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Winter Steelhead – Michigan Style! Toby with a gorgeous hen. Averaging one steelhead per hour, and lots of trout!

Mild weather has made for outstanding (Not quite ) Winter Steelhead Fishing. Perfect water levels and temperatures. Great Fishing! (1/21)

Toby & Nate putting on a clinic with chrome fish. Double digits in the net over the past couple days. (1/21)

Jutta with her first chrome mint silver Steelhead from the Muskegon River. Fishing has been excellent during the December warm spell. Floats and spawn putting some big fish in the net!! (12/14)

Toby getting in on the action! Steelhead fishing has been very good so far this Winter. Consistent fishing on the Muskegon River for Steelhead & Trout. (1/21)

FeeBee with one of six steelhead she landed. There’s good numbers of steelhead through the system. Floats and spawn in bringing fish into the net! (1/20)

Fishing was so good, I actually caught one. Chrome bullets are all over the place right now! (1/21)

Open January Dates. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.

Mild temperatures have made for some exceptionally good Steelhead fishing over the past few days! Double digit days in the net, have been common in the middle to lower sections of the Muskegon River near Newaygo for bright chrome Steelhead. We are also starting to see good numbers of resident Brown trout beginning to spawn in the upper sections. Thornapple area has always been known for perfect gravel and spawning Browns during this time of year.
Bobber fishing with floats and spawn has been our bread and butter, top producer. Bead fishing, and Fly fishing are also producing good numbers of Steelhead each day. Fishing is far better this fall than last year at this time. There are A LOT of Steelhead in the river system right now, offering some great Fall / Winter fishing.
We are offering both guided Full & Half day fishing trips for Steelhead. Light Spinning Tackle or Center pin has been producing the most fish. All Gear, Tackle, Bait, and Fish Cleaning is provided on all Guided trips on the Muskegon River. Full Day (8) hour Trips are $350 / Two Anglers.

Half Day Trips (4.5 hr) are available for (2) anglers at $250.

Give us a Call or Text (231) 519-7348

Carly with with a gorgeous buck! There seems to be good numbers of Steelhead throughout the river system. (11/22)

Trophy Steelhead have been coming to the net often this year. Seems to be a very good year class of Fall – Winter Steelhead on the Muskegon River. (11/22)

Floats and spawn has been averaging one Steelhead per hour on most days. Steelhead fishing has been generally very good so far, and should only improve with perfect water conditions. There seems to be good numbers all throughout the Muskegon River. Lower Sections have been fishing exceptionally well.

Steelhead are finally here in fishable numbers! I must say that it’s much better than last fall to say the least! Steelhead fishing has been consistent over the past week. Three to six a day has been the norm, some days, better than others but at least we’re hooking plenty of steelhead every day, with a good mix of resident trout.

Floats and spawn has been fishing well. Fly fishing has also been doing well and getting fish to the net. Water levels remain perfect, with most of the leaves gone as well. This year’s steelhead seem very healthy. Hopefully there are many more on the way as we welcome Fall, and cooler weather.

Text us for available dates – (231) 519-7348

It sure took long enough for us to get some much needed rain! River levels are finally back to historic, fishable levels. Heavy rains over the past several days should keep the water levels around our normal, 2000 cfs mark. This should significantly help our Fall Steelhead numbers in a big way.

There still continues to be large numbers of older spawning salmon from Croton Dam through Newaygo – museum area, River Front Park. Lots of salmon on gravel. Digging salmon provide an excellent food source for marauding steelhead and egg robbing trout. Fishing behind these salmon can produce some gleaming chrome silver Fall Steelhead!! I’ve also seen a fair number of Lake Run Brown Trout so far this season.

Doug with a very nice Fall Steelhead that we landed while fishing for salmon in the upper section. Higher water levels spread out the fall fish throughout the system.

Scott with a gorgeous Muskegon River Fall Steelhead. Recent rains have really helped the Steelhead migration in the lower river. New fish entering the river. Centerpinning floats and spawn is fishing exceptionally well.

Steelhead Update: Recent rains from last week certainly gave a boost to the fishing! Over the last couple of days, Steelhead fishing has improved with new fish entering the river daily! Chrome bullets are on the way.

Floats and spawn have been doing well. Is time to get out some new centerpin gear, and start making some long drifts for acrobatic chrome jumpers that we miss so much! Its going to be an incredible Fall, it’s just getting started! Like us on FaceBook – Get up to date reports! (231) 519-7348

Greg with a beast of a Fall Steelhead! Welcome back to the Mighty Muskegon River. “Home of the Chrome!”

Chad displays a gorgeous Lake Run Brown Trout. Fall is a fantastic time for all sorts of really big fish!

Fishing has been going along nicely! The Big Manistee is in full prime salmon season at this point. Good numbers of Kings below Tippy Dam. Mid sections of the Manistee, starting to see fishable numbers of bright chrome bullet steelies. With good rains last week and cooler nights, most of the Northern rivers are starting to get a trickle of Fall Steelhead.

The Muskegon River has a very good number of King Salmon. Everything here is two weeks behind schedule, water temperatures are in the mid to low 50’s at this time. The river level is very low right now offering excellent wading opportunities near the museum in Newaygo, and in the upper section near Pine Street and below Croton Dam.

Fall Steelhead are definitely on the horizon! Fishing is certainly much better so far this year, compared to last fall. Fish are more plentiful and stout. It should make for and excellent rest of October and November!

Let us know if you’re interested in a Fall Steelhead, Trout, or Salmon fishing adventure! We now have full time guides on the Muskegon River & Big Manistee. We will hook you up!

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