Muskegon River “Winter” Steelhead

Without out a doubt, one of the greatest elements of Winter Steelhead fishing is the ability to be able to fish anywhere you want! Zero angler pressure makes for phenomenal fishing! Steelhead and trout both are eager to take your offering because they haven’t been tested by other anglers.

Over the past few days, there has been little to no angling competition, especially on the lower sections of the Muskegon River.

Double digit hook ups have been the norm this past season. Add to that, we have an incredible year class of oversized, large and healthy population of ass kicking steelhead!

“Muskegon River – Home of the Chrome!”

Kodie has been doing great nymphing giant trout on 5 wt fly rods, Rio floating lines, indy rigs and tiny nymphs. Lots of fat and sassy trout. If you’ve never tried this technique, it’s a stinkin’ blast for sure!

Greg with a bright chromer from today!

This buck fought like crazy! Float Fishing was great today. Zero boats, lots of steel.

Winter Trout nymphing has also been outstanding with exceptionally fat & healthy resident rainbows and brown trout.

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