Why is Muskegon River so popular among fishers?

Muskegon River, situated towards the western peninsular side of State Michigan, is famous among anglers. There cannot be another river in the area where you could catch various fishes, including –rainbow trout, salmon, steelhead, brown trout, and smallmouth bass.

Muskegon River, often touted as Mighty Mo, is one of the longest rivers offering astounding tail water fisheries. The Chronicle obtained results from eight years-long studies which reported the innumerable wetlands, lakes, and tributaries associated with the 219-mile sprawling river –Muskegon.

As per the Muskegon fishing report, the river and its associated parts house a wide range of aquatic life, have an abundance of fisheries, and the water quality in the area is A-grade. No wonder Muskegon River is famous amongst the anglers as it is known to be one of the highest quality water bodies in the area regarding fisheries.

Here is a blog post for you to know why Muskegon River is known for its fisheries and how you can make the most of your fishing trip by going through the Muskegon River Fishing Report. So do not stop reading in between to grab the best information.

Best Locations in the Muskegon River for fishing:

Let’s start with the most undisputed fishing report about the best spots in the second-longest river to look for fishing. As Muskegon is massive, there are several places where you can get access to look for fish. Newaygo Town, for starters, is famous amongst the anglers who look for tailwater fishes beneath the Croton Dam.

To get access to Croton dam, you can look for boat ramps available at:

  • The launch site of Pine Street
  • Croton Drive’s – Kimble County Park
  • Launch site of Thornapple Avenue

Access to the boats low down on the Muskegon River could also be located near Cottage Grove, Muskegon. From there, take the US 31 route five miles in the north direction to reach Laketon Avenue. Then you can travel three miles in the western direction to access one of the most renowned sites for fishing in Muskegon.

Get hold of a Muskegon River Fishing Report before reaching Snug Harbor, known for having great boat access to the Muskegon River while being a great fishing pier. Even the Grand Trunk is a great fishing spot in Muskegon, which can offer boat access as well. Additionally, the location has a wooden fishing pier where panfish and bass are found.

Which is the best time to plan for a fishing trip to Muskegon River?

Reading the Muskegon fishing report, one can get all the information about weather conditions and timings for fishing. In Muskegon, the water temperature is regulated by cold water springs and dams. The river remains ice-free during the chilly winter as warm water gushes from the nearby dams balancing out the water temperature.

Muskegon River water remains cool in Summer as it receives water from the nearby springs. Therefore, these conditions offer great opportunities for the fishermen to plan fishing trips throughout the year.

Let us also understand the weather conditions in Muskegon during different seasons:

1. Spring Season:

If you have plans for fishing steelheads, the spring season is when you can make the most of your trip. March is the month when steelhead runs up the Muskegon River and gives you access to delicious treats all the way.

The steelhead season is further extended up to late spring –end of May, as Skamania steelhead enter Mighty Mo, enabling the angler for a great deal of treats.

2. In the Summer:

Summers are also a great time for planning fishing trips to Mighty Mo, as the water temperature in the river remains reasonably cold because of a constant influx from the nearby springs. Trout fishing is famous in the summer season.

Make sure to read the Muskegon River Fishing Report, as it would help you understand the varying water depth in different locations throughout the year. But, you do not have to worry as you can bag a good deal of trout from Muskegon River as some of the selected hatches are known for keeping fish active.

Muskegon is also known for smallmouth fishes. You must not overlook smallmouth bass fishing, as the waters of the river possess a handsome population of warm water fishes in the summers.

3. Season of Fall:

Salmon swifts their way to the Muskegon River as soon as the Fall season begins. During August’s last week, Coho Salmon and Chinook Salmon enter Mighty Mo. However, King Salmon will show up during the months of September and remain consistent throughout October.

Just as the Fall season starts to subside, we can expect an influx of brown trout and steelhead, which makes Muskegon River a great choice for fishing during Fall break.

4. The Freezing Winters:

Generally, the Muskegon fishing report suggests that winter is again for steelhead fishing. In fact, early November is the time to grab some steelhead fishes. But, as January starts to set in and the cold gets worse, it’s difficult to plan a fishing trip, as the activity of the fishes pause and they start to become sluggish.


You will get almost all the details by reading a Muskegon River Fishing Report. But, a fishing report fails to talk about the existing fishing regulations in Michigan State. If you are 17 years old or above, make sure to have a fishing license before you plan a trip to the Muskegon River.

In this article, we have tried to cover almost every detail that will help you have a hassle-free experience in Muskegon.

There are certain details to fishing trips that cannot be covered through blog posts or online-based information. Only a proper guide can fulfill your needs. Contact Betts Guide Service at –(616) 202-9192 or drop us a mail at chadbetts@hotmail.com to make the most of our services and have the best fishing experience in the Muskegon River.

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