Manistee river – Tippy Day – Michigan Salmon Fishing Report ( 10/1/22)

Salmon fishing on the Big Manistee River has really been picking up! Starting to see good numbers of Coho Salmon, King Salmon, and the occasional fall Steelhead. Recent rains have bumped some new fish up into the upper Sections near Tippy Dam. morning and afternoon, seeing the most activity but numbers of Salmon throughout the day.

Casting Thundersticks in the morning hours has been very productive. mid day brings us into mid day flossing King Salmon on gravel. Kings have recently started spawning on gravel. Sight fishing them has been most productive. Bead fishing behind spawning salmon, for Rainbow and Brown Trout has been fun. Producing a few nice fish. Lake Trout have also started to enter the river, with a few of those starting to show up! Look for excellent fishing during the next three weeks. This is prime time, Fall Salmon fishing right now!

Fishing in itself is an absolute experience. And after a long day waiting for a Salmon to bite onto the bait, being rewarded feels extraordinary. However, for a beginner, the journey is much more complicated. But, when it comes to benefitting from the Manistee River Fishing Report, irrespective of your fishing experience level, you can make the most of it.

So, let’s get started by learning the importance of knowing how to prepare and read a fishing report.

What is a Fishing Report?

A fishing report comprises the things experienced by anglers during their fishing trips. Typically, a fishing report is like a diary or a journal, which states all the details about:

  • The direction of the wind’s flow
  • Weather conditions of the region
  • Depth of the water
  • How do the fishes react depending upon the time of the day
  • How is fish’s behavior manipulated according to seasonal change

By reading a fishing report, you can anticipate your next moves for fishing. And plan your trip ahead of time. For instance, when you read the Manistee fishing report, you will have an overall idea about the area’s weather conditions and what you can expect in your next fishing expedition. The 2021 fishing report of Manistee River recorded:

  • The flow of water in the Tippy Dam was below 1480 cubic foot
  • The temperature in the winters when King Salmon are found ranging between 68-70 degrees
  • The Suicide Bend region has been good for fishing –Summer Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout

This year, get set with all your gears, including – Streamers, tricks, beads, nymphs, wax worms, crankbaits, and jig baits that will serve best in catching the Brown Salmon.

Now you must be wondering how we can determine so much. Well, this is the secret that we wanted to reveal to you. By carefully reading and understanding the fishing reports, you will have an idea about most of the details and can easily plan your fishing trip.

Importance of preparing and reading fishing reports:

Anglers can gauge their future fishing expeditions by reading the fishing reports. Also, as stated by some of the experts in fishing, reading fishing reports will automatically enhance your experience in fishing, and the success rate will also be higher.

The weather conditions can greatly influence the fishing experiences in a location. However, when you read a fishing report, you will see how it will influence your judgment in spotting the right location to wait for King Salmon or any other fish of your choice. For example, if you plan your fishing trip to the Manistee River in November, we suggest you go through the previous year’s reports.

This way, you won’t be entirely clueless throughout your trip and will know what and what not to expect from your expedition.

Ways to read a Fishing report:

Just coming across a Manistee River Fishing Report is not enough; you will have to understand the various ways you must read it. Let us help you understand how to read between the lines and put the collected information to good use.

1. Guides and Tackle Shops are a good source:

In order to collect substantial information about a locality, there is no better option than relying on the local guides in the area. You can always get help from the tackle shop owners from whom you will purchase your fishing gear.

Also, to make a good impression with the shopkeepers and local guides, you must practice healthy interaction or hire their services and purchase goods from them.

2. Find out patterns to understand the reports better:

If you want to search for fishing reports, plenty is available online. However, how will you know which Manistee River Fishing Report you must trust and which to ignore? Again going back to our first point, finding readings and reports online is easy, but make sure to cross verify it with the information you have received from your professional guide or tackle shop owner.

Then it would help if you looked for certain signs:

  • How are the fishes behaving
  • How is the weather influencing the fishes
  • What do the fishes prefer to bite on – spoons, soft plastics, or live baits
  • Has the region recently experienced rain

Fishing reports will always help you differentiate a good fishing expedition from a bad one.

