Your Complete DIY Guide To Muskegon River Fly Fishing

Whether you wish to catch a rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, salmon, brown trout, or steelhead, there could be nothing better than fishing in the Muskegon River. The mighty Muskegon is the 2nd longest river & best among the tailwater fisheries located in the state. But, before you start planning your fly fishing trip, make sure you check the Muskegon fishing report for a seamless fishing experience.

Given that the Muskegon River is a tailwater, it doesn’t freeze and allows you to fish for your favorite species all year long. The water body provides you access to a range of freshwater fish & gets you close enough to catch a real big fish. Even when the state has a plethora of fisheries, fishing at Muskegon is very special.

Know More About The Muskegon River For A Great Fishing Experience

The Muskegon River flows about 220 miles starting from Houghton Lake all the way down to through the Croton Dam & Muskegon Lake prior to reaching the infamous Lake Michigan. This river nourishes the western lower peninsula of Michigan State.

As per the Muskegon River fishing report, the river is popular for its huge population of steelhead and salmon. The river is also home to some amazing trout & smallmouth bass, giving you ample fishing opportunities. Given that the river can hook you up to fish species such as brown trout, rainbow trout, salmon, or a steelhead, it can be an amazing source for fishing enthusiasts regardless of when you wish to fish.

Best Areas To Fish In The Muskegon River

Given that the Muskegon River is a massive water body with miles of stretch for you to fish, you get access to multiple fishing locations. As per the Muskegon fishing report, the best location among them all is the Newaygo town which serves as a headway for fishing enthusiasts going all the way below the Croton Dam.

You can find some boat ramps for your fishing escapade at the locations below:

  • Pine Street Launch Site
  • Croton Drive/Kimble County Park
  • Thornapple Avenue Launch Site

Boat accesses for areas that are lower down the Muskegon River are located by the Muskegon city in the Cottage Grove area. If you are traveling to this area after reading the Muskegon fishing report, make sure you take the US 31 north, moving 5 miles to Laketon Avenue. Next, travel about three miles west to access this popular site.

Another great location for fishing enthusiasts is to head to the Snug Harbor. This area gives you access to both boats and a fishing pier in Muskegon. To reach this area, you must travel from the US 31 & Interstate 96 intersection. Next, travel for 8 miles on the US 31, moving ahead to the Michigan #120. Finally, go west for about 2 miles straight to the Giles Road, moving to the Petersen Road for 5 miles.

Head south for one mile on the Memorial Drive & Snug Harbor is there for you right after two blocks.

When Should You Fish In The Muskegon River?

Given that the Muskegon River is a tailwater type, the water temperatures stay regulated by the cold water & dams. Warm water that comes from the local dam keeps the river water ice-free during the freezing winter months. On the other hand, cold water that comes from the nearby springs helps keep the river cool during the summer months. This unique combination of hot and cold water ensures that the river stays at a normal temperature throughout the year.

So, for ones wishing to fish in the river during the summer months, it is critical to go through the Muskegon fishing report for a better experience.

Springtime Fishing

Undeniably, the best time to fish for steelheads in the Muskegon River is in the spring. In the month of March, the spring steelheads start their annual race up to the Muskegon River, giving you ample scope to fish for your favorite steelhead.

The Muskegon River also experiences an inflow of the Skamania Steelhead or the summer-run steelhead. These steelhead species make their way to the river towards the end of May month which extends your fishing window all the way to late spring.

Summers Don’t Get Hot In Muskegon

As per the Muskegon fishing report, the river has a good inflow of cold water that comes in from the springs nearby. This is what makes summer a great season for some fly fishing experience. The level of water in the river varies a lot depending on the time of the year. However, a plethora of hatches stay thriving and keeps the trout population alive and thriving.

The river is also perfect for fishing the smallmouth population. Given the strong warm water fish population, make sure you don’t overlook the experience of fishing the smallmouth at the Muskegon River.

Scale The River In The Fall For A Good Salmon Catch

As the fall months start, the river is populated by salmon fishes that start moving towards the Muskegon River. Among the salmon species, Coho salmon and Chinook salmon are the first to enter the river, starting the last week of August or in early September weeks.

According to the Muskegon River Fishing Report, King salmon fish is the species that stays strong and thriving in the river from late September all the way into the early weeks of October.


Apart from that, winter is also great for steelhead fishing in the Muskegon River. So, make sure you plan your winter fishing in the early November days. You can easily catch the biggest steelhead this month except for when the days are the coldest in the area. January and February might not be as great as compared to other months due to the cold weather that makes the fish sluggish. So, plan your fishing trip in accordance with the Muskegon fishing report.

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