelhead are hungry and healthy!

We seemed to land many fish on tiny jigs tipped with wax worms. Fresh spawn also worked very well. Kodie landed a bunch of nice steelhead drifting flies under a float on light spinning gear. Lots of ways to get it done, all of which seemed to work well. Water is warming slightly and starting to get fish interested in feeding. Should be a great week coming up!

Choosing to use different flies, jigs, beads, and different eggs is always a key to landing more spring steelhead. Change it up & Get bit!

(3/9) I’m not usually a fan of the, “Get out there at the crack of light” kind of a guide. Usually I like a bit more of a leisure start. However, this morning we were up and at ’em! Today paid big dividends to get out early. Fish today were very much on the bite well before the sun came over the trees!

Brian and Scott booked a morning half day trip and it was on this morning for sure! We hooked over 6 fish just in the first spot alone! Spring Steelhead is off to a very good start!!

Michigan Steelhead Adventures

Dan with a very colorful hen from today. Weather was cold but I felt wonderful to get out and catch a lot of nice steelhead and trout. Booking Spring Dates!!

Spring Steelhead coming soon to a river near you! We’re taking reservations now for spring chromers on the mighty Muskegon! It won’t be long!

Thane showing off a beautiful Michigan Steelhead he took on his pin!! Jammin Jigs tipped with two wax worms and Joel’s Jigs have been our top producers!

Becky with one of many steelhead landed today while fly fishing the Muskegon River. All of our steelhead from today came on fry patterns. (1/19)

Steelhead Trips

Salmon fry, steelhead fry, salmon eggs, minnow flies for steelhead.
Salmon eggs and fry are a very important food source for steelhead in late winter – early spring. Make sure you have plenty of fry patterns in your fly box!
(1/28) Floats and Spawn was the flavor of the day. Fishing was decent with steelhead holding tight in the winter lies. Steelhead were landed in just about every location that we fished. Fat and very healthy trout we landed just about everywhere that we fished. Trout and steelhead are much larger this year.

Salmon eggs and fry are a very important food source for steelhead in late winter – early spring. Make sure you have plenty of fry patterns in your fly box!

It felt great to get out on the water and have a nice warm day. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the steelhead fishing was today. I can’t wait for the next warm up so I can get on the water and chase some big chrome Muskegon River Steelhead!

(1/21/14) Finally, after two weeks of bitter cold, it looks like we have a warming trend coming up for the weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look like good fishing weather!

Winter steelhead fishing has been consistently good with perfect water levels and good conditions. Clarity is also good.

Floats and spawn has been fishing very good, hooking well over a steelhead per or more. There’s also been a bunch of fat resident trout to be caught. I’m sure everyone is very much looking forward to getting the heck out of the house!

Fishing this winter continues to be amazing! Landing double digit monsters has been a daily occurrence. The great conditions are already spilling over into the spring. With the calendar quickly filling up, you should book your spring trips now!
Mid March to late April is our busiest time of year, running 5 boats each day. Late March and April offer great fishing, at a price, extremely crowded with lots, and lots of boats. Our catch rates actually go down in March and April because we have to “Share” the fish with so many other boats.

Winter Steelhead offers the best of both worlds, lots of fish and action, without any boat traffic or other anglers preasuing the fish. Winter steelhead is consistently good, usually landing over one steelhead per hour!

Reservations are usually shorter notice this time of year but we can gladly float your deposit to a day with comfortable weather between now and Febuary 15th. Give winter steelhead a try. We look forward to fishing with you!

Phil with a gorgeous hen. Steelhead fishing has been very good with the recent warm up. (1/12)

Dan with “Gigantor” the Steelhead! Check out this beast of a buck! Double digit Alpha Male! (1/4)

A beautiful Brown trout adding some color to the winter scenery. Excellent trout fishing can also be had this time of year! We love our resident trout! (1/4)

Shawn displays a gorgeous Winter Steelhead hen. There is something special about a great day of fishing, and having the river to yourself.

Winter Steelhead fishing offers the best of both worlds, great fishing with lots of hook ups, peace and serenity. Having the river to yourself.

Ed and Ted display a beast of a hen from today. Short notice booking due to weather have been the norm. If you can get out, fishing is really good! (12/31)

Erick with a monster buck tipping the Boga at nearly 17 lbs!! Water levels are perfect, fishing should be awesome by the end of the month! (1/12)

Eric displays a colorful hen from today. Winter steelhead fishing remains very good! (1/4)

We were into some good numbers of fish today. A good mix of winter steelhead, and a handful of new chromers starting to show. (1/4)

We were into some good numbers of fish today. A good mix of winter steelhead, and a handful of new chromers starting to show. (1/4)

Mike with a gorgeous winter’s buck! This fish was a great fighter, mean, with a feisty attitude!!

Steve with one of many nice, bright hens. Plenty of steelhead brought to hand this time of the year.

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