3. Know when to switch from online to offline mode:

Let’s be honest; not every time will the Internet be able to help you; in some cases, like obtaining the accurate Manistee fishing report, you will have to take instructions from someone who operates offline. Therefore, you must know when to rely on an online source and when to switch to offline mode.

4. Fishing report varies according to the species:

The behavior of fish varies greatly when saltwater and freshwater fishes are compared. While the freshwater or river water fishes are stationary, saltwater fishes move around a lot. You cannot depend on the information that you find on online platforms. Getting the guidance of the local fishermen and anglers will provide you with the correct coordinate of the school of fish.


Now that you have reached so far, you must be well acquainted with the importance of a Manistee fishing report. And we also hope that you have an overall idea of how to read the fishing reports and use them in your arsenal. So what are you waiting for? Let us know when you plan your fishing trip to the Manistee River for some fish and game.

Having the guidance of a professional angler by your side is very important to have an unmatched fishing experience. So, why deprive yourself of a quality trip when Betts Guide Service is here? Reach out to us at (248) 210-0827 and learn more about what we offer you.

How Are Fishing Reports Made?

How Are Fishing Reports Made?
How Are Fishing Reports Made?

You can be as ready as you want before going for a weekend fishing trip. But, all your efforts will go in vain if you fail to identify the major areas that are brimming with fish varieties. So, beforehand you should keep track of the fish’s movement. And this is possible only when you refer to the Manistee fishing report.

Newsman claims it reveals the truth of the fishing world. But you must wonder whether a fishing report is reliable. What goes behind the preparation of the fishing report? How is the data collected? Who is the authority that takes charge? These are some of the things that we will be discussing in this article. Read on to know more.

How are they made?

After you collect all the necessary gears required to embark on your fishing trip, the next step involves finding a reliable fishing report. Let’s see what all things go into its making. You can easily access fishing reports online as well as offline. Your local newspaper might print highly reliable fishing reports as well.

The internet has become a commonplace filled with fishing tips and reports. Usually, they are drafted by captains of charter fishing boats, state department experts, and recreational fishermen based on their personal experiences on the water body.

A plethora of data and information goes into the making of the Manistee River fishing report. It might differ depending upon who is publishing it. Two things are taken into consideration while breaking it down: water body and geographic zone. For example:

  • Geographic zone: Destin bay zone
  • Water body: pond, river, bay, or lake

Some reports come attached with a satellite picture of an area or picture of caught fish. It might also involve information regarding the historical background, scientific explanation of the water condition, unique variety of fish found, and advice on fishing etiquette.

The aim behind such preparation is to keep the fishermen updated regarding the fishing conditions. They can use the report for a comfortable experience by making it trouble-free, successful, and enjoyable. In some instances, the report also reveals information related to the upcoming regulations, such as prescribing a maximum number of fish that can be caught from a certain area.

What is the use?

It helps in making your fishing experience a great success. It helps the fishermen decide where to cast the line so that the chance of landing a big trophy fish is higher. For instance, the temperature of a certain place determines whether or not the fish will be active. If the Manistee fishing report suggests that the temperature is too hot, the fish won’t be swimming around actively. And if the case is the opposite, they will most probably try to preserve energy.

Yet another important factor is the weather situation. The fishing report also reflects weather conditions such as rain or winds as it affects the situation by making it difficult for the fish to get lured into the bait. When the water is mixed with debris or mud, it affects the fish’s vision. In addition to that, the report also states permit fees and control permits.  

While some fish prefer cold water, others might be jollier in warmer water. Persistence, patience, and luck play a significant role in that. On some days, you might land numerous fish within the first hour, while on other days, you might return empty-handed despite your best efforts.

Is it accurate?

Although fishing reports are drafted days before the actual fishing expedition, the publishers claim that they are accurate. It reflects water temperature, fish behaviors, and even season patterns. Mostly, there’s a possibility that the fish might have changed its direction, but it pretty much remains on the target. Obviously, the fish won’t be able to leave the state within a few days.

Situations won’t change overnight. The Manistee River fishing report published by experts or scientists from the state departments concerning natural resources tends to be more reliable and accurate. Fishing boat captains rely on this to accelerate their business.

