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Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports
Michigan Steelhead Fishing

 Water levels are finally back to normal with very good Steelhead Fishing conditions on the Muskegon, Grand, and Big Manistee Rivers. Starting to more bright Spring Steelhead entering the lower river.   Float fishing with beads and spawn continues to produce the most fish.  Fly Fishing with Black Stone flies are also producing. 

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Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports _ Muskegon River
Michigan Steelhead Fishing Guides

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It’s hasn’t much felt like Fall the past few days. Fortunely for us, the Steelhead have not noticed that its been cold. Steelhead have been very aggressive and feeding well. It’s still November in Michigan. Water temperatures continue to hold in the high to mid 40’s.  Steelhead are feeding and jumping when hooked!  Look for good numbers of Steelhead in the Muskegon and Grand Rivers.  Trout beads and spawn are both fishing well.  Please CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW>   
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Michigan Fall Steelhead Muskegon River
Muskegon River - Home of the Chrome. Gorgeous Fall Steelhead in Michigan. More fish entering the river daily.
Croton Dam Fall Steelhead Fishing

Michigan’s Best Kept Secret – Michigan Fall Steelhead Fishing on the Muskegon River.  Over the past several weeks, steelhead fishing on the Mighty Mo has been excellent. Good numbers of Fall Steelhead have ascended the river with the recent rains. King Salmon have just about finished their annual spawning migrations. Steelhead seek spawning gravel to feel on Chinook Salmon eggs deposited into the gravel shoals.  This makes for outstanding Fall trout bead fishing for Michigan Fall Steelhead.  Look for perfect Steelhead fishing conditions over the next several weeks.  

Late October and November offer the best Steelhead fishing in the Mid West Great Lakes area.  These rivers become packed with fall steelhead after the salmon die off. Bead fishing is excellent at this time.

Steelhead Fishing In Michigan Muskegon River
Giant Fall Steelhead _ Muskegon River. Jason displays a beast. 20 lb Fall Steelhead in Michigan. (10/21)
Michigan Steelhead Fishing _Muskegon River
Scott with a beautiful Muskegon River Steelhead. More bright fish to come. (10/19)
Michigan Steelhead Fishing _ Muskegon River Fall Steelhead Fishing
Mason with a nice buck. November offers the best in Fall Steelhead.
Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports
Aki from Toyko, Japan with a very respectable Steelhead.
Steelhead Fishing Michigan
Jim with another very nice steelhead. Nice weather and great fishing. Muskegon River Fall Steelhead. (10/18)
Spring Steelhead Fishing Michigan
Garrett with a colored up Steelhead. Great fishing lasts all winter long on the Muskegon River.

Michigan Spring Steelhead Fishing is in full swing. Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam is fishing well.  Muskegon River below the Croton Dam seems to be fishing the best with good concentrations of Spring Steelhead on spawning gravel. Steelhead fishing should continue well into mid to late may. (231) 519-7348

Kids Fishing Michigan Rivers
Trout Fishing Muskegon River
Will displays a very nice Muskegon River Brown Trout. Michigan Fishing Reports saying Steelhead Fishing is excellent on the Muskegon and Manistee Rivers.

Michigan Fishing Reports Steelhead Fishing remains very good on the Muskegon and Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam. Both Steelhead and Trout catches are doing very well.  We have guide dates available. (231) 519-7348

Michigan Steelhead Fishing
Michigan Steelhead Fishing

Fully Guided Spring Steelhead Trips for Michigan Rivers. Full Day Trips ( 8 hours) $395 Half Day Guided Fishing Tours (4 hours) $295 ** All Gear, Tackle, Rods, Reels, Fishing Cleaning Provided** Super Prime Spring Steelhead Dates & Half days available.

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Michigan Steelhead Fishing - Steelhead Fishing Great Lakes

Tasha with an absolutely gorgeous Winter… I mean April Steelhead! Warmer weather ahead! Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Michigan Steelhead Fishing - Steelhead Fishing Great Lakes

Scott with a chromer. Starting to see the main push of Spring Steelhead in the upper sections of the Muskegon River. Prime Time is here! Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports for Great Lakes Steelhead.

You definitely wouldn’t know it with the weather lately but, right now we are finally heading into the peak of the Michigan Spring Steelhead season on the Muskegon River. Both the Big Manistee River below Tippy, and the Muskegon River below Croton dam are fishing rock star now for steelhead. Good numbers of both winter and spring steelhead are spawning. Water temperatures have finally hit the magic 40 degree mark. We’re starting to see a lot of fish on gravel.

Best techniques right now are bobbers and beads, micro jigs tipped with wax worms (Water is low and gin clear so small is the key) Small spawn sacks in natural colors ( White, orange, peach netting) And of coarse, chuck and duck fly fishing. Sight fishing has been very good with the lower, clear water. Fish have been spooky so light tippet, and smaller, dark flies have been working best.  Michigan Fly Fishing Guides 

Look for a lot more spring steelhead to show up during our next significant rain fall. There’s a good number of steelhead still in the lower section that are ready to push into the upper river. Coming soon!

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Michigan Steelhead Fishing - Steelhead Fishing Great Lakes

Eric with a colorful buck. Fishing is on fire right now! Next week should be peak week!

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Michigan Steelhead Fishing - Steelhead Fishing Great Lakes

Bright Chrome hens! Lots of Steelhead starting to hit gravel and spawn! Spring Steelhead are here.

Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports for the Muskegon River. Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River is now in full swing!! Good numbers of steelhead in the upper river with a fair number beginning to spawn. Water levels and temperatures are perfect for the bite, and I think the DNR is finished shocking walleye for this week.

River conditions look favorable over the next week or so. Fishing is phenomenal right now and it should stay that way for awhile.

Best Steelhead fishing techniques for Spring Steelhead: Float fishing (bobber) with trout beads or jigs tipped with wax worms. Fly fishing to fish on gravel is going strong. Dull colored flies, stone flies, hexes, and green caddis are all putting fish in the net. Casting small crank baits has also been working well.

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Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Michigan Steelhead Fishing - Steelhead Fishing Great Lakes

Emily with a gorgeous hen. Fishing is outstanding right now!

Michigan Fishing Reports - Michigan Steelhead Fishing Reports - Steelhead Fishing Great Lakes MI

Matt and Emily has some really good fishing. Afternoon’s are also fishing well.

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