Monster Rainbow Trout – Steelhead Michigan.

Nick with an amazingly bright hen. Unbelievable that there is still tight hen steelhead spawning this late the season. This is awesome! (5/18)

Ray with a stunning buck from the Muskegon River. May Steelhead fishing is a great way to spend the day with nobody on the water! (5/18)

The recent rains last week brought in a new and significant push of steelhead into the upper sections of the Muskegon River from Thornapple to the Croton dam. The upper section has been fishing well.

Water levels are looking good, Clarity in about 5′ – 7′ feet with a stain but, water is very clear. Running mid level at 3000 cfs. Wading would be a little sketchy at this point.
Best fishing techniques have been float fishing (Bobbers and spawn) and free style nymphing – Michigan fly fishing. Sucker spawn nymphing has also been good for larger Rainbow trout, Brown Trout, & Brook Trout.

Good numbers of both Rainbow trout and steelhead should go well into early June. Hatch fishing should start soon! Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout love hatches on Michigan Rivers.

Bob with a majestic steelhead from the morning. Still lots and lots of steelhead to play with. Fishing should last well past Memorial day. (5/12)

This absolutely does not look like a steelhead from May 7th. Long winter making for an even longer spring steelhead season!! Fishing has been phenomenal. (5/7)

Toby and Nate getting it done with a mid May double of chromer wild hen steelhead. It’s good right now! (5/7)

Chuck and Linda had a very good day yesterday! Lots of drop back steelhead, and many spawners.(5/5)

Fishing has been tremendous with lots of chrome steelhead in the Muskegon River. (4/26)

Plenty of giant pig hens hitting the gravel. Steelhead fishing has been incredible. WOW! (4/26)

We had the best day ever with Dr. Tim Burkhart! Just a phenomenal day float fishing. Fishing is tremendous right now! (4/22)

Neal with a stunningly beautiful hen. Due to the long winter, fishing is just getting started! (4/21)

Andy with a gorgeous May Steelhead from the Muskegon River. Rain has helped the run and has brought in a few more fish. (5/12)

Bob (Koz) with a beautiful Muskegon River Brown Trout. Sucker spawn trout is just around the corner. Excited to see these big guys! (5/7)

“The tug is the drug” – Toby is addicted to steelhead fishing – Muskegon River Style! (5/7)

Linda with one of her many steelhead. This lady catches fish! There should continue to be steelhead in the river for awhile yet. (5/5)

Making memories and catching big fish! Looking forward to more phenomenal fishing! (4/26)

Drop Back Steelhead have been common! These ladies love to jump and rip line off the line. Chrome baby chrome! (4/26)

Lots and lots of chrome bullets. Fishing is really heating up and about to get really good! Wow! Just look and that silver! (4/22)

Double digit days have been the norm for the last week of fishing. It looks like it will only get better! more fish to come… (4/21)

West Michigan Guide Service – Muskegon River – Fishing has been off the hook! Because of the ultra long, cold winter, Steelhead ( Rainbow Trout) is just getting started. Water tempratures have finally reached perfect spawning tempratures. Many bright chrome Steelhead hens are just now starting to spawn on gravel. These fish are still tight in the skein and several weeks from spawning. At this rate, we should have decent numbers of steelhead well into early June. Fishing is exceptional right now with perfect water levels and conditions! Both float fishing and fly fishing producing double digit Rainbow Trout, days of fish in the net!

Lots of Steelhead with more on the way! Warmer water temperatures have steelhead spawning in a big way! (4/13)

Steelhead fishing on the Mighty Muskegon River is really starting to pick up with good numbers of fish hitting the gravel, and lots of tight hens that are several weeks from spawning. (4/13)

Conditions are quickly becoming perfect now with water temperatures in the low 40’s, clearing, and dropping steadily. New fish are constantly entering the river system, while the older, winter steelhead (Rainbow Trout ) have begun to dig gravel and spawn big time!

John poses with a beautiful spawning Rainbow Trout. Rainbow Trout Bead Fishing (4/13)

Absolute Trophy Brown Trout! We are als catching many larger trout while steelhead fishing. It s nice to see some quality trout. (4/12)

We’re starting to see more chrome fish each day. Chrome bucks are a sure sign of good things to come! (4/13)

Walleye have just been crazy! At times it’s been hard just to even get a good fly drift. There have been some many Muskegon River Walleye, at times it seems they ate everywhere! (4/12)

Over the next few days, We should see an increase of the number of spawning steelhead. Best techniques have been fly fishing with small to medium sized egg flies, beads, and black stone flies. Float fishing has also been excellent and top producer, and old school style, pulling plugs has also been rocking a bunch of fish on certain days. Look for some great fishing in the next week or so. West Michigan Guide Service.
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