Below is some additional information that is included in the fishing report:

  • Wind speed
  • Effective baits that can be used
  • Whether or not the fish bite
  • Where the fish bite
  • Kinds of fish that bite
  • Weather conditions


Now that you’re aware of how important fishing reports are, we hope you’d make the most out of them. However, remember not to fall prey to any information available on the internet. Scrutinize the authenticity of the fishing report and the author who has published the report.

Are you looking for a reliable source of Manistee fishing reports to refer to? Look no more. is here to suggest you the best fishing spot here. Our reports cover everything, from fish availability to weather conditions to fishing hotspots. We strive to make your experience as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. Hire guided fishing services or a fishing guide to assist you through the process. We assure you will have the time of your life here. For further queries, you can give us a call at (616) 202-9192

Best Places to Fish in Michigan

Best Places to Fish in Michigan

Finding the best fishing spots in Michigan is difficult. Not because there are few. It’s because there are so many of them. It has bigger coastline, 11000 inland lakes and 3000 rivers. And, you will find a plethora of fish species. You can see why finding the best ones from such as exhaustive list is so tough.

But there are fishing spots in Michigan that are more popular and best suited for fishing. And, you can hire a fishing guide service for it. You can choose a full day fishing trip or a half-day trip. A full-day fishing trip usually start at 5am and ends at 5pm. Remember the phase “early bird gets the worm”? The same goes for fishing. At least, for most cases.

So, if you are looking for the best fishing spots in Michigan, you are in the right place.

The Best Places to Fish in Michigan

Here are some of the top-rated or popular places to fish in Michigan:

  • Manistee River

Manistee river is a very popular destination for fishing. It is a well-known fishery and has an abundance of salmon, steelhead and trout too. But you will also find other fish species too, such as cohos and chinooks. The Tippy Dam is a popular spot. Summer time is one of the best times for fishing. Before visiting, make sure to check out Manistee River fishing report. It will provide you with detailed information on weather condition, fish availability and where to fish.

For the best results, hire a fishing guide or guided fishing service. It will take care of your fishing trip. Manistee has a lot of public access, making it one of the best places to fish for anglers.  

  • Lake Michigan

The Lake Michigan is your destination if you like lake fishing experience more than river fishing. It is the third largest lake of the Great Lakes and is home to fish species like steelhead, salmon, chinook, coho and more. Come here specifically for steelhead and salmon fishing. Make sure that you check the fishing report as each year is different.

Interesting fact about the Lake Michigan is that its name is derived from the Ojibwa word Michi Gami. It means “large lake.” It stretches the entire west coast of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. So, you will have plenty of fishing opportunities here.

  • Grand River

The Grand River along the Michigan coast is also a great spot for fishing. Top fish species are salmon and steelhead, and rainbow trout. Additionally, you can fish for species like smallmouth and largemouth bass. If you are looking for a great place for fishing, the Grand River is an excellent choice. Here you will find plenty of fish and a great environment for enjoying fishing all day.

To simplify things, you can hire a guided fishing service. It will take care of planning and organizing everything. It is an all-inclusive service offering boats and fishing gears. This way, you can easily plan a family fishing trip.


  • Saginaw Bay

The Saginaw Bay is one of the best fishing spots in Michigan. It is 60 miles long and 30 miles wide. It has a wide range of fish species to offer including Walleye, Channel catfish, and Largemouth bass. Interestingly, it is well-known for its amazing walleye fishery. Make sure to check the best time for fishing so that you can enjoy your fishing trip with family. Look for guided fishing trips to save time. With a professional service, you won’t need to bring fishing gears.

  • Burt Lake

The Burt Lake at Lower Peninsula is an excellent place for fishing. It has many fish species to offer like trout, bass, perch, walleye and pike. If you need something different than regular fishing then this is the place you need to be. It is also known for ice fishing. It is also a great place to explore and enjoy the natural beauty.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best fishing locations in Michigan. Places like Manistee River has plethora of fish species to offer. Plan a family fishing trip and enjoy. Make sure to check Manistee fishing report and fishing reports of the location you choose. It provides information you need to plan a great fishing trip.

Betts Guide Service offers guided fishing service and fishing reports like Manistee fishing report. Your fishing guide will help you catch fish like trout or steelhead. Catching them is a challenge and with the right technique, you can easily catch them. It is an all-inclusive service where you will be provided with a boat and fishing gears.

