Spring Steelhead on the way!

Steelhead fishing is absolutely in for swing! We are catching a lot of fish right now! Both float fishing and fly fishing are doing great! (4/7)

Chrome. Chrome. Chrome!! Jill with her first Steelhead ever! Congratulations! Light spinning tackle float fishing on the Muskegon River. (3/29)

Tom with a great looking Steelhead. The next ten days should be on fire! It’s game on right now! (4/7)

The girls were on fire today! Lots of silvers hens with some cuties holding them! Was wonderful to have long time friends from the college years today! (3/29)

Drum roll please!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for, when giant chrome bullet hens finally enter the river in fishable numbers!! Over the past three days, we’ve had double digit hooks ups, lots of fish on, and lots of steelhead brought to hand! Winter has (mostly) lost it’s grip on Michigan, and we can finally look forward to warmer temperatures and outstanding steelhead fishing! Water temperatures remain cold so spawning is several weeks away, however, the “Bobber” bite has been ridiculous! Floats and spawn have definitely been getting it going in a big way! Spawn, beads, and jigs with wax worms have all been fishing well.

The past four days have brought us great fishing and chrome steelhead! William with his fifth of the morning!! Plenty more to come! (3/24)

This absolutely does not look like a steelhead from May 7th. Long winter making for an even longer spring steelhead season!! Fishing has been phenomenal. (5/7)

Ben with gorgeous chrome bullet hen. Starting to see some good numbers of bright new fish! (3/20)

Every day fishing has been an improvement over the last. New and larger fish showing up daily. Fly fishing stone flies has been great! (3/23)

New chrome fish and an epic morning bite. Several very good days of steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River. (3/24)

First double digit day on the Might Muskegon River. Spring is here and so is a new batch of fish. (3/20)

Seems like everything is starting to bust loose and break open into actual Spring! Both the Muskegon River and the “Flies Only” section on the Pere Marquette and both beginning to fish well. We should start seeing numbers of fish in both rivers. Fishing forecast for this weekend, and next week looks great!

Jake, Kodie, and I are guiding the Muskegon River. Ryan White is available for float trips on the Pere Marquette River, “Flies Only” sections. BGS FaceBook Page for updates.

Larry with a beautiful Spring Steelhead. Starting to see more new chromers each day! (3/17)

Great day on the water! Weather is starting to break with bright fish entering the river. Things are getting going with plenty more to come! (3/14)

Dean with his first career steelhead! Congratulations buddy! Great Spring Steelhead Fishing yesterday! (3/9)

Mark with a beast of a buck from today!! Fishing has improved greatly over the past several days. (3/17)

Jessica & Chase with a stunning bright bullet hen. Fresh mint chromers finally starting to show up in the lower to mid sections of the Muskegon River. (3/15)

Pete landed this gorgeous wild steelhead yesterday on the Muskegon River! Ice flows are gone, the river is open! (3/9)

March, 9. Spring Steelhead are finally here along with some much needed, warmer weather! The Muskegon River is free from ice flow and open, well down to the lower section, Mystery Creek Campground area. The river ice flows in the lower river should open more each day. Croton Dam through the Newaygo area is ice free, and gin clear, flowing nicely. Steelhead run should begin in earnest, with lots of new fish entering from Lake Michigan.
The first three days of the Spring Steelhead 2015 have started out well to say the least! Temperatures are finally starting to warm up and the steelhead and trout have certainly begun to take notice! If things continue to keep going like this, we should have a phenomenal Spring run. I’m looking forward to this guide season!!

Feels fantastic to out on the water! Tom with a very nice buck from this morning! Steelhead fishing is improving. (3/2)

Andy with a gorgeous Muskegon River Steelhead buck caught on a jig tipped with a wax worm. (3/1)

Late Winter offers a chance at trophy Steelhead with few anglers on the water.

Thane with a beast of a hen from the Big Manistee River. Spring Steelhead are starting!

Croton Dam Fishing Report for the Muskegon River.

Steelhead & Trout tours near Newaygo, Michigan. Located very close to Grand Rapids, Mi. Fly Fish.

Tom putting on a clinic with jigs and wax worms today while float fishing! New fish entering the river! (3/2)

Best ticket for big fish has always been our tried and true, floats and spawn, drifted through the runs and deeper holding water. A close second has been fishing hand tied fly jigs tipped with wax worms.

Andy putting up another chrome buck. Fishing has been improving. Fish moving in. (2/1)

Gorgeous Steelhead brought to hand before the crowds of April swarm the river. Solitude in fishing the winter – early Spring.

Awesome Spring Steelhead Fishing! Molly with a big Steelhead from the Muskegon River.

No doubt that winter has had an awful grip on us lately, with cabin fever running high, everyone needs to get out of the house and do some fishing!! Expected temperatures should be on the rise for next week, with excellent fishing opportunities in store for us coming up.

Late February and March offer anglers some of the best Steelhead and Trout fishing of the year. During the winter months, angling pressure is minimal and the fish get a rest, usually food is limited this time of year so trout and steelhead are on the feed during the warmest parts of the day.

Trout fishing is also phenomenal during this time of year! Many, very large trout are caught during this time of year!

BIG Fish for the grin and grip! Winter can’t last forever, now is a great time to get out of the house and chase some chrome!

During early Spring we land some of the largest Steelhead, and trophy brown trout of the year! Less anglers offers better chances at some big fish. As fishing guides, we welcome the solitude of March on the river with great fishing before the crowds of April bring hordes of people and boat traffic. Its definitely refreshing to have the river to yourself while catching lots of fish on light tackle.BGS FaceBook Page for updates.

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