For more details, you can visit here –

You can text to book your fishing trip now – (231) 519-7348

Manistee River Fishing from Boat – Advantages, Features & More

Manistee River Fishing from Boat – Advantages, Features & More

Fishing from shore is where most people start. But as they get experienced in fishing, they want to go further. This is where boat fishing comes in. Fishing in Manistee river is lot more fun when done on boat. So, if you are planning a fishing trip to Manistee river, don’t forget to hire a fishing service. It comes with a boat and fishing gears are provided.

Boat fishing or fishing from boat is one of the best ways to improve fishing technique. You can plan a trip for the whole family.

Manistee River Fishing

Manistee river in Michigan is also known as Big Manistee, and is very popular fishing destination. It is known for fish species like trout, salmon, steelhead, Chinook, Atlantic, Coho, Skamania, and more. Read the Manistee fishing report to find more about the fish availability.

If you read the Manistee River fishing report, you will find that the trout are available in the upper reaches and salmons and steelhead under the Tippy Dam. If you are targeting trout fishing then summer is the best time. Visit Manistee river between August and September for some excellent salmon fishing. For steelhead, October is the best time for fishing in the Manistee river.

Manistee River offers plenty of fishing opportunities for both shore and boat fishing. Hire a fishing guide for a great boat fishing experience in Manistee river.

Fishing from Boat Vs Shore

Fishing is generally fun whether you do it from shore or boat. But, if you want something more, then boat fishing is probably the best idea. Here is a quick comparison between the two:

  • Boat Fishing

Fishing from boat will take you away from the shore. It depends how far you wish to go, but usually it is far deeper. When fishing in a river, the boat will take you to deeper water where you will find plenty of fishing. Deep-sea fishing is often done on water that is deeper than 30 meters.

For Manistee River fishing, the jet boats are an excellent option. There is lot of room and you can catch big fish from it. Hire a fishing guide service and you easily fish from boat in the Manistee River. These boats are great for fishing in shallow water and it can also go difficult to reach places.

  • Shore fishing

Shore fishing is done on the shore, along the shore line or land. People usually don’t get into water or they don’t go far. You can sit beside the lake or river and use your fly-fishing rod to catch a fish. It is great for people who like fishing for enjoying quite time. It is also a great option for people who are beginners. But it is equally fun and challenging.

Choose the method that best fits your need. All you have to do is consult Manistee fishing report to plan a trip.

Advantage of Fishing from a Boat

Fishing from a boat is always fun. And, if you have never done it, now is the right time to try it. Hire a fishing service and you will have a great time fishing in the Manistee river. Here are the advantages of fishing from the boat:

  • Travel Far

One of the best things about boat fishing is that you can travel far into the river. This way, you will have more fishing options. You will find more fish. And, you can get there faster with a boat. Boat fishing provides more coverage and range. If you are looking to expand your fishing experience then try boat fishing. It will help you improve your skills.

  • More fishing Options

With land fishing shore fishing, you will find the same fish types every time. This can get a bit boring. Boat fishing will take you to different places where you find a variety species. Plus, you will find a greater number of fishes. So, if you want to make it more challenging and more fun, try boat fishing.

  • More comfortable

Fishing from boat is more comfortable in many ways. There is plenty of room in it and you can choose the size of the boat based on how many people are traveling. You can sit, you can fish or enjoy the scenery. It is one of the best ways to relax and have fun while fishing. Plus, your fishing guide will make the whole experience better by helping you catch your prize fish like trout or steelhead.

The Bottom Line

Fishing from boat is one of the best ways to enjoy fishing in Manistee river. Check the Manistee River fishing report to plan your trip. And, don’t forget to hire a fishing guide to make fishing more productive. They know the best spots and will teach you the best techniques to catch the fish.

Betts Guide Service offers Manistee river fishing on boat. Our all-inclusive fishing guide service is designed to make it more convenient for you. You will also get fishing gears along with the boat. Our boats are fast, well-maintained and is designed for sportfishing. Plus, our fishing guides will help you catch the fish with the right technique.

For more details, you can visit here.   You can text to book your fishing trip now – (231) 519-7348